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  1. Best addon for Arma3 in humble my opinion. Thanks to developers!
  2. Thank you for yours work guys! I realy do like this addon. Do you plan something like CUP_Anims with all ArmA animations for cutscenes in user mission? That would be nice everyone to have it, and user mission creators could make more complex cutscenes for their missions. That also would be basis for you to remake all ArmA campaigns and missions?
  3. Nice mod.Thank you for your work. I realize that it's hard to add gore without interfering into soldier models, but red balls flying out of bodies are absolutely not resemble humans meat. It would be better to add increasing over time pool of blood under bleeding bodies, not everyone but random of them. IMHO But of course you're the author and you're making your mod in your way.
  4. 42th

    Cossac cape map, Crimea

    Nice map, like A3 version of Utes.Thank you for your work. Yesterday i tried to do smth in the new Eden editor, so i made a VTN-mod version of your demo mission ("To the last bullet") on that island. I changed nothing, but just replaced RHS-units on VTN-ones (since there are enough content (finally they've got hmmwvs) to remake this mission). Mission require only VTN-mod (it works well with 1475 build) and this map. If you don't mind there is a link on mission https://yadi.sk/d/gzV7oWXmpxS5x you can freely upload it to your steam page Btw, how long we should wait to see Beketov district map?
  5. Great work! Are you going to port missions? i would like to play "harvest red", "ew" again. Please show some screens of you russians/cdf/chdkz.