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    Hey I,m Steve i,m 30 And A Full Time Gamer And I,m A Big Fan Of Arma 2 & 3
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    I,m A Full Time Gamer & Soldier

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  1. i wounder why there's not more exile vietnam server's i found one server & played on it for one day and had a blast come back to a Exile 1.94 update and the people who own the server have not updated it since so now i,m stuck of me and my brother's fun time in the jungle & getting ready to set up a base i mean sure there's mp servers were each side slug it out but a Exile Nam Server would rock getting to build a base do mission's earn vic's man such a shame that some people don't take care of there server's i wanted to start my own but i don't know how to code and all that jazz ugg sad face man
  2. HardCoreGamer44

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    yeah i get what your saying for sure
  3. HardCoreGamer44

    how many level's does this game have

    sweet then i,m no where near done lol thanks bro i really do love the game its really fun
  4. hey guy's prolly a dumb ? to ask but how many level's does this game have i,m at level 90 and i got a feeling i,m geting closed to being maxed out and i love the buliding and upgradeing in this game it's pretty dang good to be a mobile game
  5. HardCoreGamer44

    Bad ArmA Trends

    been in arma since about 2015 i play alot of zombies/survive type game's and the KOS crap kill's me seem's like its a sickness like the zombie's them self it flow's player to player seems like that's all they want to do i mean why can't people be more friendy you will get alonger way being a friendy player than being a D1ck like most are on arma that and the crafting system of most mod/game mode's is what bothers me
  6. HardCoreGamer44

    SWAT 4 Remake

    ahh yes good ole swat 4 i remember playing this when i was a kid best police game ever made for pc
  7. HardCoreGamer44

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Seen These Bad Boy's In Action
  8. Best Map I Ever Downloaded Thanks Mate
  9. HardCoreGamer44

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Best Uniforms Out There :D