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  1. I created this contraption back in mid-2017 when I wanted to add a Tanoa-style bridge to A3Wasteland Malden, I went nuts with the script and the result is pretty neat. https://gist.github.com/AgentRev/abcdf75aceba54510e499a3972d720d1 enjoy!
  2. It'd be nice to have forced daytime in the base editor, it's hard to see everything in nighttime mode.
  3. If somebody has posted messages in alliance chat while your phone was locked for an hour or more, you still see the notification badge on the chat button, but opening the chat does not display the new messages. The chat log remains frozen in time until the game is restarted. This bug has been going on since the game's launch last year. I thought Bohemia would notice and fix it any time soon since it occurs literally everyday, but amazingly it's still present in v1.9.0. It happens about 50% of the time when I leave my phone locked for an extended period. I run Android.
  4. AgentRev

    Aspect ratio option removed

    Aspect ratio is back in v1.70 RC, FoV is no longer reset when opening video options.
  5. AgentRev

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    There needs to be a Full Thrust control action. Press key, instant 100, release key, stays at 100. I would really like to bind this to my W key. On a different note, pausing the game while flying in multiplayer is constantly messing with the thrust. If I'm on the tarmac with 0 thrust, I pause the game, and suddenly my plane starts moving, then stops when I unpause. When flying, I pause, then the thrust magically goes down, and stays down when I unpause. Also the thrust system has completely messed up VTOL vertical flight.
  6. For those wondering how to beat the finale:
  7. AgentRev

    Frozen units bug

    All the units froze at the same time, regardless of their location, like in my first video. No error message. This bug has only happened twice since I started playing 2 months ago.
  8. AgentRev

    Frozen units bug

    The bug occurred again today. I think it's the first time since my original post. I was able to spawn another unit after the others froze, and this one attacked fine, while the others remained frozen.
  9. AgentRev

    Feature request

    I have at least 100 battles; I never look at the roster, I chiefly take a quick glance at the resource count and immediately skip if the opponent doesn't have at least 300k of each. I do agree that faction wars is completely worthless and was an absolute waste of development time.
  10. AgentRev

    Feature request

    What do you mean "disaster"? You'd just have to press "Yes", it's not a big deal... I'm not talking about when the battle actually starts, I mean like when I press the "Find Opponent" button, I want the game to tell me if I have unready units in the barracks/office before finding an opponent. Sometimes I spend 10 minutes trying to find a decent opponent, just to realize I'm missing a tank from the spawn menu because it was not ready before the battle.
  11. AgentRev

    Feature request

    Another suggestion I have is, whenever you are about to go into battle, be it campaign, conflict, or faction, the game should warn you if you still have units being hired or reinforced. Something like "You have pending units in the office, do you wish to continue? Yes/No". Too many times have I went into conflict without realizing one of my tanks was still stuck in the barracks.
  12. AgentRev

    Feature request

    When in the office menu, please show the quantity of each unit type that are in barracks, regardless of status. Or even better yet, add a "Rehire lost units" button in the office, so that you can easily rehire the same units that got killed in the previous attack. Units should be queued from strongest to weakest, so that high-level offices can process stronger units while low-level offices take care of weaker units, in order to minimize overall hiring time.
  13. I had a weird bug today where my units froze mid-battle, here is a recording of the replay: Also note the "End Replay" button visual glitch, that one has been happening for some time with different buttons, however it is not game-breaking.
  14. How do you counter/detect them? My infantry gets rekt every time and I have no idea how to deal with them. I'm level 10.