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  1. I already have a save button so yeah i thought of that :D Well i want to use some editing / scripting in the editor for special events. I know that Ares / Achilles are capabel of doing that too but for reasons i would like to do it in eden itself.
  2. This is sadly something that i expect. I can relate to the position but the DB will keep the old one if the editor one is changed. The Gamemode in this case was planned to only be script based with the need of extDB3 which is an add-on. Since i momentarly can't write my own add-ons i mostly planned it script based. The sad part about it i have to do it alone at the moment i hope this will change at some point. I started with nothing but i now have already most of the inserts and gets so i learn and search. It seems be inevatable to learn C++ so i started it today. It will take time but it would be able to help in the future and was also a Target for me. I would have nothing against a Add-On with some tasks that else would not be doable so yeah i am open for that.
  3. Hello at all who will read this at first, I am currently working on something called DCFDB a Dynamic campaign Framework for Arma 3. To keep things clear i will write some things about it. First of all there is no released Version right now so it is not avialble yet. The Target of it is to have a Dynamic Zeus Campaign with a saving function and other little extras for administrating the campaign. To achive this i am writting an Database in combination with extDB3. This Database should store the most if not all placable and doable things aswell as states. I started at some point to play Milsim Missions with Zeus and thought that it is somewhat sad that there is nothing really to safe the progress. Better said i am targeting a normal Arma 3 campaign as Zeus Campaign with the use of the Creativity from Community of Arma 3. Well with that said now i get to my problem: I am working right now to make it possible to use the Editor for the campaign that you aren't Limited to only Zeus. So i wanted to use the ID of the Mission.sqm to check if it is a Editor Object and later maybe call it by that or assign paralell a Id from the Database. The id of Item 59 ("I_Truck_02_box_F") would be the 409. Right now with the Knowledge i have i can get this variable by using: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/get3DENEntityID But this is limited to the Eden Editor right now. I ask myself is there a way to get this exact Value in the mission while the Object "I_Truck_02_box_F" is selected with as an example: cursorobject. I already thought of another sollution of this by first calling all placed objects and extracting the ID in the middle of following: 13b57c080# 1675124: truck_02_box_f.p3d by using _editorID = str _vehicle splitstring ": " select 1; this gives me the 1675124 of the whole thing. I thought this number would be my solution but then i got informed that those numbers can change because of terrain modification like one tree more or less. So i can't use that. Now is the Question is there any other solution to get this ID or something which is also unique and won't change? Just as information NetID changes. Another thing i tried is to include the MissionSQM in the description.ext and work the parts out: class MissionSQM { #include "mission.sqm" }; and call it through: getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "MissionSQM" >> "version"); [this is not the path just as information this is just an example] but there is another problem i can't order the ITEM Class to the object if there is variable itself which it does not need everytime. class Attributes { name="beta_4"; } Without the name Attribut i can't order it corectly to the unit. Position is a bad option since those can change. The funny thing is i can call the object mentioned before with this script so this is why i tried the splitstring Part: [0,0,0] nearestObject 1675124; So i am with my knowledge at the End and wanted to ask if someone knows a command for declaring an unique ID which won't change and are passed on from the Editor. I searched the Internet up and down asked question in the Arma 3 scripting Discord channel. I think also you were able once to read out the 1675124 id with a command but this was discontinued due to the terrain change problems. Now the editor objects get their own ids which was once wanted but this can't be used in the Mission. I am at the point where i don't know what to do now. Maybe some of you has some answers. Would be glad.
  4. Sergadra

    [R3F] Logistics

    Okay i wanted to make a whole diffrent balance which is easier for me in R3F Logistics but i saw there is only an modificator and the other important part to change it has an function for the AI in Arma 3 also it is in the core files of Arma 3 which i don't want to change is there a way to use a diffrent cost system in the next update? Or can i change already because i srsly don't want to use the core files only with an modificator.
  5. Sergadra

    Save Zeus Map?

    So ok let's reopen the Topic a bit but with another idea behind it. We have Eden we use Eden and it will replace the 2D editor which is good. The thing is MCC and all the good scripts for the 2D editor won't work for the 3D editor because it does not import propaply to it. Why am i here and writing this you may ask. It's easy i want to creat a flowing MP mission where i want to import a played progress to EDEN. This means a troop is playing a mission with Zeus all the objects are changed from the Old position and stuff happened, after the mission i want to build on the played mission thats why i need an comfortable Save all object to EDEN SQM script. I don't konw if there is already a Mod for Generating an EDEN SQM (not for 2D because it gets removed) but if let it me know please. MCC can't do that sadly.
  6. Well okay... I will do it with Pictures to show what i meant to do over the Eden Editor. First i wanted to set an Condition of Presence lets use the idea i got out of larrow: The vehicle is boarded with playable units under it the -> Leader_mission <- Now i thought this could maybe work. But now the vehicle does not change to true as soon as Leader_Mission is spawned or in this case alive. I thought this would work but it seems this is only possible while the Mission initializes itself. I wanted to do it like this because it would make sense to me i even tried it over a trigger but this seems only to work with moduls. Any ideas how to realize this. And hopefully this brings you near to that what i want to do. If you still not understanding it please tell it to me and be clear over the points what you don't understand that i can provide you the information @kylania What players are there and how are they supposed to start? It sounds like you want to start the mission with a Hellcat air insertion, but only if someone is as Squad Leader? Yup you got it. This is supposed to be a roleplay mission so don't worry about the other Players onboard of the Hellcat they will be sloted in the right places if i need 2 Hellcats if not i will place them into the right Hellcat. Think about a Mission with two Squad leaders and their Teams if there is only 1 Team Full only 1 Hellcat shall spawn if 2 Teams are present 2 Hellcats shall spawn What is supposed to happen if no one is Squad Leader? If there is no Squad Leader the Hellcat shall either not spawn or be deleted whatever the best solution for my problem is.
  7. This seems quiet familiar with what i am Dealing at the moment so i will post my problem here. So i want to do a simple MP mission which starts in two WY-55 Helllcat's. The thing is i want that the Hellcats only spawn when a Player is sloted in the right Slot like as troope Leader. So i placed a two Hellcat's in the Air at the entrance point. I am doing that in Eden so if there is a better way tell me. Variable names of the Hellcat's: "Hellcat_1" and "Hellcat_2" Variable names of the Troop Leader: "troop_leader_1" now i want to set the vehicle existance condition let's use "Hellcat_1" for this possibillity is set on 100% condition for existance alive troop_leader_1 it could be that i have to execute this over an trigger in the eden editor i tried a lot of thing yeasterday over 6 hours bot nothing seemed to work I even tried to use the init from "troop_leader_1" with that kind of code in it: Hellcat_1 = true but this seemed only to work with a placed module. Maybe you can help me out here it seems it is not complete wrong but also not right. :)
  8. Sergadra


    Well Let's see what Tanoa bring isn't that far away anymore also i hope they bring the osprey with and without gun. Want to immigreate it to some missions that i want to make.