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  1. Troffmeister68

    New Airwolf for the ARMA 3 3d engine perhaps ?

    i wanted to do a little 3d fun experiment with the CHINOOK WOLF , i wanted to see what it would look like if i crossed it / breeded it with the CH46 , so i transferred across the the rotor blades , also the side window weapons , and also the landing gear , and some internal seating here is the result , its kinda been arma3alised )
  2. when i was a kid back in the 1970's i used to play with plastic toy soldiers and die cast vehicles in my sandpit / sandbox in the garden , digging tunnels , making gun emplacements , and role playing and using my imagination with my physical toys . I was around for the start of gaming and consoles - e.g pong in the mid 70's - so to me modding is making 3d models and placing them into pc game engines eg arma or crysis , or gta 5 or whatever , and having fun , using your imagination and being creative , the ability to mod or modify your 3d virtual world game space , and sandbox type game engines are great for this )
  3. Troffmeister68

    New Airwolf for the ARMA 3 3d engine perhaps ?

    i just discovered something on my hard drive that i forgot i had made - so i present a picture gallery of CHINOOK AIRWOLF , enjoy ) http://postimg.org/gallery/396d5mwm0/
  4. Troffmeister68

    New Airwolf for the ARMA 3 3d engine perhaps ?

    hi there ,i watched your youtube vids the other night actually i loved the speed and sound , and overall effect of it all in game ) i am English , Troffmeister is my nickname ! sure we can work together to fusion the project , i think my wolf should definately fly in arma3 eventually with some help )
  5. Troffmeister68

    New Airwolf for the ARMA 3 3d engine perhaps ?

    thanks for your support and enthusiasm , i am running arma 2 myself here , and i have the airwolf mod yet to install , i am about to buy a new £1700 pc myself , and get arma 3 with tanoa - i was going for a nvidia gtx 980 ti a few months back , but held off buying my new pc due to the new nvidia pascal 3d cards which should be announced end of may - whatever happens i will be getting a 980 ti at reduced cost or a new pascal 3d card ? in the meantime i am still running my nearly 10 yr old pc here with a gtx 8800 ultra - hence arma 2 for the time being )
  6. Troffmeister68


    been off the grid for a few days , no phone , no web , just fresh air and good company - heaven ! thanks for your reply , looks interesting and very colourful ,i will have to read the thred thru properly and digest )
  7. Troffmeister68

    New Airwolf for the ARMA 3 3d engine perhaps ?

    hi the model has been made since november 2010 , including the helmets etc , i last had the model open in 3dsmax about a week ago , as i decided to reduce some polys on a section of the helo to better suit the arma 3 game engine .
  8. Troffmeister68


    cool , i just tried to recreate that sound on my casio vl tone mini keyboard from the 1980's lol )
  9. looks great , i really like all the inlets , that could be great anchorage for a naval fleet - hint hint ) i can only imagine the level of hard work and effort that has gone into this , i hope we can all play on it in the future , keep it up )
  10. Troffmeister68

    CH-46 Knight

    Super duper nice work - awesome )
  11. Troffmeister68


    Thankyou both for the technical info re walking Tripods its very exciting prospects , i am here for the long haul re 3d modeliing and modding , so hopefully we can all achieve some cool stuff in game engine together. i certainly would consider working with others to get 3d models of all sorts fully in game arma 3 fully featured and working for mutual community fun ) Troff )
  12. Troffmeister68

    New Airwolf for the ARMA 3 3d engine perhaps ?

    thanks for that , the helo goes into crysis / sandbox 2 editor as about 5 cgf model files which have the same same pivot point 0,0,0 , which are then assembled / attached really easy in that editor . everything is physicalised , by a one tick check box in 3dsmax , so the beauty of making a 3d model and then even purely testing it in crysis , is that it is a very fast , a few click process to get it in game , you can then view the model for any errors and play with it , in 1st and 3rd person , go inside it , perhaps do a test battle etc etc , its a lot of fun ) anything i have made in past , and in future can hopefully easy fit both crysis and arma 3 , crysis being the first port of call even if its only to test out my 3d creations , from a speed checking point of view as above ) there is no limit in crysis re model size or amount of model files to make a model - e.g the usa carrier in the fleet level is mega polys big , and has literally hundreds of cgf model files linked to make it - having said that most of my models are akin to the airwolf in poly size and crysis model file amounts , 5 or 6 linked in editor ! there is nothing controversial about the cross over between the 2 game engines , from this point of view , i view it as a big bonus . recently i have been drawn to arma 3 by the Eden editor , which is now very much akin to crysis 1 sandbox 2 , 3d placement etc etc , i have been watching lots of youtube arma 3 vids by Leutin and others , and am pretty excited about arma 3 gameplay and modding possibilities ) in the last few days i have been all over the airwolf model to reduce polys a little for arma 3 , and remove any and all hidden faces to ensure its mean and clean , i do have polygon cruncher plugin , but i prefer to 3d model very clean and try not to use that plugin , tho it could be great for making lods ) i use 3dsmax 9 , with the crysis 1 plugins , i've had crysis 1 and the plugins always on my pc since 2007 , its lucky that both the arma 2 and 3 plugins will work with my 3dsmax 9 version too Troff )
  13. they be damn sexy stealth planes )
  14. Troffmeister68

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    points 1 and 3 i get ) having watched how the arma 3 ucavs and drones operate in various youtube videos , i can envisage your craft working very well obviously you need to 3d model it , import it in game , and do the various scripting stuff to do the magic , and make it all work ) i can envisage it in my minds eye as being a controllable weaponised platform , with the various targeting and sensor screens , or even as 1 or 2 man personal transport flying vehicle to get troops into a battle area quickly it could also work as a quick stealthy way to insert special forces troops quickly and quietly into an area for recon ,or assassination or sabotage missions )
  15. Troffmeister68


    i forgot to show the following gallery it requires a little explaining to make sense - when i made the tripods for crysis 1 , in game the baddies are north koreans and the alien seph - i actually made 4 tripod 3d model versions , tripod with no weapons ,tripod with lasers , and 2 other versions, with missiles and gatling guns and a kind of sci fi howitzer version , the last two were envisaged as being human piloted tripods ! the premise being that the alien seph had the lasers , but the north koreans who were to be the stooges of the alien seph and used by them as cannon fodder , had access to the tripod transports , but not the laser gun technology , so the human north koreans fitted out their 2 tripod versions with , rockets / missiles , and gatling gun / howitzers - therefore the humans needed to be able to board the tripod , and be able to pilot / drive them , hence i modelled the interior of these tripods for human habitation as shown , hence the gallery below , showing the seating arrangements etc it should be noted that tripods can scoop up humans from the battlefield via the grab pincer arm , and feed then into the bottom of the tripod head , into an isolation cube prison compartment for interrogation etc - i modelled that in too ) in arma3 tripods will obviously be an aggressive alien invading force , but there is the option for say the allied human military force to perhaps , engage a tripod , disable it , and reverse engineer it with human weaponry , and pilotability , to then use back against the aliens to help turn the tide of the war ? pic gallery http://img157.imagevenue.com/galshow.php?gal=gallery_1453586220268_382lo