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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CBRN
  2. Don't think it's been posted here, there's now a scripting guide on the wiki for
  3. Some feedback on the ED-1 UGV: it appears that the AI will only shoot at the base of the drone, not the arm. If you hide the base behind cover, the AI act like they can't see it, even if the arm is in full view. As you can imagine, this makes the demining ED-1 pretty OP against enemy AI. As long as you keep your base in cover, you can plink away at them with wild abandon and they'll never return fire.
  4. BI has indicated that a lot of the stuff in Contact would not be multiplayer compatible and probably just wouldn't work in the base game. I would like to see some of the "normal" stuff moved over though. The plain non-moving alien objects and the EMP-disabled objects especially.
  5. Performance was pretty bad across the campaign for me. It was fairly normal if you were out in the middle of nowhere but the framerate noticably dropped as soon as you get near, well, anything. I usually maintain 50-60 FPS in low-unit-count single player stuff, in the campaign I was more in the 20s and 30s. That's usually what I'd expect from big multiplayer missions with a fair amount of AI.
  6. For the spectrum device: Right click brings up a detailed display Mouse wheel changes frequency Left click transmits data on that frequency F lets you select which data to transmit R switches antenna types Not everything is available at the start of the campaign, you unlock stuff as things progress. Also the hints and computers were working for me, so idk what's going on there.
  7. You've got an extra space in your animation name. Should be "level_crossing_barrier", not "level_crossing_barrier ". Also, just noticed that the barrier doesn't seem to have collision. You can walk straight through it when it's down, so that should probably be fixed.
  8. barrier animateSource ["redlight_hide", 0]; <---- something like this, subbing in `this` or `cursorTarget` for barrier depending on how you're executing the script. For the lights, 0 turns them on and 1 turns them off (default 1). For the barrier, 0 is up and 1 is down (default 0).
  9. Re: IFF, doesn't datalink already work as a sort of IFF system? Friendly units broadcast their position over the datalink network so they're identified much more readily. At least in my experience, it's really noticeable how much faster green squares show up vs. red squares on the sensor display. It'd be nice to get just a plain trailer object that we could attach whatever we want to. Though failing that, there's always the plain trailerless HEMMT:
  10. Have you tried testing against a stationary long range target? Maybe things have changed, but when I tested the AA would engage BVR targets, it just took a while (something like 2-3 minutes). That engagement time should definitely be improved, though. You can save weapon loadouts as custom compositions, it works well if you disable snapping. Would be good if some were included by default, though.
  11. Make sure you're recovering from the side (ie. point the rack parallel to the water). For some reason, you can launch from the front/back but you can't recover. Boat size isn't an issue, the rack can fit some pretty silly vehicles like IFVs.
  12. AI will definitely engage enemy air at just about 16km, I've seen it happen. It does take them a while (like, 2-ish minutes) to realize a target is there though, way longer than a person using the radar system. Makes it very easy to nail them with missiles before they fire back. Unrelatedly, there seem to be some rendering issues with the Liberty at range. If you zoom in with binos or the Splendid Camera, a lot of the ship's internal objects render straight through the hull.
  13. Looking at the config, it looks like it's set up as radar but the color is set wrong for some reason. In terms of sensors, the radar has both active and passive radar in a 120 degree 16km cone. You mean on the statics? The NATO one at least has a 16km range, I just managed to hit a Taru using the radar+SAM combo. Also, the ship is quite nice, but I'm curious if there's any way to use the little launching bays on the sides for anything. The SITREP mentioned that you can use the ship to launch boats, but that might just be referring to the ladders on the back.