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  1. Noticed an issue with the AI being able to see through the decon cross connector tents. From what I can tell, it looks like the view geometry for the door animations aren't properly lined up with the actual geometry, so the AI end up thinking that the wrong door is open. As a result, they can't see through the open door, but can see through another, potentially-closed one. Issue here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T150334
  2. Another suggestion: would it be possible to add in a variant of the raised M2 turret with a limited forward firing arc? It'd be nice to get this for all turrets, but it'd be particularly good for the M2 because the gunner stands so far behind the pivot point compared to other guns. This makes it awkward to put the gun in bunkers and such, because if the gunner turns around 180 degrees he clips through the wall in front of the gun and possibly just hangs there in the air. It'd also be useful for some attachTo applications (I dream of M2-equipped RHIBs). I don't know what controls the firing arc of guns but if they're just config values this could be very, very easy to implement. Turns out it is just a config value; maxTurn and minTurn in the turret config. So yeah, unless there's something weird that would make that not work, it should be very easy to implement. Something like a +/- 50 degrees horizontal arc would probably be good.
  3. darkChozo

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Just did some testing to verify: the way that the AI tries to shoot at you through concealment is that it estimates your position based on your last known position and velocity, and shoots at that "virtual target". You can see this sometimes with lock-on boxes and the red "shoot at this target" aid on lower difficulties; when a target moves behind cover, the box just keeps gliding along at the same speed, sometimes accurately, sometimes not. You can also verify this by using BIS_fnc_traceBullets to see where the AI shoots in smoke, or by tracking targetKnowledge. So basically, the AI aren't shooting randomly through smoke, they're guessing at your position at shooting at that, much like a real human would. I do think this can make them "too accurate" if you just run in a straight line behind cover, because their guess ends up tracking your position almost perfectly, where a real human would start losing accuracy after a second or so: But if you do anything but run in a straight line at a constant speed, they end up missing entirely: It's also worth noting that the AI stop shooting after like 3-5 seconds, even in situations where it would make sense for them to shoot at you randomly (eg. if you're behind a smoke grenade in an open field). I think if you were to change anything, it would be to limit the guesstimate tracking to 1-1.5 seconds, but have a much longer "randomly shooting at their last position" tail, maybe for 10-ish seconds. And just to confirm, I didn't see any situations where the AI could blatantly see through smoke. The only time they kinda did is where you were on the very edge of the smoke cloud, but I don't think that's necessarily unrealistic (vanilla Arma smoke grenades kinda suck...).
  4. darkChozo

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Had the same question, until after some more missions thin dotted lines appeared in the map indicating available locations to fast travel to. Then simply left mouse clicking the location in the map brings up the dialog. Waiting is a separate system. To wait, press the sit key ( ' by default, I believe). I think CONTROL2 is just the left mouse button, that part of the tooltip is telling you how to set the clock.
  5. darkChozo

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    I've mentioned it earlier in the thread, but try sleeping more. Sleeping is free at caches and cheap at safehouses, doesn't take up any time, heals you to full and saves the game. You can even create saves anywhere by waiting with a sleeping bag in your inventory. It's super helpful if you know you're about to get into a fight. I wouldn't be opposed to a manual save option, but the current save system is sooo much better if you know how powerful sleeping is.
  6. darkChozo

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Ran into a weird dupe bug. I had stolen a CSAT patrol boat, and had stored my usual gear in it so I could wear a diving suit. When I went to put my normal stuff on, it worked, but my gear wasn't deleted from the vehicle inventory and the stuff I was taking off was deposited on the ground. I could keep putting on the same equipment to continuously generate vests and uniforms, inventory included. Also, there seem to be a lot of inventory bugs and wonkiness. Most if not all of them are probably just platform bugs (not being able to change equipment while in a vehicle is a classic), but the amount of inventory management in OldMan really shines a light on them. Just to list some: General unresponsiveness in inventory updates. You try to move something, it only moves after a couple of seconds. The aforementioned issue with inventory in vehicles. Sometimes you can't move equipment, say, between your vest and backpack in a vehicle for no apparent reason. Or you aren't able to swap out uniforms/vests/backpacks. Objects swapping places when you move an item. Particularly annoying when you're trying to sell a bunch of one type of item.
  7. darkChozo

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    That might be the in-vehicle radio, which currently only plays generic Arma music every so often. I'm not sure if I've actually heard music otherwise. Also, regarding vehicle/weapon storage, I get the feeling that you're really not supposed to be stockpiling large amounts of stuff. The cache system, for instance, works a lot better as actual places to rest/rearm, as opposed to being loot spawns that mostly contain redundant equipment (why would I need two backpacks, three rifles, and an SMG all at once?). It's kinda weird if you're used to the typical open world formula, but at the same time I kind of like it; it makes it feel like you're actually just a guy with a gun and not the owner of a private army.
  8. darkChozo

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Honestly, I'd be happy with bystander comments and some sort of lockpicking/hotwiring action. Just anything to suggest that Tanoan restaurants don't hand out a couple of free cars with dinner.
  9. darkChozo

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Played a bit more, I can now say that saving by sleeping is honestly pretty powerful. Safehouses are everywhere, they're cheap ($99 sounds like a lot, but it's less than what you get for turning in a gun or NVG at an Ensemble stash), and sleeping doesn't have to take any time. Sleeping bags can be used as a sort of quicksave before base assaults or whatever. If you're not sleeping whenever you're near a safehouse you should be. Anyway, more miscellaneous feedback: I ran into a FIA patrol by an Ensemble camp (the first one that you're likely to run into). I guess they could be intentional but they felt out of place. The way you can just kind of take any vehicle you want without any repercussions feels weird. Like, I'm glad that I'm not gonna get stranded without a vehicle in most places, but does Tanoa just not have a concept of vehicle ownership? It looks like infected civs have been implemented by replacing the blood texture with a pox-y one, which seems suboptimal. It's not a super obvious way to do it, and it means that you can cure them with a first aid kit or sicken them with a rifle. Checkpoints feel like more of an annoyance than a threat since they're so easy to bypass. I'm almost never not carrying contraband, but it doesn't matter because I can kind of just drive around them. I don't know exactly how you'd fix this, or if it's even worth fixing, but still. Also, semi-related, but I have intel on a CSAT checkpoint at [0,0] (aka the bottom left corner of the map). Either they're guarding a shipping route or something is failing to give a valid position somewhere. Something is wrong with the radio news segments - I pretty frequently hear the lead-in and lead-out music without an actual news report. Might just be unfinished though, the radio in general seems pretty sketchy. Last thing, but I get the feeling that the Ensemble discount on safehouses isn't working properly. I've never seen a safehouse not be $99, even after the Ensemble leader called me his right hand man and told me he'd get me anything.
  10. darkChozo

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    First off, I want to say that Old Man is really cool thus far, and mostly seems to work. I'm excited to see the full thing. Couple points of feedback/reporting: It would be nice if the shields on the new HMG were separate hit points, or at least had more armor. It appears that they're just counted the same as the gun itself, and you can disable an HMG by shooting the shields with a rifle like 8 times. I guess it's good in that it could prevent the gunner from dying but it's a little silly. I've had three or four times where I've spotted a CSAT foot patrol, gotten geared up and in position to fight them, only to find that they'd disappeared. I suspect that they're being hideObject'ed, since I get nametags when I look where they're supposed to be. Nothing wrong with that system in theory but in practice it seems pretty trigger-happy, and makes it look like CSAT have teleporting powers. Some of the game systems don't seem entirely clear. As others are saying, it's mostly the saving and the not-appearing-suspicious aspects. I suspect that you're supposed to be pretty aggressive about sleeping/manual saving but that's not necessarily that clear. More tutorialization might help, guessing that's part of the polish phase anyway. I'm not entirely sure yet but performance in the mission seems spotty. There were times where I was getting 20-ish FPS, similar to the Contact campaign, without that much going on. Mostly in towns where there's probably stuff spawned that I'm not seeing, I suspect. One thing that wasn't totally clear to me was that fast travelling meant abandoning your current vehicle. I had been driving around in an offroad full of guns the first time I fast traveled, and while I had anticipated possibly losing it and had sorted my equipment accordingly, it still kind of sucked. On that note, is the intention that transporting/storing spare equipment is hard, and that you're mostly supposed to rely on what you can carry? That's kind of the impression I get, since vehicle storage isn't all that reliable and because it's not that clear where you can safely store stuff for later. One time I came across a guerrilla-gendarme firefight. I started helping by shooting some gendarmes, but after the fight was over the guerrillas started shooting at me. Not sure if this is a bug or not, I was still pretty early on so it honestly would have made sense for the guerrillas to not like me shooting around them, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CBRN
  12. Don't think it's been posted here, there's now a scripting guide on the wiki for