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  1. 42nfl19

    3den Enhanced

    So I have a problem with the Hostage system. Ticking the box puts them in the animation and adds the free hostage action as intended. When I try and get the state of the hostage in the debug console I get nothing. The hostage is named hostage_1 so I use hostage_1 getVariable "Enh_isHostage" and it does not work. I even tried to save the value as a variable to at least give me something like hostage_val = hostage_1 getVariable ["Enh_isHostage","error"]; I get the value "error". What I should be getting is True but I do not. When I do eventually free the hostage and run the line again, I get False which is intended. Is anyone else getting these issues?
  2. 42nfl19

    KLPQ Music Radio

    This is a really cool mod. Do all all clients have to install it? Clients+Server? Or is there a way for the server to only have it? It would be a boon if people did not have to download and add this to their already bloated mod packs you know?
  3. Yeah I know there are animations in the animations viewer but most of the time it is the different parts of an animation. So you have to use scripts to add the different parts in sequence a la switchmove, playmove, and playmovenow. I am talking about using BIS_fnc_ambientAnim which was introduced to add simple ambient animation without resorting to the the different animation class name stuff.
  4. So with the introduction of the Jets DLC, it was shown that there are new animations for AI to play out while on the deck of the USS Freedom. My question is, where can I find these animations? I have looked at the functions viewer in the ambient animations and have found nothing.
  5. 42nfl19

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    So I read his reply and I replied that since I also want to use a waypoint, I have to increase the activation radius to a minimum distance from the spawner module to the waypoint module. On paper this can work. On smaller maps this could be an issue because it would cut off parts of the map. The larger the distance, the larger a map would be cutoff if you do not want to spawn zombies. Larger maps have no problem I guess. I just wanted to find a method that works for "most" scenarios to future proof the method against all circumstances. If this is all we have to work with, I have to make it work for now. Thanks.
  6. 42nfl19

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Hey Ryan, is there a way to start or initiate the first wave of a zombie spawn based on a trigger or value turning true or something? I can't seem to be able to do it with trigger linked to a spawn module. Maybe I am doing it wrong it any help would be very appreciated. What I want to do is that the Blufor units go to an area, do an objective. They trigger something. Zombies start spawning with the spawning module. The zombies start moving towards the the waypoint module linked to the zombie spawn module. The waypoint module is placed near the objective area. The zombies then attack the Blufor units.
  7. 42nfl19

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Assuming the spawner activates based on unit side i.e. blufor, if not they would keep spawning zombies and the activation radius would be a moot point I think. Not sure if you missed the part that if I want to add a waypoint, the activation radius would have to be the length at least from the spawner to the waypoint. The larger the distance, the larger the circle of activation. Means that players can accidentally activate the zombies without being near the waypoint which is the "hot zone". Also if it gets large enough, there would be no "safe/off" zone of the map or it will severely limit the rest of the player zone.
  8. 42nfl19

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I can see a few problems with that. So if you leave it to default always on activation, you will have a bunch of zombies spawning in a location till you get the max which could lag the server. Even if you move it, it would still be filled up so they would have to be deleted to spawn more possibly. If you do it based on presence of blufor for example, then you get into the issue of what happens if you want to spawn the zombies at point A then waypoint at point B? You would first have to tele both. If you had players doing a task at Point B where the waypoint is, either the spawner had to be close enough or the activation distance increased. If the activation radius is to far, then you get to the point where even if you move the spawner to an "off" zone, they would still activate. Do you know what I mean?
  9. 42nfl19

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Is there a way to initiate or start spawning zombies from a trigger or when some value turns true? From what I see, you only have a initial spawn delay and then the set wave times. What I want to do is that the team does an objective, turns some arbitrary value true and then starts the spawner.
  10. 42nfl19

    Werthles' Headless Module

    I thought you were afk/"dead". Thanks for the response and your hard work.
  11. 42nfl19

    Advanced Towing

    Is there a way to limit who can interact with the tow? Like a Can_initiate_Tow=["player_1","engineer","etc"]; If not, can you add the functionality? I ask cause while a useful mod, we can't have everyone use it. Like in my arma group, people can get spastic sometimes and just all activate the ropes and stuff. SO it would be helpful if we can limit who can use or activate it.
  12. 42nfl19

    EDEN destroying Headless Client setup

    When you use DAC and werthless, do you notice a strange behavior with the units waypoints/movement? When I manualy place units or spawn then with DAC and Werth starts transfering them to HC, they all move Southwest and stop there. So any random waypoint movements or patrols that DAC creates are over ridden. I have more indepth info in a forum post here. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/184485-werthles-headless-module/?p=2999051
  13. 42nfl19

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Any updates or word from the mod creator? Is there another site where we can report bugs/errors or do we post it in the forums and wait?
  14. 42nfl19

    Werthles' Headless Module

    I made a video to show the behavior for the DAC units. https://youtu.be/4bbruD3JMJE WHM is delayed by 2 minutes to give DAC time create way points, spawn units, then cache the extra units. The units go about in their random little patrols. After WHM activates and does their thing, The get a way point and start heading Southwest. Thus also happens to manual placed units but sometimes they go back to their original location. Edit: Added another example https://youtu.be/vL-tMVvmlPA/ WHM also delayed by 2 minutes and here you see OPFOR spawned by DAC and manually placed independent units. After the delay, they get a way point and move southwest.