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  1. There is a readme included :) Let me know if there is still something unclear
  2. Hi dwarden, I dont know where to give you feedback about tbb4malloc_bi(_x64).dll (is there an official that for that?) but because its performance related I will try it here :) I just noticed that the binary is exporting multiple functions beside the needed interface for Arma3. Maybe its a good idea to remove those unnecessary exports to allow the compiler to do some more optimizations (e.g. inline some functions). Best regards.
  3. Hi, Its documented here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters Regarding default allocation you can find this: So yes it should allocate more than 4GB by default if this is possible. I cant answer you the other questions and I am pretty sure only the developers can but maybe there is no fixed date for this :) Also there are other threads where your questions fit better and its more likely to get an answer.
  4. Hi, sorry for my long absence :) No I did not but it seems those devs around dwarden are quite capable :P Give them some time to fine tune their new tbb, I am sure it will become awesome. I will set this project on hold for now because there is no need for this when we get official support. Also this way its possible to play online because the guys at battleye are thinking this project and the community around it are too small to get a whitelist entry... actually they whitelisted my first version but... well... But when there is need for an update (e.g. because of a new version of intels TBB or a feature request) I will do it.
  5. @o5_ I assume you are using the stable branch right? Max memory has been increased to ~3GiB on x64 Windows. Do you get those freezes when using normal pages too?
  6. Little differences are "normal". If you use CMA without large pages there should be no difference in performance if compared with stock tbb from BI. Keep in mind that Arma AI is calculated dynamically so it behaves every time a bit different which causes inconsistent benchmarks. The hard fps drop should not be related to my modifications. There are two possibilities. A) You are using large pages which can cause delays especially when your PC is running for some time. B) Arma3 x64 bit is still WIP. Never heared about it, sorry ;) I think you got something wrong :) AVX is just an extension on your CPU which adds some instructions. It does not modify/replace any "old" instructions. Most AVX instructions are for 3D vectors and such stuff but because CMA does no such things the chances are high that there are no AVX instructions inside CMA. Thats the reason why I set the SSE2 build as default. I think there are no benefits in the AVX2 build but I included it just in case. I dont plan to modify old builds in any way, sorry. xtbbmalloc is build on an older version of intels tbb. So there might be minor bugs inside. I will only update the newest version. Just imagine that xtbbmalloc is faulty and you dont want to find the little bug when you are near the end of an epic mission ;) Btw: Any reason for the w/o pagefile? Pagefile is quite important and could increase performance (available memory) in some cases. I implement only some modifications. The original tbb comes from Intel. I guess they did some minor changes which degrades performance a little bit on the build I used for v3... but as I said we have to live with it because I am sure they are aware of what they are doing and did not ****** performance without a good reason ;) By the way... did somebody test jemalloc? If so, how is the performance compared to stock tbbmalloc from BI? Have a nice day :)
  7. Hi, Because A3 made the step to 64-bit I just added a compatible version of the allocator: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/103425066/CMA_2016_12_14.zip Use the cma_x64.dll when you run the A3 64-bit executable. Again not fully tested so let me know if there are any errors. Btw: Nothing new with battleye... no idea whats wrong this time because last time they were much faster... whatever lets wait a bit longer :)
  8. Hi guys, sorry for my long absence :) I still have not much time for modding but today I had some minutes for this project. New release: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/103425066/CMA.zip Nothing really new. - Changed the placeholder name to CMA (CommunityMemoryAllocator), I know best name ever so feel free to rename ;) - Remove the experimental stuff to simplify usage. There is cma.dll which goes into the Arma 3\Dll directory and cma.ini which goes into the Arma 3 root directory. Same procedure as before, only the names changed. - Config file "cma.ini" has only one option left: UseLargePages. Set it to "1" to use large pages or to "0" if you dont want to. I will send this to battleye now so you should be able to use this online in a few days. Thanks and have a nice day! Btw: The pdb file is only for debugging. So you probably wont need it but I included it anyway. Oh and good work, nice guide :) Little update: The battleye guys are quite busy at the moment so the whitelist entry could take a while longer...
  9. Hi, This is my config, I will go only over the performance related stuff: - CPU Count: unchecked - Extra threads: unchecked (there is no need to force anything I guess) - Memory allocator: as desired - Enable Hyperthreading: set (only set if your CPU supports hyperthreading) - System memory limit: This one can be interesting. If you believe https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters then the game should auto select someting between 512-1536MiB if you leave this box unchecked. But I could imagine that this page is not up to date any more... Launcher says valid input is from 256 to 2047MiB but Arma could use up to ~4GiB in theory. So I would force this setting to 4096. If it works then fine, if not... well... it should not matter. But maybe a dev (dwarden where are you :)) can tell you more. By the way... I am sure right after they released the new launcher the tool tip said someting about way more than 4GiB but that has been removed. Maybe the launcher devs dont know about the limitations of their game, no offense of course :D - Video memory limit: Launcher says anything over 2GiB may result in unforeseen consequences... I set this to 4096MiB... works. I think thats it... I am not sure if I understand correctly. But I think if you set a limit to 1024MiB than the engine would simply not request any more memory when it reaches 1024MiB. The engine would try to release "unused" (cached) memory first before it requests more. Hope this helps you :)
  10. See initial post for update. New version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/103425066/xtbbmalloc_2016_10_09.7z I am short of time at the moment so I could not test this properly. If you encounter some bugs, tell me. Because of this I did not send this version to battleye yet. If you guys tell me there are no bugs or problems I will do that later.
  11. Did you give your account the lock pages in memory privilege? If not, check this guide if you need help https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190730.aspx I think this might be the problem :) Edit: A bit more time now... Give your local user account the "lock pages in memory" privilege. You can to this with secpol.msc oder gpedit.msc (check the link above) Then run Arma as admin.
  12. This is not a dumb question :) Just choose the right (the one you want to use) configuration file (xtbbmalloc.ini) from the "Configuration" folder. Move only this file (xtbbmalloc.ini) into your Arma3 root directory.
  13. You can use the old one (the one you find in the other download archives). But you are right, I will include it in the new archive too. ETA 5 mikes ;) Edit: Fixed :) Configuration file is now included.
  14. I am not at home so I could not produce any logs :) Anyway, please download the following file (xtbbmalloc.dll). It is supported by battleye now. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/103425066/xtbbmalloc.7z
  15. A word? How about "pending"? :) I sent an email to BE with the file and the source. Lets see what they will do.