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  1. @Crazyn1tw1t something similar to i5-7200U, at least, would give you decent framerates. Otherwise, get intel between the two you mention but they won't make that much difference. I'd pay some 60-70€ more and get i3 7100 or i5 7200u.
  2. @Crazyn1tw1t unfortunately, you can't expect any 'playable' framerates with laptop, unless you pay really, really high price. equilavent to top notch desktop price, you can get a 'decent' laptop to play arma.. since laptops have already crippled cpu, buying the best and latest will only give you "midrange" desktop performance. Pentium 2.30ghz 2mb cache on last link you have...will probably barely run the game and keep at framerate above 20, at best case scenario. It's just the way it is. laptops have crippled cpu generally because of power needs. even the best laptop cpu cannot match with desktop's lower model. and they are way too expensive. so gaming on laptop is not something doable unless you are paying really high $$$
  3. goko-

    co04 crypto-curren$y heist

    added some video, first time playing mp at last!
  4. goko-

    Combat Patrol

    well..you either completely tryingto bury my point via ignoring or you completely missed my point. I am not criticizing BI over anything. I would like to see this CP more complete, better and more finished instead of releasing same stuff from months ago. I want arma to be better, not just average, that was the whole point of my post. I agree with you on the rest.
  5. goko-

    Combat Patrol

    I don't understand BI at all.. they got maps which are huge, look at battlefield.the rush game mode simulates there is "huge"map which isn't, you blow up 2 mCom stations and advance on offense, previous parts of map becomes unavailable since engine can't render all that. but again, that's the only good thing about BF. we got arma here, maps are huge, it can be done without breaking a sweat, but devs are so sloppy, same CP I played 5months ago gets released with malden dlc. I remember xmas gamesessions, I played this exact CP that time. Nothing new here after months, and this lame mission bugs like trucks blowing up or laptops getting destroyed at start or forget all that, forget them all hear this: HVT spawn like 90m away from insertion point, you kill HVT and mission ends. is this a joke? people here struggling to make some "long run" mission via evading lame teleport at init or customizing things.. I don't think i am too harsh, just wanted to stress this out specially at this thread, take as a constructive arguement if any devs give F's about but i am sure nobody does so, sorry for spamming you people.
  6. goko-

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I miss arma 2 ai too. NEver had the same feeling with arma3 ai. A2 ai had overall more natural feeling and this arma3 ai feels broke compared to that indeed.
  7. goko-

    Combat Patrol

    @drgreenthumb I obtained the mission from arma samples. You can search "arma samples" and download it from steam
  8. 4 players co-op, malden, custom hud and NWI's insurgency sound samples used ingame on certain actions like death or reload or throw something etc. http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/1369506834142312923/
  9. goko-

    Combat Patrol

    I modified the CP mission a little bit. Added hud and custom positional sounds from insurgency. here in case u want to give a try http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952507870
  10. goko-

    Combat Patrol

    Hello, Is there a way to add eventhandler to each ai gets spawned dynamically in the CP mission? I want to modify it a little and tried to put some eventhandlers to AI, tried adding things to locationAdd module and Init module but, no luck yet guys?
  11. @ShadowRanger24 Thanks, a Lot! I was reading all kinds of stuff last night, thinking about how to do it. At one point I was trying to set up a quick "publicVariableEventhandler" so client can knock the server, then server show-draw this small dynamic text on that individuals screen etc.. :] Now it works flawless. I had to change the position information format to "absolute" in GUI editor, that was it now it spawns where it should; at the center of screen: [parseText "<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1' font='PuristaBold'><br/><br/><br/><br/>HEADSHOT<br/>", [0.276999,0.9392,0.45,0.35], [10, 5], 2, 1.1, 0.2] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_textTiles",_shooter]; thanks again. EDIT: a small update For general, on this handleDamage EH; (Since Arma 3 v 1.67) hitPoint: String - hit point Cfg name https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getAllHitPointsDamage Hitpoint can be used instaed of selections, _parthit = _this select 7; if ((_parthit in ["HitHead", "HitFace"]) && (_damage >= 1) && (!alive _victim)) then { ....
  12. thanks shadow, code is fine thanks for adding face_hub, I went ahead and added neck too :F However, the problem will persist, see that "parsetext format blabla" part won't show up for each player connected to server on dedicated mp server. Somehow this EH which is added to AI in my case, should fire when AI gets fatal head wound or headshot (up to this point, code works) then it should show that dynamic text on shooters interface, player connected to dedicated server. I tried solving it by calling the function with RemoteExec, didn't work, probably im not doing it correct because it should work, otherwise nothing would work on mp environment besides MPkilled and MPhit, which are the only native MPcompatible commands. Something I have to learn that I am missing. Thanks anyway.
  13. they are from NWI's insurgency, love the voice acting of that game it is best after bad company2. edit: they are hooked up to player via eventhandlers. there are more you cant hear like "stop it you're shooting friendly!!!" and some other, using remoteExec say3d so these are audible in MP to improve situational awareness. Shame I couldn'T record this on a mp game, knowing your teammates doing stuff via audio is awesome. Im trying to make a mod out of it, thanks to my friend Wak helping me developing it, I came so far.
  14. I just wanted it to be player only thing, thats all. no other special reason. probably hasInterface or something like that would be more suitable and pro, im at very early stages of learning. I feel, If I call this function via RemoteExec, that will do the trick for mp environment (????) The conditions of that "if" there, is not really doing the job. Sometimes you aim straight to model's eyeball and headshot doesn'T show up. That must be why I added that player maybe, while thinking it might help to detail it further. The other problem is, eventhandler sticks with the AI or any model, doesnt matter. Lets say, you shot and frag someone. Then you go in a firefight and toss a nade around same area. "Headshot!" pops up which is very silly, since that model you have killed lying there get some damage to "head" area. O have to removethe EH immediately after that model/unit disabled. Many problems to solve with this. But here I, this is what I've been working on so far