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  1. Finally get some time to play PO4 and version miss match on the only server running it. whhyyyyyyy 😄
  2. teabagginpeople

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Any plans for a woodland version of the CTRG uniforms? realising this is not essential so not badgering, would just be nice.
  3. teabagginpeople

    Contact Expansion Livonia Feedback

    Why thank you. Map looks smaller but guess not.
  4. teabagginpeople

    Contact Expansion Livonia Feedback

    Having being busy only picked up Contact now. By far my my favourite map in the series. such a shame it was not a full sized one but none the less, great job. Felt like I was in Ireland at times.
  5. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Soz for the off topic, is it correct you can get the new dlc for 16.99 if you get the arma ultimate edition(having all the other dlc) instead of 22.99 for the dlc 😱
  6. Yeah, I was not able to get them them activate unless I was the admin, well on the server I was playing on that is how i got it working.
  7. My version of Contact is not working? I got the exclusive chancing bastard edition with gold plated entitlements chalice to drink my poison from. Can I get the Ceo on the phone please, right to the tippy top with this I go.
  8. Might be wrong here but, I think you have to log into the server as an admin or vote yourself as admin during the mission, to get the missions to activate properly. If this is what you are talking about.
  9. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I tried to repro this, there are no mags on the ground for me at all and I do not remember there ever been since playing the game. are you using mods?
  10. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Jesus H , it is Sunday dammit. ha yeah we love Arma way too much, but you guys get some damn life lived.
  11. Ha I think poor Roy does not get the full extent of the hype for his mission. defo one of, if not my favorite coops.
  12. Had some time to mess about on the mission. Defo recommend checking it out. Also the guys on server were very helpful.
  13. teabagginpeople

    Name the Goat Keeper [help with "writer's block"]

    Billy The Kid. or Bill Wethers. wethers being the term for a castrated goat.
  14. Perhaps put Arma3 in your computer search and purge from there.
  15. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    HA perhaps in one of the upcoming works like the old man, Jays head can be used on a mute character who is a lowly janitor. In a scene he is cleaning a toilet, the general or something says "splendid job getting that shit cleaned off". I think Jay might appreciate the piss take, or not but it be fun.