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  1. General Discussion (dev branch)

    dayum with those keypad things might have been better off just doing broken ones that had wires hanging out, and no need for the lights. I get it probably was to help with the dark night no nvgs but still.
  2. General Discussion (dev branch)

    this might sound silly . but as the bi pods are non adjustable. can the grass flatten times be extended . might lessen at least some of the annoyance. at moment it stays flat for about 40-50 seconds and starts popping back up, fully back up at approx 120 seconds. maybe 120 flat and start popping back up. if its not a big dealt to extend.
  3. 40mm grenades need a real buff

    I was using an Ifrit gmg on some men in a pvp warfare recently. these were blu4 jesus if I didn't have to get right in the faces to kill em. and they were not even using extensive protection at all just basics. same in patrol ops and on scenario .same observation as wiki . a 40 mm dropping on a tight cluster of men not doing what you'd expect. needless to say I voted they need more umffff
  4. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Gotta have that "authentic" laggyish feeling.
  5. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    yes the old letterbox bleh view is there for anyone that wants that . This may be quite a disliked opinion understandably so . but if you are keeping both views. why are you not locking the new interiors behind the dlc paywall? it will sell way more dlc and can hardly be called a dick move? correct me if I am wrong I think it would be fair enough? and that isn't a hey I have paid for it , I dislike that others are getting something for free that I payed for opinion. I honestly couldn't give 2 shits about the money on my end. I got more than my moneys worth from Arma3. It is more about the company making money for future development.
  6. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Definitely agree with king.100% hells to the no fully mfd driving. I think the way they have approached it is a great compromise. if someone can't spare the fps they can kill the pip and it won't ruin the enjoyment and vast improvement of interiors. Noticing the devil in the details. Moving feet on the pedals. Joysticks moving. Somebody definitely putting some love into this dlc. Honestly wasn't expecting as much effort as seen so far. Tank dlc is shaping up so nice.
  7. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    I agree with all Revos suggestions. just want to highlight this part especially. the others are sweet to drive in first person now. the Marshall already has less visual awareness driving compared to the others as it only has one view panel to see out from. but it is really hampered by the lets say over use of the wear and tear on windshield. p.s .
  8. Annoying Turret Crackling

    Hmmm perhaps not. "Hello. Thank you for the report. After some testing it seems that in the vanilla game it is not that severe. The cause of the severe sound might be either by mods or soundcard drivers/settings. You might want to have a look at those"
  9. Could be rhe server the mountains of scripts. Have you tried many other mission game modes things like that. Regardless of the rig.If you are expecting a solid 60 fps outside an empty editor. Arma is not the game for you.
  10. Have pretty much same rig. Arma can be finiky like that. All the scripts and mods in altis life don't help and mostly ran on shitty servers. Decent servers with proper made game modes ( not lots of hack job scripts) you can probably average 45 + fps. If you are expecting to be getting a solid 60 fps outside an empty editor. You may want to find another game to play won't matter the rig.
  11. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    I think we all know what jarhead is saying here. And I think lexx you are in a series minority here. If they had of continued being Mil sim like arma 2 but added drones. Ti, and all the other stuff it would have tilted a different way. It would have had more impact on sales. From a purely business perspective I have no doubt about this. You can disagree but the knowledge is out there. Rhs and all them mods.... pubg??? didn't get so popular for no good reason... Squad.... If you want to go future create a separate ip. even a juggernaut like Cod even has proven this. Arma had it's identity.
  12. Unbreak The Game

    By your logic if it works don't change it. The new patch works for me. Not been kicked one time. So don't change it. See how that works. do an integrity check, switch to dev branch. Still messed up redownload b.e. And look into the changes in hotfix. Assuming it worked before the tac ops release.
  13. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    Did you quote my post by mistake there lex_1??? I don't see the correlation to what I said in the quote to your replying.
  14. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    So you want bis to focus on the vanilla base gameplay. understandable. This is you. asking for a bis to make a dlc .wait what? what happen to focus on vanilla game?? yes you ask them to make a dlc in the very same breath as "encouraging" bis to focus on the base vanilla game. fml. Hire you? you have polar opposite conflicting opinions in the very same hour and pitched both ideas hell even started with the same you encourage bis...bahahah holy shitty delusions batman.
  15. General Discussion (dev branch)

    I just realised the Blackfish when you land as wheels hit the ground the throttle bounces back to 100%. makes it quite annoying trying to land sometimes got to kill the whole engine. can someone check this to confirm. might be my jumbled key binds .