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  1. teabagginpeople

    Slow development and overall dissapointment

    I think most people are reasonable and want BI and Arma4 to improve upon what Arma3 got right. They wanted a more stable playtime and some updated graphics (Arma3 is still quite pretty compared to many AAA games) and new features that mods had created, better Ai. I don't think everyone was kicking up dust because its VR compatibility. It would be a nice addition at the back end. Most right now are probably more concerned with the possible direction the overall game might end up. As in dumbed down reincarnation of the bad times after Flashpoint, nail in the coffin of the studio/series.
  2. teabagginpeople

    My experience with the new update (

    Just to be clear, I was someone who suggested adjusting settings. I have played for much longer and not been disconnected but have also noted a lack of smooth performance and stuttering that makes Arma3 look like the newer game.
  3. teabagginpeople

    Lack of singleplayer is a mistake

    They would not be the first dev team to dumb down and ruin their game to meet some fickle "console" demand that vanishes (unlike how Arma has been a constant revenue stream for them). This is coming from someone who would love if it worked out for them. I bough a pc for Arma. I built PCs for Arma. I would have loved to jump on console with my friends or family and have shown them what they have been missing. But, and this is a big butt. Having played this for a bit now, I am starting to feel there may be compromise creep going on in the background, I hope they fully understand what it will mean for the future of the series and their livelihoods, if they get this wrong and bastardise something beloved like Arma4. We have seen it many times now and still it astonishes me how some people just do not seem to be able to read a room.
  4. teabagginpeople

    My experience with the new update (

    A fellow arrow key user.... I salute you. And thank you for posting this, thought I was losing my mind.
  5. teabagginpeople

    My experience with the new update (

    I Can confirm, had to bring down settings some. highs and ultra 1440p. No crashes so far tho.
  6. teabagginpeople

    Arma Reforger my thoughts...

    A man after my own heart. I do hear people joining the servers " hey my first time here". It does not matter because when there is fun to be had and bullets start flying, they pick up that stuff pretty damn quick, no need for the hand holding. It is really cool driving around in the game, other cars going by and people with maps out :D. You see the game differently, because you see the world around you in it, not just constantly blindly following a line on a GPS or HUD marker in the distance.
  7. teabagginpeople

    Arma Reforger my thoughts...

    I have played Arma Reforger for quite a bit now. Only game I am playing on PC at the minute. This is brief and I know leaves out many bugs. Firstly I will say I am slightly Bias, having played Arma from the end life of 1 up to 3 and being the soul reason I built my PC's, have all the games and DLC. First the cons. Been widely reported the connection issues, a shame really, has ruined the reviews and enjoyment of of the game. Lack of content and the price to be a beta tester, essentially. This for me is not so bad and I will tell you why as someone who does not pre order.. If a dev said to me when they showed off them shots of the new engine in December "hey, would you pay 30 euro to play on this".. I would have said hell yeah and I can guess many others would have too , this I am sure of. Been a long time between Arma and I understand that with the new Engine seems worth it tho so far, so I was happy to buy. It is not a bad business move by BIS and I would have voted on that move myself and gladly took the flack with a pinch of salt. OK the pros. They listened to their supporters. I am hoping they are pushing the envelope and are looking to go further. Gone is the extra clunky. Climbing over obstacles has added a new dimension to the battlefield. No longer easy pickings just looking only at the gate of a compound when in vanilla Arma, danger in every corner. Movement is greatly improved and animations great. The driving is great fun again more animations buffed, and can't wait to see what more they have up their sleeve. Radios, proper working radios. The only things holding Arma back was its availability and how bad it ran, clunky bits aside. Arma 3 came out in 2013 and still had people buying DLC to now, why? because it gave players something other games didn't, couldn't or wouldn't. I was apprehensive that they might do as all the other short sighted games companies seem to be at and wreck their game trying to be more casual and appeal to an audience that does not exist, Battlefield 2042. Dice just cannot read the room, it baffles me how oblivious to it they are and from the end product it seems they no longer understand what people once loved about their games. These should be obvious but it seems too many Devs and games companies cannot see the shit through the stars. So far Arma Reforger stuck to its guns it is Arma, no mini map? just a compass, ha ballsy. I applaud the decision maker for some good fun getting lost in that map, banding together and figuring out our location, I say map, a work of Art. The Map- I never really got to enjoy this map as much as I should, as it was before my time and I had not the pc to run it great even if I wanted to. The Map in Arma Reforger is a thing of beauty, I cannot stress that enough. Thanks to a flipped jeep and no mini map, I got lost going across some fields and coming across random houses, then I got lost in the beauty of the Island. The levels of little details from a lawnmower in the garden, scenes crafted with love. Driving around this in the rain is so god damn good. The Sounds- No gps no mini map, finding a fire fight off in the distance just on sounds alone, the adrenaline as you are under fire or explosions going off. So nice, they had already started these improvements in Arma3 with the sound and it is only getting better. Congrats and hats off to the sound guys, out there recording and bringing that extra level of immersion. My hopes. I hope they do Arma Reforger + 4 and the supporters of the game proud by upping the ante and not shying away. They have seen how popular the mods like Ace and that were, making the game a deeper experience, obviously adding aspects of them in Reforger. I know Reforger is not Arma 4 but it is damn fun when it rocks and feels exactly like an Arma game should minus the trash 😄. When they solve them connection issues it will ramp up. I hope they work on Ai and give it a serious boost for all the cool co op missions and single player people (I love both MP, Co Op and single) and get it nailed down for Arma 4. They have to see all the youtube players on them Milsim missions using AI. It will be worth the effort. You can shit on my opinion all you want, I insist. Have fun.
  8. teabagginpeople

    First impressions and feedback

    I realise this may not help you I play on PC but use a PS5 controller and while in your inventory pressing x 2 times ( shown as A in game) can put both rifles on your back.
  9. Finally get some time to play PO4 and version miss match on the only server running it. whhyyyyyyy 😄
  10. teabagginpeople

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Any plans for a woodland version of the CTRG uniforms? realising this is not essential so not badgering, would just be nice.
  11. teabagginpeople

    Contact Expansion Livonia Feedback

    Why thank you. Map looks smaller but guess not.
  12. teabagginpeople

    Contact Expansion Livonia Feedback

    Having being busy only picked up Contact now. By far my my favourite map in the series. such a shame it was not a full sized one but none the less, great job. Felt like I was in Ireland at times.
  13. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Soz for the off topic, is it correct you can get the new dlc for 16.99 if you get the arma ultimate edition(having all the other dlc) instead of 22.99 for the dlc 😱
  14. Yeah, I was not able to get them them activate unless I was the admin, well on the server I was playing on that is how i got it working.
  15. Might be wrong here but, I think you have to log into the server as an admin or vote yourself as admin during the mission, to get the missions to activate properly. If this is what you are talking about.