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  1. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I tried to repro this, there are no mags on the ground for me at all and I do not remember there ever been since playing the game. are you using mods?
  2. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Jesus H , it is Sunday dammit. ha yeah we love Arma way too much, but you guys get some damn life lived.
  3. Ha I think poor Roy does not get the full extent of the hype for his mission. defo one of, if not my favorite coops.
  4. Had some time to mess about on the mission. Defo recommend checking it out. Also the guys on server were very helpful.
  5. teabagginpeople

    Name the Goat Keeper [help with "writer's block"]

    Billy The Kid. or Bill Wethers. wethers being the term for a castrated goat.
  6. Perhaps put Arma3 in your computer search and purge from there.
  7. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    HA perhaps in one of the upcoming works like the old man, Jays head can be used on a mute character who is a lowly janitor. In a scene he is cleaning a toilet, the general or something says "splendid job getting that shit cleaned off". I think Jay might appreciate the piss take, or not but it be fun.
  8. teabagginpeople

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Awesome the changes made it to the release. Nice job.
  9. teabagginpeople

    Please, fix this!!!

    I was playing the new Warlord mission on Rc. noted a guy taking 3 shots to the head. thought to myself wtf. That said medic seemed to be working fine he healed when needed although that could have been just dumb luck.
  10. teabagginpeople


    Understandable...Ahhh stealth this does make sense and I thought about it as being possible reasoning behind it. nice to have stealth as an option. not sure Jezuro(shadow play will not work on rc or dev) I had commandeered an enemy Stryder at near beginning of playing then had been going around with the same Ai group of 4 for most the game. then after taking the airport, they would not mount the blackfoot.. I just shot em and recruited more. should have tested was it just the newly dropped blackfoot that was the issue. not game breaking by any stretch. yeah I would imagine so. will test more.
  11. teabagginpeople


    Hey Jezuro. Got to play warlord the other day for quite some time was fun. Some things I noticed. Ai were still on careless patrol, only a 100 metres or so from a huge firefight. was bit jarring considering the sounds of explosions and gun fire all over( noted this may just be the difficulty settings). After some time playing my Ai squad stopped responding to mount up. I got a new Ai and he mounted first time into blackfoot. After playing for quite some time( I had already been in a Wipeout, and Blackfoot no issues) I got a Blackwasp. when up in the sky there were visual glitches happening all around me which did not stop when I landed. ( note this could be my hardware as I mentioned playing for awhile testing the mission) after exit the mission and going to editor it was back to normal.
  12. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    hey oukej cheers for reply. yeah I was testing wip#1 other week and figured was just tanks so far. so was just wondering more so what wip#2 was bringing. its a really big change tactical gameplay wise and much appreciated.
  13. teabagginpeople

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Oukej would it be at all possible to get more elaboration on what is being changed in the vehicle audios ranges, from wip#1-#2. does not need to be hugely detailed just to help with testing the different vehicles with these changes. cheers.
  14. teabagginpeople

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Tweaked: Audible ranges of vehicle engines (WIP) In the above videos you can only hear a tank from 350 meters out sound just pops in really jarringly. I have done some quick testing nothing too extensive for now. with the new Audible ranges of vehicles(wip) you can hear a tank over 1.2 klicks away, a vast improvement. This is really nice. Cheers BI and audio team.
  15. teabagginpeople

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    great idea.