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  1. Does anyone else not use WASD for movement?

    Arrow key user here. Got myself a cheep keyboard that has the end ,delete, page up keys all close to the arrow keys. Was 12 euro or something. So makes it even handier. use all the keys surrounding the arrows. Got this mouse on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/UtechSmart-Programmable-programmable-Customizing-Compatible/dp/B00FNKMVUO It is awesome. The price for this is really amazing. feels way more expensive.the software is on point. Can program tons of combinations which for Arma is sweet.
  2. flaps are still useful?

    Well that is no good really, I haven't had much time to test on latest dev. Spike the blackfish is ridiculously easy to explode on rough landings. Might need something tweeked.
  3. flaps are still useful?

    This is off the top of my head. But If I remember this correctly the flaps will only work when you use the auto vectoring. on manual it changes changes angle of your trust.. doesn't seem like you need em anyway.
  4. Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    Haha always was annoying as hell. Definitely compass bearings would have been way more helpful, considering the bootcamp emphasis on doing this.
  5. Ha I was only thinking this the other day. Arma3 finishing up. And po4 will only be dropping. Least it is a great time filler for between this and the possible next iteration. I think your timeframe for a maybe Arma4 is a little on the optimistic side.
  6. General Discussion (dev branch)

    @Oukej while I love the new load wounded into vehicle option. Cheers for that. There was enough feedback givin for the problem with putting the unload wounded options top of the action menus. Now I have seen several times in coop MP sessions, wounded being dragged out of the Heli by people trying to get into the Heli. This option would be much better suited bottom of the menu. As then it is far less likely to be triggered by someone just trying to get in. If it is because it is attached to the same get in get out sequences and is efforts then understandable.
  7. Weapon tests

    Eutw warfare is something similar to Koth. Only it is played out over a bigger area. with several capture points. the team who holds all the points wins. If you are handy in pvp you might find it interesting.you get set income amount but on top that the more you kill, the more money you have to buy better scopes, guns, vehicles. It is a little more rare to get it going but can be good fun.
  8. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Audio team. Are there any plans to get at least the vehicles audio corrected before finishing up on Arma3. Some informations would be appreciated.
  9. Compedium prblem

    Bahaha hollllllyyyy shit. You 70 and playing Arma.This is brilliant.
  10. What do I see as support. Maybe staff replying to your endless neverending too late on the scene thread's that you throw up. Constantly pissing and moaning about shit that you should have been saying in beta never mind being wayyy too late in the end cycle of the game. But hey don't stop.
  11. you probably think I am just content with Arma3. nope I dislike having to use a sound mod(vehicles have no sound beyond 300m ) , I dislike having to use enhanced movement mod should be in base, I dislike having to use a radio mod or Teamspeak. I wasn't happy with Arma1 issues, but then Arma 2 came along then OA. guess what? I moved on. same with Arma 2 -3. You cannot seriously in one breath talk about bad management strategies, Then complain that they have said work is finished on the outdated engine that is retired . to keep working on that engine, you may as well not stop and just piss money up a wall( Bad management strategy). everything that is done on the old engine is more resources taken from the new engine and future work already being done at Bis. The Devs themselves are too aware of the limitations of the old engine, there are no more resources to keep throwing at it. then fixing that then another fix for that unless you sacrifice moving forward. when does that end??
  12. Really? I'll start by saying I'm well aware of the bugs arma3 has on many levels. Too many hours sunk into dev branch. I think BIS have supported arma3 as best to their ability. Did they make some mistakes ? Yes. But look at Dev branch. Pages upon pages. 1000s of man hours. They have gone above and beyond in alot of places that other companies wouldn't for their customers. I feel they genuinely were frustrated by their own inability to get the old engine to do things they knew gamers wished for and they themselves as gamers desired for arma3. They have added alot of value to arma3 in their roadmap. Was it perfect no. Again I think they did their best and ploughed through alot of the wishlists of players bi pods, 64bit, advance flight model, that is just scratching the surface so many to mention. I have gotten more than my monies worth from arma3. I for one am under no illusion of the demand for Arma4. If they offered it next year it would sell millions of copies. My wish for Arma4 is the Devs now having the engine and ability to bring a true vision and identity to arma, as the go to for military ops and sandbox creation. fun or serious mil SIM air sea and land. To take the crown in its arena and be the first that comes to mind for it. I have built and witnessed people wanting pcs just for arma3. That does not happen often.something for bis to be proud of.
  13. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Has anyone been looking into the severe crashing happening on stable when you alt tab 3 or more times. I mean I have to sign out of my pc to stop it. first seen reported by Darksideoffical. playing mp, using sound mods will try get solid repro on vanilla.
  14. Are people playing ArmA 3 vanilla?

    Ah the campaign for sure needs some mods at the very least Jsrs and laxxs soundscape. But in the campaign you can probably afford more FPS (most times for me anyway). I mostly try play vanilla servers that allow a sound mod. Vanilla sounds(nice improvements under hood by the devs). But vanilla are not as good imo tanks dropping sound at 300m no good. Zeus community, and jsoc co-op allow this sound mod combo think eutw PvP warfare aswell. Definitely use Jsrs at the very least. My Vision for arma4 would be the Devs working to have the essential mods in game. Tfar or such level radio system as a must in the base game. Gots to have it. Communication in this game is so important. Bad Bensons enhanced movement mod. Jesus Christ it is so sad that I hardly ever get to use this. :''( ravage game mod was so fun with this. Are more I'm just not derailing further you get the point.
  15. Bombs

    If I have time tomorrow I'll do a quick vid. But basically, using the targeting camera, lock the area or on the target so if he moves it tracks. get the lead indicator( small little dotted cross used for manual drops) as close to the lock as you can and release the bomb. You don't need a dive attack. I was using this with a drone on mp, hitting moving AAA from 2000m up.