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  1. Dostojetski

    Compositions broken

    Rotation, height and location all get messed up big time when spawning in custom compositions. Every single composition I have tried from the workshop is just a big mess and more work to fix than making your own from scratch cos the items keep moving around and spawning on rooftops rather than inside buildings. Please fix it Bohemia... compositions were supposed to be in from the start of arma 3 as was sharing them and they dont even work :C Custom compositions are really for complicated and detailed things, cos those are the things you dont want to have to make over and over again... yet, you make something nice, save the composition and when you spawn it in, it all goes wrong And disabling dmg and animation does nothing to help.
  2. Thanks guys but me not so fluent anymore since userconfig is not a thing anymore. Where do I put these lines if I want it to be on a server or a mission? And is there anyway to set stereo and additional channels?
  3. Dostojetski

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Way back in the day my friend made me a script that pre defined the TFAR channels for me, including stereo and additional and life was good. At a point in time during this year, cant remember exactly when, the script stopped working for the additional and stereo settings. I would reeeeeeheheally like to get this functionality back. Is there anyway I can preset default channels on SR and LR, including additional channel and stereo settings? Im techno handicapped so please include details if you guys have a solution. If it can still be done through a userconfig file, can someone please give me a dummy copy which I can edit since I cant find such a file anywhere on the internet.
  4. I cant find any recent topics for this and userconfigs dont seem to be a thing anymore.. How do we preset channels today? We run a server and would like to set the channels for anyone getting a radio so that they are pre defined.
  5. Seriously.. we have needed customized containers and vehicle loadouts since operation flashpoint and 20 years later we still don't have it? I'm not talking per mission or in the mission editor, I am talking LOADOUTS! Big player communities have set methods and procedures. They have squads, platoons... entire battalions of players. Usually those players have loadouts and set uniforms for games but what they need is SET RESUPPLY! A resupply that they can also modify and edit on their own time to make sure it is up to date. Nothing slows down a mission more than waiting for people to load 15 vehicles and containers with the same stuff every mission. the virtual arsenal needs to allow filling vehicles and containers with equipment and saving them like a backpack or a vest.
  6. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hello 3cb! As always much love and thank you for your awesome mods. However I am in a dilemma. We love the static weapons and especially the mortars you guys have made. However, we don't use the rest of the weapon pack greatly.. In our community we are in risk of loosing the BAF static weapons because we cant justify the space requirement for it. Since we cant access the mod files anymore, has there been any discussion on separating the weapons from the static weapons? I firmly believe they should be grouped separately or with BAF vehicles since the guns share ammo with the vehicles. IMO, having the static weapons with BAF vehicles would be the best option. You cant really even have static weapons without some kind of a vehicle logistics to get the ammo and the guns to the frontline. EDIT. Okay, should have read the latest replies above mine.. Looks like we are stuck with outdated mortars then or none at all :C Still, awesome work guys
  7. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Happy to help, if only moaning about problems :D The custom crate addition to the logistics module is beautiful!!
  8. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Heyoo... Got the logistics module working, sort of. I placed it, synced it with an object, started game. Only vehicles work with it.. I cant interact in infantry.
  9. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    o.O I did it and I couldnt get it working. So does that mean some other mod is causing a conflict? EDIT. I cant understand how a mod can cause a conflict in editor and not allowing module to sync
  10. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Possible bug? The BAF logistics items works just fine... but trying to add the module to another item does nothing, both in zeus and editor. Im not sure if I am doing something wrong but yeah, I cant attach the module into anything :F
  11. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thats awesome Nick! User defined boxes is the right way. I didnt mean that it speficially allows the resupply boxes we have. But yeah, they are created on demand. Zeus or Admin allows the spawning of the boxes and then one member from each squad calls the box and then its disabled, we do this at the start of a mission. Im not skilled enough in scripting to understand but I believe the box has a classname but instead of being a mod itself, the item is saved in profile. Reason for that is that it allowed members to make changes to the box whenever they want without us having to do mod updates. EDIT. Oh wait, scratch above. yeah its a standard supply box which is emptied and then filled with sutff so its on demand.
  12. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Something weird happening... Mortar Smoke seems to be clientside. Only the person who fires it can see it and no one else? Anyone else have this issue?
  13. Dostojetski


    Possibility of advanced compositions also saving vehicle inventory/ACE cargo and box inventory?
  14. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Equipment

    I know my reply is super late but it was only recently that I realized this function and I had a bit of a mortar accident in my pants.
  15. Dostojetski

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hey guys! Given that there is no arsenal for vehicles(something that allows you to save item loadouts inside vehicles not to mention the awesome ACE cargo) the BAF logistics seems to be doing that job very nicely but only for BAF stuff. It could become something of a game changer if there was an option to add custom boxes and item sets into the logistics module. I tried to do this but I assume the PBO is obfuscated because I cannot unpack it :F In our community(TAW) one of our members(aeroson FTW) created a nifty little mod that allowed our members to make a resupply box and save it in their profile and call it out in our missions, this way our squads can have their own personalized resupply boxes without having to redo them every mission. My goal with the BAF logistics was to try and see if I was smart enough to add our resupply box into the logistics list. I also wanted to see if I could have an option to dump resupply box contents directly into vehicle inventory. If possible, any chance of getting the logistics PBO file in a format that can be unpacked? Or if you are not comfortable with the idea above, then maybe you can add a userconfig file where we could add item lists and boxes that then show up on the BAF logistics? Ability to save vehicle loadouts(And Im talking something that functions in-game, not in editor) has been something that ARMA has needed ever since Operation Flashpoint. Stay awesome BAF! PS. the M6 is my favorite. PS PS. Also would be nice if there was a version that allowed instant loading without any delay or waiting. We would use instant at the start to get things rolling and then the delayed version during the mission.