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  1. So, I installed the arma 3 server program and port forwarded my server. My problem is can't see the server in the multiplayer list. Can't connect to it either. Port forwarded: 2302 to 2306 TCP/UPD Launch bat file: @echo off "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Server\arma3server_x64.exe" "-profiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Server" "mods=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Server\@CBA_A3;@9TH ODST PACK;@Madrigal Terrain - Operation Trebuchet;@Operation- TREBUCHET;@Operation- TREBUCHET First Contact;@Pandora;" -config=CONFIG_server.cfg -port=2302 -world=empty I'm getting this : 18:45:46 Dedicated host created. 18:45:55 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217) 18:45:56 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 18:45:56 Host identity created. Here is the RPT logs:
  2. So, I installed the arma 3 server program and port forwarded my server. My problem is can't see the server in the multiplayer list. Can't connect to it either. Port forwarded: 2302 to 2306 TCP/UPD Launch bat file: I'm getting this : 18:45:46 Dedicated host created. 18:45:55 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217) 18:45:56 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 18:45:56 Host identity created. Here is the RPT logs:
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    Need some help with my server

    I did, my params are fine.
  4. grooovy

    Need some help with my server

    I tried no luck.
  5. grooovy

    Need some help with my server

    Can a mod switch this to the server sub-forum I might have posted this to the wrong place. thank you!
  6. www.helljumpers.club //UNSC Transmission 0A1CDX-ST Welcome Helljumpers //December 2552 - //Origin: CFV-88 Spirit of Fire //Origin ID Verify: CONFIRMED //Welcome to 1-1 Sunray We are a small arma 3 casual Milsim unit that uses the Operation Trebuchet mod. We selectively recruit our members because we believe putting together a team of skilled people is the best choice for accomplishing a particular task and to remain tactically proficient. Our goal as a unit is to provide a fun and enjoyable Halo like experience while using the arma 3 engine as it's sandbox setting. We strive hard to provide a fun, challenging and high quality experience like no other OPTRE unit to our members. Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while working together as a group. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in game. Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our small arma 3 milsim group? Recruitment Information: We are built on a hierarchical management system without ranks close or similar to the structure of an organization. Each new member is assigned to a group. Each play group is composed of (X) players under the supervision of a team leader. Our structure is relatively simple. Some positions may require experience and/or a certain obligation of constant presence and greater responsibility. We do not have a formal structure that promotes arrogance, power struggles or mass recruitment. Ranks are for cosmetic and for the sake of realism. Consequently, there are no hardcore entry requirements like most milsim units. The applicant may consider joining a separate unit to fill his extra time with additional content. This is not an anti-land, ie, as "We are the cool-kids club because we have no ranks and no special requirements." We have no political presence "If you miss a scheduled event, no worries, maybe next time. However, we do expect applicants to have a relatively good amount of experience playing the game. SIDE NOTE: 1-1 Sunray is not looking to recruit a large amount of players, we are looking for no more than 5-10 experienced arma 3 player to fill a medium sized group. Recruitment requirements can be found on our discord page. If you think you have what it takes to join us visit us: Website: www.helljumpers.club Discord:https://discordapp.com/invite/kR85SFe Recruitment email: info@helljumpers.club
  7. Hey y'all, I got a shittons of finished 3D russian navy boat models in my computer I was wondering where can i start to import those in arma 3 as static objects? Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Russian navy Gorshkov Russian navy Udaloy Russian Navy Steregushchy
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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Question for the RHS team : I love your mod and you've been releasing mostly land vehicles, helicopters & planes, weapons ...etc. Any love for boats ? frigates, destroyers or recon vessels of sort ? i for one am very much interested in the navy stuff and know quite a few people that feels the same way. So my question is : Any plan to bring more boats :) ? Thanks for all the hard work!
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    Good on my end so far no errors.
  10. I have a 2 questions, are the sharks compatible for multiplayer and are they going to surface or stay at the bottom of the sea?
  11. college and real life take priority, i work no more than 1 hour per week on it. It's a slow progress, i have little knowledge in coding and this is a learning experience.
  12. Because it's not ready.
  13. Understandable, however if you took the time to read my post I clearly indicated I had no intentions to take that road. Argumentative or not, I explained myself in a polite and constructive manner. The tone is irrelevant/subjective, no rules we're broken. I was simply bringing up a point on the matter, I had no malicious intend and/or intentions to break the rules. Now that we have a better understanding, I'll keep this thread updated if i make any progress on my end, in the mean time, like i've previously said the mods won't be released until i get more informations or proper approval. There's also a lot of work to be done so they won't see the light anytime soon. I hope this message properly indicate what are my true intentions and there's no confusion.
  14. i suggest you read what i said again, there was nothing wrong with the tone of my post.
  15. Now all we are missing is the Kamov KA-27 :)
  16. Well let's be honest if i wanted to release it as a mod there's not much you could do about it. Realistically speaking but like i have previously said I have no intentions to do so until i have more information since im an honest person. The good news some of the models i have were made by a close friend and i will most likely release them to the public when they are ready but for now there's a lot of work to be done. Some game engines have limitations and sometime you are forced to make a compromise, in the case of the Kuznetsov it is a massive model for arma 3 and i doubt i would be able to keep the same size/scale without losing a bit of quality for the sake of better optimization. I spoke with TeTeT and one of the challenge is to clean cut the model in different sections to make it visible and stable. Also i am relatively new to 3D modeling, fortunately i have my friend helping me. My main expertise is photoshop (been at it for 8 years) so this is more of a hobby/past time for me at the moment. I don't expect any of those models to make it to the game anytime soon with university and the army being in my way. However, if anyone wish to help or contribute let me know, i'd be happy to provide the files.
  17. they come in multiple different format, same for the 3D models. They work with windows 10 3D viewer program and photoshop right off the bat.
  18. It's possible, i have to go through the readme files and read the bis TOS and the licence agreement for each model i own to make sure there's no conflict (some of them are for personal use and some can be modified i believe). I wouldn't mind giving the models to anyone with the skills or ability to release them public once i ensure everything is okay. 99% of all the files are soviet/russian models sorry to disappoint you, i am a big fan of soviet and russian armements. it's understandable, however if you take the time to read my previous post (sorry if it wasn't clear), i said they would be for personal use for now until i make sure theres no problem releasing them to the public. You wouldn't be able to use them anytime soon anyway as they are only .obj/.dds files until i learn how to put them in game.
  19. I have soviet Delta IV and Yasen both bought about 5 years ago. They are 1500+ polygons.
  20. I have about 15+ ships and a few soviet submarines, i havent posted all of them. Some of the models were bought and downloaded on http://www.turbosquid.com others were provided to me by a close friend about 3-4 years ago when he was in college doing 3D design. He worked on assassins creed syndicate, some lego games and other titles. I believe some of the models can also be found on the internet, i can't recall where i got all of them from as they've been sitting on my hard drive for a long time. One of the reason why i dont want to publish all of them right now is because i do not know everything about the BIS TOS regarding models bought online, i would have to read or search infos about it before releasing them to the public so for now they will remain for my personal use. I appreciate the help thanks to everybody!
  21. For my personal use, yes. There will be no public release for now. @Tetet Thank you, i will have to do some reading. I haven't got into scripting&coding yet. I'm very newbish, I only use photoshop & blender.
  22. the model is not 300m long.
  23. gotcha, the Kuznetsov is already splitted into 3 sections.