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  1. Hey guys, as part of "Brazilian Armed Forces" Mod we are currently working on a new map called "Traira Operation" and we want to show you guys some progress regularly within this thread. The region depicted in this work is the Brazilian/Colombian border deep in the heart of Amazon tropical jungle, aka "Green Hell" Background: On February 26, 1991, a group of 40 guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, who called itself "Simon Bolivar Command", crossed the border from Colombia to Brazil and raided the Traíra detachment of the Brazilian Army, which was in semi-permanent installations and had less effective, only 17 soldiers, than the attacking guerrilla column. Intelligence operations claim that the attack was motivated by repression by the border detachment of illegal mining in the region, one of FARC funding sources. During the attack three Brazilian soldiers died and nine were injured. Two illegal Colombian miners who were detained at the camp also died. Various weapons, ammunition and equipment were stolen. Immediately the Brazilian Armed Forces, authorized by President Fernando Collor de Mello and with the knowledge and support of Colombian President César Gaviria, secretly unleashed Traira Operation, in order to recover the stolen weapons and discourage further attacks; As aftermath from "Traira Operation", 12 colombian guerrillas were killed and a unknow number was captured, most of the weapons and equipment was recovered. Since then, there`s no record about new FARC incursions nor raids inside Brazilian territory, as well as attacks on Brazilian military. The map is being built using "MapBuilder" for placing objects, "BIS Terrain Processor" for the jungle clusters and other "nature" stuff. Most of the vegetation came from Berghoff's BRG_Africa addon and from Sgt_Savage`s Arma 2 "Unsung Vietnam War Mod", both will be included in the final package. I must confess that I`m very excited about the annoucenment af the new Arma 3 Tanoa map, the vegetation will fit perfectly in this project! Map size is 40960x40960m Grid size is 4096 cells Cell size is 10m. Please don't ask me about a precise release date, keep in mind that this is a work in progress and we`re still working at several custom models like, vegetation, riverine and indigenous houses for example.... I hope I`ll be able to launch a "teaser map" with only 10x10km by the end of november 2015. =D You can also follow this project at our Facebook page if you want. Cheers from Brazil! B)
  2. Thanks, hermano! Better late than never!
  3. BRAF is a mod that includes the brazilian armed forces to the Arma 3 platform. Created in 2020 by Ulisses "@odyseus" Bento, @johnhansen, @Araquem Ladislau and by me Rodrigo "@Ogrinho" Arantes, BRAF was born from a coalition of brazilian gamers already known for their previous mods, BRAF(Never released to public), Brazilian Armed Forces - BAF and Brazilian Defense forces - BDF, reuniting different areas of knowledge to plan, group and to develop a new mod, open to developers who contribute with deliverables, giving BRAF their creations and knowledge in order to create a solid mod, respecting the project guidelines. Although we have done previous projects, our goal with BRAF is to make the best of each project, respecting the rights of authors not present in the current work. This means that not all assets made specifically for BAF and BDF will be present in BRAF. DOWNLOAD STEAM
  4. WIP/BETA The last Brazilian Armed Forces update brought some naval units including: Three "Amazonas" class Ocean Patrol Vessels: P-120 Amazonas, P-121 APA and P-122 Araguari, each one with 2 organic RHIB's on each side. Those RHIB's are a port from Arma 2 ones, with new textures and new panel instrumentation (WIP) and are capable to carry up to 8 soldiers plus driver. All OPV's are REAL VEHICLES, movables and capable to receive helicopters on its flight decks, which have deployable fences and NVG landind guide lights. They are armed with one Bushmaster II Mk-44 30 mm front canon and 2 Bushmaster Mk-242 25 mm gun located at starboard and port side respectively. Commander has a FLIR pod located at the main mast. The vessel can carry up to 10 soldiers plus it's own crew, i.e: Driver, Commander and 3 Gunners. We'll increase that number to maybe 25. To do: - Be able to walk on it even when the ship is moving. - Detailed interior Lods for gunners, commander, driver and Cargo. - Proper damage configuration. - Custom sounds for engines and alarms. - Usable deck crane with slingload capabilities. - Deployable salvatage boats, for SAR missions... Exterior View Front Cannon Side Cannon Deployable RHIBs Functional Helipad One Brazilian version of Scorpène class submarine SBR S-40 Riachuelo. S-40 Riachuelo, is fully functional, capable of diving and "sail" around, it has two special features called: Emergency Dive and Emergency Blow, which you can dive or emerge more quickly. It is armed with SM-39 Exocet missiles, only capable to lock on targets and fire when surfaced, unfortunately. We'll implement in near future torpedo launch capabilities too. It can carry 22 soldiers as cargo plus its crew, and one mini sub or rubber boat on it's back for special operations insertions. To do: - Lock capabilities when submerged. - Disable water shader/effects when using internal lods, like I really would appreciate some help from Arma 3 GURUS on this feature! - Sonar for only subs or boats entities. - Acoustic countermeasures. - Torpedo launch script. - Recharge batteries snorkeling script Exterior view Interior view Exocet SM-39 As we always warn this is a WIP/BETA version and you can download it at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504306716 Please give us your feedback so we can improve it and correct bugs!
  5. Hey guys! We Squad Brazil, proudly present, as part of the Mod "Brazilian Armed Forces," the F-5EM fighter a modernized version operated by the Brazilian Air Force. Sunset over the Amazon Forest Night Patrol Afterburner visual effect Exhaust mirage High Quality Textures Honoring Brazilian aviators who fought in WWII. The First Brazilian Fighter Squadron "1º GAvCa", fought as part of US 350th Fighter Group in Italy. Most recent picture We hope to be able to release a alpha version somewhere between March and April... Features: Formation lights. Afterburner visual effect, no impact in performance nor fuel consume. High maneuverability. Two MFD and some analog gauges as redundancy. To do list: Finish main textures. Make cockpit texture. Cockpit instruments and functionalities. Afterburner with actual performance impact. (Need authorization Gnat and lethal Afterburner script...) Droppable fuel tanks. Sonic Boom. Parachute stopping. (I'll have a talk with Hcpookie about it...) :) Shell ejection when firing the 20mm cannon. Maybe, USAF Aggressors Squadron And much more... I really hope you all enjoy this "old school" machine and you can also follow our progress at our FACEBOOK PAGE
  6. It's a brand new model made by us. It's in a very early wip stage though...
  7. Ok, I didnt tested it on AFM. I Gotta check it out, but please note that this is a WIP! Thanks for the feedback! =D
  8. 1- We'll look at it. 2- Define AFM, please!rs 3- We have custom animations for all marrua positions but it gets bugged after we binarize the file using addon builder! So, in order to release it we used some vanila animations...=/
  9. UH-12 is released but it still needs a lot of work... That ship at the port without texture is the NDM Bahia. ?
  10. Gracias hermano! =D
  11. Just dont forget to give us some feedback! =D
  12. The only way I could make all the lights work was placing it as subclasses inside the "class reflectors", then it worked properly both reflections and the glowing textures. But when I retract the F-5's landing gear all the lights just shut down... I'm facing the same problem with a separate scroll wheel option, my glowing textures turns on and off, but no reflections neither flares are showed...
  13. Hey guys, I'm facing the same problem! Did it worked for you? I'm trying to set up some auxiliary lights at my F-5EM Tiger II model. I've already tested grouping all the Auxiliary light sources as a subclass inside the main "Reflectors Group", it worked out, but when I put the landing gear up, all the lights are gone! So I decided to include a "useraction" menu enter like this: And separate the "Auxiliary Lights" class from the main Reflector class like this: Since I put them all inside a single "Auxiliary Light" class, just in order to test, I decided to put all the glowing material selections inside a new "Auxiliary Lights" selection. I did it both in Lod 1 for selections and for the memory points in it's lod. I had to add this selection name in the skeletonbones sections and setup a animation for this selection. All the selections hide and reappear as it should using the action menu, except by the ray of light... =/ I really don't know how to make it working properly! Can you please help me?
  14. Hey guys, as part of Brazilian Armed Forces Mod we are proud to release the AF-1 jet fighter a Brazilian Navy modernized version of the A-4KU Skyhawk We hope you guys enjoy and give some feedback about this new model! You can take a look at another model made by us clicking HERE Please consider take a look at our FACEBOOK page! Cheers from Brazil! ;)
  15. Hey guys I'm trying to set some customized sounds for my new tropical jungle map using references I found at some terrain configs from Arma 2 like Unsung mod for example. I have my own mono audio files converted both to ogg and wss formats, but I just can't make it work using my code. I've tried to use this code with Unsung sounds and it worked fine, but when I try again using my audio files... This is my code below: Thanks in advance guys! Solved, the config I used is ok, the problem was my audio files! class CfgEnvSounds; class EnvSounds: CfgEnvSounds { class Default { name = "$Traira_default"; sound[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\dia",1.7782794,1}; soundNight[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\noite",1.7782794,1}; }; class Rain { volume = "rain"; name = "$Traira_chuva"; sound[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\chuva_dia",1.7782794,1}; soundNight[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\chuva_noite",1.7782794,1}; }; class Sea { volume = "sea*(1-trees)*(1-meadow)*(1-forest)*(1-hills)"; name = "$Traira_rio"; sound[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\rio_dia",0,1}; soundNight[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\rio_noite",0.7,1}; }; class Forest { name = "$Traira_dia"; sound[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\dia",0.4,1}; volume = "trees*forest*(1-night)"; randSamp1[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\anta",0.1,1,30,0.14,5,8,10}; randSamp2[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\aracari",0.1,30,0.125,10,20,40}; randSamp3[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\arara",0.125893,1,30,0.13,4,8,12}; randSamp4[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\sai",0.125893,1,30,0.125,4,8,12}; randSamp5[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\tucano",0.125893,1,30,0.125,4,8,12}; randSamp6[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\mosquito",0.125893,1,30,0.1,4,8,12}; randSamp7[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\sapo1",0.1,1,30,0.04,10,20,40}; randSamp8[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\mosca",0.1,1,30,0.04,10,20,40}; randSamp9[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\uirapuru",0.1,1,30,0.025,4,8,10}; randSamp10[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\onca1",0.1,1,30,0.025,4,8,10}; randSamp11[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\arara2",0.1,1,30,0.025,4,8,10}; randSamp12[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\tucano2",0.1,1,30,0.025,4,8,10}; random[] = {"randSamp11","randSamp10","randSamp12","randSamp1","randSamp2","randSamp3","randSamp8","randSamp9","randSamp4","randSamp5","randSamp6","randSamp7"}; }; class ForestNight { name = "$Traira_noite"; sound[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\noite",0.5,1}; volume = "trees*forest*night"; randSamp1[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\coruja1",0.5,1,25,0.15,8,15,20}; randSamp2[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\coruja2",0.5,1,25,0.15,8,15,20,30}; randSamp3[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\mosquito",0.5,1,25,0.15,15,30,40}; randSamp4[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\grilo",0.5,1,25,0.15,15,30,40}; randSamp5[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\sapo1",0.1,1,25,0.1,8,15,20}; randSamp6[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\sapo2",0.1,1,25,0.1,8,10,20}; randSamp7[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\onca1",0.1,1,25,0.1,8,10,20}; randSamp8[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\onca2",0.1,1,25,0.1,8,10,20}; randSamp9[] = {"RAOA\Traira\sounds\onca3",0.1,1,25,0.1,8,10,20}; random[] = {"randSamp1","randSamp2","randSamp3","randSamp4","randSamp5","randSamp6","randSamp7","randSamp8","randSamp9"}; }; };
  16. EMB-134 Super Tucano is one of the next models we'll bring to Arma with our Brazilian Armed Forces project. =D
  17. I didn't know about this new Jets DLC, definitely we'll take a look! Thanks for update me @chortles! =D Yes @qazqwer, of course we could make a CSAT cammo! Thanks @john1
  18. I think you shouldn't use space between the words...