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  1. Hello,i'd like to know how can I add a loading video in the background of the main menu. I saw that a lot of mods have done it. Thank you. Inviato dal mio LG-D855 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Hello, i'm currently picking up a language for writing extensions. I would like to know,if someone built succesfully an extension using .net core ( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/articles/core/) both on linux and windows. I'd like to have some personal experiences or general overviews. Thank you.
  3. _.Dardo._

    How to delete objects after Apex update?

    You should use a combination of nearestobject and hideobjectglobal,or just use 3den enhanced mod in the workshop
  4. Hello guys,i am trying to make two or more air vehicles(Airplanes) fly in a close line,right now the two AIs are simply flying in a large line formation with around 20 meters between them,how can i reduce this distance,to get this result? Thank you.
  5. _.Dardo._

    AI : Closed Line Formation

    Thank you, I tried but no luck. It seems that the only way of doing this is attaching the units among them. Unfortunately this makes the whole thing unnatural and mechanic. That's bad.
  6. _.Dardo._

    MP Optimization

    That would be really appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, I am cleaning up my mission,and I was searching for informations correlated to the bandwith usage of each public variable ,and other things such loops,and how can they interfer with client/server fps. A little overview would be welcomed :)
  8. _.Dardo._

    MP Optimization

    Nothing on mp optimization?
  9. _.Dardo._

    MP Optimization

    Already read it,i would prefer some numbers
  10. _.Dardo._

    Wrong signature for file

    Try to use addon Builder
  11. Hi all,i wanted to know if it was possible to move a dead body into a vehicle,with related death animation(basing on kind of vehicle) Thank you all.
  12. Sorry for the bump By the way,i discovered a pbo , downloaded from a server as a normal mission,that can not be opened. Pbo manager just crashes when i try to open that mission file. How is this even possibile?
  13. Sorry i was talking (me too) about brackets matching,not highlighting.
  14. You may need a loop for this,could you post the whole code?
  15. Why you removed brackets highlighting? Could you please make it optional ? Or at least explain how can i add mainly that module to the plugin
  16. No way. Let's hope they'll reconsider not to remove them. In my opinion that's only a stupid decision.
  17. _.Dardo._

    No Longer Can Open Missions In Eden

    Make sure to put a player on the 2d mission before converting
  18. _.Dardo._

    Mission Failed to Load

    I'm having the same problem with the same logs (Using cup terrains and sarugao map),checked and double checked for duplicated markers names on the mission.sqm with external tools and I still can't get my mission working. What I've tried so far: - Check markers (nothing) - Launch the mission.sqm directly from the editor (And it works!) - Launch the mission.sqm on the server build (Not loading) I don't know what else to do,the mission converting is clearly not working unfortunately. Hope someone will help us.
  19. _.Dardo._

    Seeking Developers for Project

    Addon or framework? Inviato dal mio LG-D855 utilizzando Tapatalk
  20. It was the only way to edit terrains objects in a clear way without using scripting commands.. So bad for me I really hope that the devs will reconsider removing this feature.. Otherwise my mission will be simply f***** up.
  21. _.Dardo._

    BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle - broken

    Well,it means ill stick with your code.So right now there is no technical information/data about arrays?
  22. _.Dardo._

    Triggers and waypoint. Moving an Ifrit help

    Triggers will be fixed in next update