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  1. SchwererKonigstiger

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Good luck! It's a great way to get contributions directly to your codebase, as Dedmen said. Also too late, it was pushed out as I wrote the message. They'll be your guinea pigs, they enjoy testing breaking new stuff.
  2. SchwererKonigstiger

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Hey, wonderful release! I'll be pushing it to my community tonight. Have you checked out Assaultboy's ChemicalWarfare mod? It does handle the ACE3 damage interestingly well, however, since it hasn't been updated in quite a long time, it does not seem to work well on dedicated servers (XEH loop doesn't re-attach after respawn, it spawns hundreds of particle effects invisibly, etc) https://github.com/assaultboy/ChemicalWarfare Also - would you ever consider pushing your work to Git in order to get contributors?
  3. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    New version of WGW Patches released (with changes for sure) # Added following patches - House Dustiness - ICE - Your Name - Japari Park - Sayori Raid "Few to the Chest" - Got it where it Counts - Axis Combat Support - 765 Sisterhood - 765 Maintenance Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwOionbmy4mKRzJ4Uzg0N1R3d0k
  4. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    765 Hibiki 765 Makoto Dragonslayers Paranormal Investigators Way of the Railgun Fixed some more config typos Patch Notes as follows: Added 765 Hibiki 765 Makoto Dragonslayers Paranormal Investigators Way of the Railgun https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwOionbmy4mKdmZfU0NBU1l6U0U
  5. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    I'm sorry if I wasn't clear, there were no changes in the files past v0.3 to date. I ended up re-uploading the exact same file to Google Drive after doing a check through and re-packaging it to make sure that the "Slavu Gear" patch showed up in Arsenal correctly. There should be no diff between v0.3 and what I re-uploaded. Essentially, disregard the fact that there was any update. I apologize for my lack of clarity immensely.
  6. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    I did some double checking, apparently v0.3 does in fact include the slavu patch. Seems I made a typo in the patchnotes somewhere. My apologies!
  7. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    Will re-up tomorrow, thank you for informing me.
  8. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    Slavu Gear Added, download should be available at the same link above. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870456631
  9. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    Glad to hear it. I'll add it to my list. I plan on running monthly updates to keep content up.
  10. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    Placeholder for images.
  11. SchwererKonigstiger

    WGW Patches

    Weapons Grade Waifus - ArmA 3 Patch Project Presented by Schwerer Konigstiger Preface The Weapons Grade Waifus Team has given us permission to bring their awesome patches into ArmA 3! And so, as part of the initial release, I am happy to present 44 unique patches! Transparency has been added to all the patches to preserve the look of your kits as well! Some patches are still [WIP], and need some touch ups and editing. Note that this project is kept seperate from the original DDC Patches & Gear modification. The WGW Store Page is available here, if you want to buy a physical version of any of these beautiful patches. You can also view a preview of all patches there! https://weaponsgradewaifus.com/ Current Release Build: v3 [October 4th, 2017] https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwOionbmy4mKRzJ4Uzg0N1R3d0k Patch notes available below... V0.1 Alpha had an error in its config, this has been fixed as of now. V0.2 Alpha had a $PATH error. FIxed. Thanks for the report! V0.3 Was a re-up due to a missing file V0.4 Added new patches! V3 Cleaned up and added new patches! Back in business! NSFW Content Some patches have NSFW content in them. Be warned. Patches with NSFW content are not explictly labelled as such. Permissions & Privileges This mod is not allowed to be used on any servers that are monetized. This mod is not allowed to be replicated, unpacked, or modified in any way without prior contact of both the Weapons Grade Waifus Team & Schwerer Konigstiger. This mod's source is private. Files used will not be released. Do not reverse engineer this modification in any way. If utilized in a uniform or kit package, please credit the WGW Team. Do not package this mod's PBOs into another mod. Rehosting (via ArmAholic, PlaywithSix and private repositories [Such as Swifty]) is allowed, but uploading to Steam Workshop is prohibited. Life (ArmA Life) and Exile servers are not allowed to utilize this mod in any way, shape, or form. A License file is included with the download, along with these limitations here. Please keep that in mind. Content 1 Star 3 Recon 556 Productions 762 Productions 765 Base Security 765 Blue Bird 765 Idol Rescue 765 White Lily Anti-Poaching Close Encounters Controlled Pair Death Comes Dicks Out Easy Come Easy Go Embrace the Suck Fallout Girl Best Job I've ever Had Gunsmith Cats Gunsmith Cats Emblem Hearts and Minds Hole Stuffing Specialist Operator Homura Operator Kyouko Operator Madoka Operator Mami Operator Sayaka Remi Die Cut Ryuuko's Skull Sayori Die Cut Shrug (2 Variants) [WIP] Tap Rack Bang Tap Rack Bang NSFW Viridian Forest Ranger WGW Christmas Special WGW OG Patch WGW QR Code WGW Remi OG Weapons Free Cinnibar Dive Team 765 Hibiki 765 Makoto Dragonslayers Paranormal Investigators Way of the Railgun NEW! House Dustiness ICE Your Name Japari Park Few to the Chest Got it where it Counts Axis Combat Support 765 Sisterhood 765 Maintenance Company
  12. SchwererKonigstiger

    Konigstiger's Linux Toolkit

    Changed the location of the git. It is now available on my self-hosted GitLab. People are still free to make PRs and anything else here: https://gitlab.ddca3.com/DDC/LinuxServerScripts
  13. SchwererKonigstiger

    Konigstiger's Linux Toolkit

    v0.2A was released a little while back. v0.3A is being prepped and will be released shortly after New Years. Will contain some new stuff I've been working on in the back. I may also be releasing a PowerShell powered Windows package in the future, as my group will possibly be moving to Windows Server 10.
  14. You shouldn't be posting this in a topic that's over 1 year old, in the wrong forum. I'm sure you could get help if you open a new thread in the correct subform, here.
  15. Welcome to my Linux Dedicated Server Toolkit. Brief: This is a collection of bash scripts designed for Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, and 16.04 LTS. It allows server admins to automate many of the menial tasks that they have to do on a regular basis. I've built this up over quite a period of time, and thought that releasing it would be beneficial to the community and newer admins. It may not be amazingly user-friendly, but I hope that it will help anyone that's been looking for something similar. These scripts are used in deployment on my own Linux box, where I host multiple websites and other servers as well. They are relatively stable, and should not cause any issues unless there is a typo on the user's end. Therefore, they will receive continual improvement as I improve my own scripts on my server. New additions to this may not be immediate, but will be added gradually, as my testing environment is also a production environment. I have done my best to make the documentation as straightforward for absolutely new users to Linux. However, basic understanding of server setup steps needs to exist, such as moving files, SSH/RDP/VNC client setup, firewallD, basic file system knowledge. I have done my best to cover some of the other stuff. What's Included: - A how-to guide for setting up your ArmA 3 server - A basic package of scripts for updating your ArmA 3 server - A script to sync missions between a GitHub repo and multiple server instances - A script to rapidly deploy a server that is sym-linked to your original server files (Referred to as an instance) - Example Server Configs & an Example Difficulty setting for your servers - A script set that can start and stop your server smartly. If it is running already, it won't start - A modpack deployment package based upon Head's Swifty Launcher - A tool to automatically fix casing on mod folders. [bETA] - A script to automatically update mods that are hosted on github, by scraping a new release, downloading, unpacking, and then installing. Also supports automatically deploying to the Swifty repo! [bETA] - A Google-Drive based server-wide backup script that utilizes rsync, a low-overhead method of keeping your important files safe. [bETA] Included are also a means to automatically update Swifty, and basic setup instructions. Coming Soon: - 1 click script to restart all your servers - 1 click script to update all your swifty repos at once - More documentation - Some kind of header image so I look cool - More code comments --> Make it easier for users to understand Licensing: These programs are free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. I am not responsible for any issues caused or created by this package. You use it at your own risk, and I am not liable for any perceived or real damage to your operating system, components, or hardware. Gitlab & Download: https://gitlab.ddca3.com/DDC/LinuxServerScripts Patchnotes: v0.2b Hosting changed. This package will now be hosted only on our GitLab. v0.2a Added: - opliteupdate.sh - oplitebuild.sh -repos.sh - update.sh - player.arma3profile - removed testbuild.sh Now it is possible to utilize the update command from swifty, and an interactive bash script will assist users in doing so! As well, updates to documentation and other scripts have been provided.