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  1. Anyone have issues with this script and no longer showing TK messages?
  2. Kopaka89

    Teamkill external feed

    Thanks Terox, I will take a look at logging to an RPT file then parsing that.
  3. Hello, Search did not return any results on this but, does anyone know how to make the Teamkill info available external? Possibly to an RCON system. I can have a script put the teamkill data in things like global but that does not seem to be read by RCON. Thanks!
  4. Thanks @Psychobastard! Edit: Any insight on my first message?
  5. Also, It seems that if you get shot(downed but not killed) in a pilot/driver seat you can still drive/fly. is this supposed to be like that?
  6. I did a quick search and the forums didn't say anything but, has anyone seen where someone is downed and they disconnect the marker does not go away? I would think the marker would go away once they disconnect. Also, is there a way to consume a FAK when the use the heal after the stabilize? Thanks!
  7. Kopaka89

    Konigstiger's Linux Toolkit

    Hello SchwererKonigstiger, I am getting an error when trying to clone the project. I have tried the following... git clone https://gitlab.ddca3.com/DDC/LinuxServerScripts git clone https://anonymous@gitlab.ddca3.com/DDC/LinuxServerScripts I get either Access Denied or a 403 error.