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  1. James_Fritz

    Arma 3 launcher constantly crashing

    Hey BIS_Wizard I believe you are already helping me on the feedback tracker here - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T122095 If so just disregard this forum thread since more progress has been made there. Thanks
  2. So recently my arma 3 launcher has decided to crash constantly without warning. I start up the launcher and crashes anywhere between after 5 seconds of launch and 5 minutes. I also occasionally get a system out of memory exception which is extremely strange since I have 32GB of ram. Here are the steps I have done to try and fix the issue - Deleted the entire game and re-installed (Including the files in my documents and app data) - Verify integrity of game cache - Removed all anti-virus' - Ran steam as an administrator - Added" - Safe" to the launcher parameters - Restarted my pc about a 100 times Here is the arma 3 launcher exception Here are my system specs Any help with this matter would be really helpful. I have tried every last thing I can think of and have been searching for a fix for over 2 weeks. Arma 3 is my favorite game with over 3k hours of play time and it kills me not being able to play. Thanks in advance.
  3. James_Fritz

    Faces of War [WW2]

    You guys looking for any help with graphics or web development? Would to help out on the project. Also have a dedicated server if you would like to use some of the space on it to run a test server.
  4. Saw a previous reply mentioning something about a test version? Is that only available to devs? Also are you guys looking for any help on the project?
  5. This mod is absolutely stunning! Keep up the amazing work!
  6. Looks great! Would love to see more law enforcement based addons from you!
  7. James_Fritz

    Terrorist Organization Black Order

    Huge fan of this mod. I use it for a campaign I have going for my community. Keep up the great work! If you need help with it let me know.
  8. Looks awesome!
  9. James_Fritz

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    These models looks absolutely AMAZING! I really hope they perform as well as they look. Keep up the awesome work and can't wait to try them.
  10. James_Fritz

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Looks promising, keep up the work.
  11. Looks great guys keep up the great work! Can't wait for the latest release as I have intentions of starting a Vietnam Milsim unit.
  12. Looks absolutely stunning. Keep up the good work! If you ever need a community to test it that has military experience let me know. :)
  13. James_Fritz

    Arma 3 : Underground

    Looks great!
  14. James_Fritz

    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    Any update on what you guys are working on? Been really looking forward to what's next.
  15. James_Fritz

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    I have the game and all of the mods installed but for some reason the dlc version is not shown in the bottom right when the game is started. I have tried using both the light version and the one that is converted from the game. I also get this error when starting up my game. Startup error - http://puu.sh/oOBNE/84ea39e2ad.png Error when trying to play a mission - http://puu.sh/oOCl9/accd2503c9.jpg Mods I am using - CBA_A3, ace, TFAR, @IF, @IFA3SA, @IFA3m, @IFA3, @IFA3WarMoD, LIB DLC 1 Edit: I looked in the folder and it says the mod that it says is missing is there. http://puu.sh/oON1v/6c50d01386.png