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  1. eriktrak

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I am pretty sure that we won't fight against the aliens but the different factions going to fight for the resources and knowledge provided by the aliens. However I could imagine an Arma XCOM FPS too. And I understand those who has issues with this alien scenario but you still have the new weapons, terrain etc to play with.
  2. eriktrak


    Actually it's difficult to remember what happened exactly. But I did not leave the game to the lobby for sure. And the server just started when I joined. This town was taken over by the red team from the blue and it's some spawn point for the red forces. As you can see the enemy appears right around me. However I don't know how long I was invincible, easily possible from the beginning of the match. One more thing...I played this map few hours earlier today but I don't remember on which server.
  3. eriktrak


    Today I played on an official Warlords server where after ~90 kills I found out that I am invincible. For a short period I felt like a Delta Force member. 🙂 Is it some bug or somebody hacked the server? Here is the video proof:
  4. Great news! Definitely going to buy when get released. Is there any technical reason to not release a free version of the DLC? Having the same limitations like in the official DLCs?
  5. eriktrak

    Arma 3 - EUTW

    Our friends at EUTW surprised us with new layout rotation! Please check here the details: https://www.eutw.net/new-layout-rotation-december-2018/ Before joining the fight please check my tutorial about EUTW:
  6. eriktrak

    Arma 3 - EUTW

    New layour rotation with updated layouts to avoid spawn killing: https://www.eutw.net/latest-news/2018/6/19/new-layout-rotation
  7. eriktrak

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Any news? When can we get some official info about this?
  8. Check European Tactical Warfare (eutw.net) - it's purely on vanilla Arma and still provides the best non hardcore multiplayer experience.
  9. eriktrak

    Arma 3 - EUTW

    Some updates about EUTW! Q2 status report release with some mixed news: https://www.eutw.net/latest-news/2018/3/30/q2-status-report Now they have 2 servers only. However the number of players per server increased compared to the previous situation. After the Tank DLC is out now a new update reached the EUTW servers too. Check here: http://wiki.eutw.net/index.php/Change_Logs#Version_2.07.05
  10. Real. It's on the dev-branch.
  11. eriktrak

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Free DLC has some form of limitation. Exactly the same way like in the current DLCs released by Bohemia (cannot get inside a vehicle if not paid for). For DLC where it's not easy to achive (@Wiki : Concerning full mods for examples or total conversion this is not possible. Same for SP missions pack or campaign) some other limitation is needed. This has to be decided case by case. For example a Civilian DLC you cannot interact with the civilians. For a new island: cannot open/close doors on the buildings. Its really depending on the developer what to limit.
  12. eriktrak

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    People complain they are forced to download DLCs which they are not interested therefore cannot release the new features on the main-branch because those are automatically get downloaded. In case you want to connect to a server which requires a certain DLC you can decide to download the free version or purchase the paid one. Community is not get divided and everybody is happy.
  13. eriktrak

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Somebody pls explain what's the problem having two version of the same DLC. Paid without restriction and free with restriction. When can we expect some info about the community DLCs? Any approved?
  14. Feature is bugged but its there. Sometime it works for me but its unreliable.
  15. eriktrak

    Arma 3 - EUTW

    Its really nicely done! Worth to check even if not playing on EUTW yet. https://stats.eutw.net/