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Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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im wanting to start an Airborne Unit with somebody, Im in the EU and am looking for a partner to set up this group with.

I have a teamspeak server for 25 players already, if you are interested or can help me in some way then please add me on steam: timmyrules56



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Looking for UK/EU based established group

I have been with Havoc-Company for 4 years playing Arma 2 and then Arma 3. After giving Arma 3 a try I really cannot get into the futuristic scenario and there isn't the quality of mods in Arma 3 yet to meet the present day needs.

I am therefore looking for an Arma 2 group. I am only looking for a group where people are aged 20+, preferably older.

I am looking for an established group in Arma 2 with at least 20 regular players.

Your group must use ACE, ACRE2, ideally some custom islands and offer some form of training, I am not looking for a rigid "yes sir" group. I do want to play well but still would like to keep perspective on reality.

I like making the odd mission and am prepared to follow any templates the group uses.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Agrenas and im looking for a group.

My abilitys, pluses and minuses:

  • Played arma 2 for about 3 years (ACE and ACRE- 2 years).
  • I know english and i can speak it. Tho i may stutter some times or miss pronounce words.
  • i know basic knowladge on: some units operation, ACE and ACRE use.
  • Can download any mods the group uses.
  • Willing to learn something new.
  • My microphone may not be good but it is understandable.
  • Currently i am 16.
  • I am quite shy and silent, dont mistake me for unfriendly guy.
  • I am located in Europe. GMT +2.
  • My PC can handle ArmA with Med-High graphics and view distance of ~1500 in extreme situations. like shitload of AI, vegetation and whatnot.
  • When i have to play serious, i am serious. When its Messing around time, i will join in for the fun too =D
  • Any role given will suit me.
  • Basic knowledge in mission making.

Thats all i can think of myself...Now for the group i am looking for.

  • Prefer a group with players from 1 - 30.
  • Ideal group would have same idealism as ShackTactical, serious but laid back fun.
  • Prefer groups who would use ACE and ACRE, but they wouldnt limit themselves to them. Like playing sessions with invasion 1944 mod, UNSUNG and etc.
  • Would prefer a group without ranking outside the game, like volunteering spots. (not my main concern).
  • Since i am ArmA 2 for life kind of dude, i prefer the group to be arma 2 focused. Not big of A3 fan myself...
  • Cant stand Domination and Warfare missions. Sorry :(
  • Prefer a group that would be located somewhere around Europe.
  • English speaking community.

That'd be it. Maybe im asking too much but the community, which i described, is like a dream that i am chasing. Anyway, looking forward to a reply!


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Hay guys, I'm looking for a new unit I'm more or less a arma ace/acre vet about 3 years

I'm currently looking for a change a pace. I'm looking for a unit that has an opening for a crew member in there armor dev.

Iv been in 2 units that were great and both of them lasted about a 1 1/2 years with (75 ranger reg and 1yorks)

before leaving the 1yorks i was 1 of 3 squad leads that had 2-3 Fireteams each, but ending up not having time to play because of my masters deg. then came back to the 75RR and ending up in charge of the Ace Artillery

  • I know how to use ace/acre mando missiles and much more.
  • I know how lead and follow
  • Got 3 years of millsim arma
  • Age 24
  • UTC-05:00 (eastern time) Canada
  • Good understanding of Arma units in general

Send me a pm if your interested or want to talk to me in depth.


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OFP, ARMA 2 and NOW the move to Arma 3

My timezone; UTC -5 Eastern standard

Time I'm free; 6pm-1am Everyday of the week

What AM I looking for;

1. Good solid leadership, with none of that Macho "I'm better than you" attitudes

2. US based, but I'm willing to make the exception... Again Can't conflict with my times

3. Milsim is great, but theres a line between realism and real life. Yelling at kids is NOT OK w/ME.

I've always been a pilot, and wouldn't mind the ground position once in awhile, however, NOT LONG TERM.

Please reply with a pm, I would also request some sort of meeting set on any VOIP program I.E Teamspeak.


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Been playing for 2.5 years in the Arma series. Looking for a Marine Corps realism unit which is very realistic.

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I'm a 27 year old norseman. I've been apart of the ARMA communtiy for about 6-7 years. I'm the sort of person how can enjoy sitting in an OP without sending anything down range. I'm looking for the type of community that want to take that extra step. Not interested in a conventional infantry based community. But a REALISM SMU which actually conducts AFO. A community which might have an actual JPEL, with an connecting storyline and freaking rolleplayers. And conducts its operations propper OPORDs, with realistic SMU TTPs and to the extent of 9-line MEDEVACs. But still have fun when doing so

If you're familiar with or connected to such a community. And that running on an European time zone. I'd be extatic to get a PM from you!

Everything worth doing, is worth overdoing


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History in ArmA: I've played about 600+ hours of Arma, most of which was in DayZ. I really enjoy the realism of Arma, and will continue to play Arma addictively. I also watch Arma videos pretty much everyday.

Name: Dangerous Granny (Grant)

Age: 16

Timezone: GMT -7 (Mountain Standard Time)

What I'm looking for: I'm looking to join a pretty realistic squad. I want to complete missions like what the actual military would do, using commands, a chain of command etc. I don't want it to be too serious, however, at a certain point that gets boring.

Thanks Guys!

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Hey guys,

25 years old, ex-IDF Navy. Roughly 2 months of every-day ARMA3 team-playing but have been dabbling in OFP and DayZ since they were release.

I'm already a member of a great ARMA3 clan but after seeing the awesome content from Dslyecxi, I want to try ARMA2 with mods.

Looking for a big clan that has weekly platoon-sized games/practices. COOP is OK, PVP is even better. Also preferably with focus on realism and 1st-person only.

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I got into arma because of Dayz, but now i'm looking for more tactical, organized group fun. Either this be combined operation missions, squad play in wasteland, huge 100+ battles, etc. Age:16 Voice: TS3, Mumble, Skype. Activity: Everday

Hope I get a response!

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I'm looking for a milsim platoon or division to join in, which is hopefully based around GMT+1/2 zone. Europe, of course. My interest lies mostly in Coop gameplay as I find PvP a bit clumsy in ArmA 2 due to it's game mechanics.

A little about myself:

Experienced ArmA 2 veteran with a one year straight of active service in a single division. I've fulfilled various roles over that period of time:




Fireteam leader.

However, I'm more interested in a Marksman/Sniper yet quite open for the other available roles.

I also have quite decent experience in mission making.

What I'm looking for?

A friendly community with either soft or hardcore military simulation that stands for either US forces or British. Not a huge fan of Russian/Nato forces.

Send me a PM to figure out things!

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Name: Murphy

Nationality: Irish (the clue is in the name)

Timezone: EST Preferred. Geographically GMT.

Preferred Unit style: I'm interested in US forces, particularly Army, including fictional units using US equipment. I also have great interest in Special Operations Forces, however only as a supporting arm for conventional forces. I'm not interested in, for example joining a unit and becoming a SEAL by default. But I would be greatly interested in qualifying for a Recon or Special Operations role already in place, or perhaps founding that arm within a pre existing unit.

Another important note is that I'm not interested in units with a training regimen I consider excessive, excessive in my opinion being anything more than two 2 hour mandatory sessions with any future training being optional. Also, under no circumstances will I even consider joining a unit that requires I refer to anyone by a rank or title.

I prefer units that assign fixed teams and roles to members.

Not only do I not mind large mod lists, I prefer them, I'm fully able to install mods without any outside help.

In terms of Operations I prefer story based "Campaigns" lasting for some time with a story behind them, to random single missions. I'm pretty pedantic about attention to detail, so I like correct equipment. Use of LEA loadout editor in mission creation is a must.

Previous Unit Experience: I've been in a few different units, and I feel like I never really "clicked" with any of them. I'm also tried to start, or help start, units in the past, which has taught me important skills, both in technical terms, such as running an Arma 2 server and mission creation, and in terms of leading a group of individuals both on and off the virtual battlefield.

Roles: I only play Infantry roles with a particular love of Airborne or Helicopter insertions and night missions, the following is a list, sorted into the following sections.

Confident as:




EOD and Demolitions

Designated Marksman


Capable, but not preferred

Fireteam Leader




Willing to learn:



Contact at http://steamcommunity.com/id/War_lord_Murphy or alternatively by PM at the Bohemia Interactive Forums.

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Looking for an ACE-related unit to hop into. I don't mind any role but would like to adjust into the standard "Rifleman" position. I also do not care on what affiliation I will be in (BLUFOR US Army, USMC, BAF, etc -OR- OPFOR's Takistani Army, Russian Armed Forces, etc -OR- IND UNO, PMC, etc) as long they are not a militia or a guerilla unit. However, I do prefer US Army or the Russian Armed Forces.

Besides that, I am looking for a friendly military sim. community. Nothing *too* serious or extreme.

I have been in the ArmA community for 2 years. It's only been a year since I found out about ACE.

My timezone is -8 (Pacific UTC) so I live in the West Coast of the US. I am 18 and I have a mic, so I go well with Skype, Teamspeak, etc.

Hope to get a response! Thanks!

--------Edit: 8/14/14 ; Joined a unit prior to this date.---------

Edited by Rickjoy12
I have joined a unit just recently. Letting out a notification.

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29y/o gringo living in Latin America

Ive been playing FPS's for a number of years. Im a great pilot as im a pilot IRL as well as huge fan of flight sims.

Decided to jump into ARMA after seeing awesome youtube videos and team based stuff. Saw ARMA 2 on sale on Steam and dove right in. Got Play withSIX...downloaded a crap ton of mods. I think im ready to go. It just seems like finding a server to play on is down right impossible (unless your into DayZ and all that)

Im looking for a place i can learn and have fun.

I guess PM with details...

GMT -5 Time zone


Mic so... TS, Skype, mumble

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I am a Decent experienced ArmA2 player. I am looking for a realism ACE/ACRE group who play over the weekdays. I like coop as well as PVP missions but prefer coop. I can make most European times and am regular. I am also good at following orders and working in a team. Let me know if any groups are interested.

my steam id is grvrai

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Hello. I´m from Finland and I´m looking for a friendly squad where still games are played. I don´t like ACE or DayZ. I would like to play original Arma, FDFmod or CWR2. I´be being around since OFP´2001 but last years have been silent for me. Now I´m back. I´m a good RPG shoter and AI leader! Contact me via Private messages. I also can host 4-6 player games on my own machine. Communication via Skype and TS3 will do! See yoa on a battle field.

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I am looking for an active ACE/ACRE unit or clan I am currently in a unit that just switched from I44 ARMA 2 to ARMA 3 and noit sure I can stay with them as my FPS has been pretty bad in ARMA 3 but I would like to stay with them at least to see if I can play with them and I have been with them for about 8 months now so if there is a unit or clan out there that won't mind that then great. Now a little about myself I have been playing since the OFP days so have plenty of experience in this type of game I am loyal person as I said I have been in this other unit for about 8 months my current rank is Pfc but before this unit I was in a unit for 2 years where the highest rank i got was Major but that was only for like a week and then for a couple of months i took command of the unit while the leader was away at college . so as you can see from that I am very loyal and have some leadership experience. I live in the U.S. in the Eastern time zone. now as for my schedule changes every week as I have a job that schedules my days an hours every week so if you have weekly training's then I may be able to attend one week and then can't the next because I have to work. if there are any active groups out there please send me a pm. thanks for your time

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Hey there everyone, my clan, United Operations, recently disbanded it's ArmA II servers and I'm looking to join a new group.

What I'm looking for:

-A clan that will be playing ArmA II for the foreseeable future.

-Plays late-Cold War to Gulf War stuff (think Delta Hawk's USM mod, Lost Brother's Gulf War, or Cold War Rearmed). It doesn't have to be the focus of the group, but I like to play that sort of stuff every once in a while.

-I'm fine playing as milsim/realism or non-serious stuff. I can do either.

Personal info

Age: 21

Time I've been playing the Arma series: On and off for the last 3 years

Location: Northern California, USA

Language: English

Experience: I have been a member of United Operations and Freedom Force Alpha Alpha Alpha for the past six months and year respectively. I'm a totally FNG when it comes to milsims, but I've wanted to get into it for a while. I'm wiling to learn if one of you is willing to teach me.

Development Skills: I don't know to make missions, but I would love to learn.

Availability: Mondays, Fridays, and Weekends mainly (it changes a bit every few months because of school).

Why I play Arma: It's got a great community of mature players and great user made content. Both of which are vanishing in the regular FPS world (Full disclosure: Yes, I was a CoD fanboy for many years before getting fed up with it finally and left).

If I interest you, please feel free to send me a message.

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New to ARMA, looking for a MILSIM group. I'm a good team player and dont mind being directed. I an excited to learn all the ropes as well. I will dl whatever I need and am familiar with military tactics from fireteam to platoon level. I have all the ARMA II games and expansions. After a bit of play I'd say I'm decent with my long range marksmanship.

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Hey guys, im an old school Arma 2 player Looking for a nice and chill bunch of guys who are still actively playing Arma 2 and doing operations, im only interested in having a good time and relaxing, i dont want a stressful group of people with all that Yes sir , No Sir stuff that take the game to seriously ( not having a go at u guys, i understand why u do it, its just not me )

I Just want a good bunch of mates to do ops with and have a good time

Age: 28

teamspeak: Yes

Role: Rifleman

Chuck me a pm if your interested or have a group i can join

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Hey all, my names Rich, I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to arma II, but I did used to enjoy the operation flashpoint games.

I'm looking for a squad, or clan who will accept my noobish ways, so I can enjoy a good online fight, but not crazy like Battlefield 3/4. I've tried playing solo online and to be honest it was a waste of time. No communication, team killing. It was horrible. But I've read that a good clan brings the game to life!

So here I am. I have zero experience in online arma ii, so I have no idea of a role I could fill. But I do enjoy (from other games) doing overwatch, sniping, and sneaky tactics, primarily. I don't own a joystick anymore, but I do have an Xbox 360 controller, and in my many years of sim gaming, I've picked up flight of both jet and chopper very well. So I could do piloting too, with somewhere to practice, and get used to the game mechanics.

I'm looking for a good organised team to have fun with, but nothing too serious or full on 'yes, sir' stuff cos that's not me.

I have a headset and mic.

I play mostly Mondays and Fridays between 0900-1600, GMT, and sometimes a bit Wednesday morning too.

I'm 32, and I live in England.

So PM me if anyone's interested!

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I'm intrested in joining a ARMA 2 milsim unit I have plenty of experience in realism units was in a unit for 2 years for I44 where I made it to the rank of Major so if there are still some active arma 2 unit's out there please pm me. Now as far as my schedule is concerned my schedule will change every week because of my job which does weekly rotating schedule which means I work different times and days every week so if you hold a training every week I can't guarantee I can make them every week I get my schedule every Friday or Saturday depending on when i'm working I usually work 3 or 4 days a week so I should be able to dedicate enough time to a unit. So if there is any unit out there that's ok with my schedule situation then great and send me a pm. I look forward to hearing from any unit.



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Hey everyone.

I am looking for anyone or any group of people who are into ArmA coop. So far, I've been playing with a friend of mine on regular basis but COOP in two people is not much of fun. We play assortment of modifications and prefer realistic missions. If you feel like playing with us, be sure to drop me a message.

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G.I.DAVE, Reporting for Duty.


Arma history- Started playing when it was Operation Flashpoint, Then Resistance. Played ARMA heavily, and moved on to ARMA 2 and then CO. I have been with this franchise since its inception. I have not jumped on to AMRA 3 yet for a couple reasons. I want to stay with ARMA 2 for now.


Clan/Force history- Played heavily with the old 1stID back around 2007-2009(?). Worked my way up from PFC to warrant Officer to command the air detachment for all training and ops. Had about 15 members under me, and I kept it strong, real, and fun. Ground guys knew they could count on pinpoint, reliabel air assets, in either the CAS or transport role when The Air wing was my baby.

 When Air assets were not needed in ops, I would lead a Spec ops team if needed. I can lead fireteams, or take on roles such as MG, SAW, or Medic. Willing to work my way up from the bottom, as I understand chain of command, and time of service with members.

 My strengths are aircraft, rotary and fixed wing. On the ground, I love and excel at stealth operations. I also love to be a bang bang with a group, so of course I would love to fly, but I have no problem humping a rifle covering corners. Strong leadership skills, built through respect of my team and command.


When the 1id disbanded, it was a good time for me to take a break. I had 2 kids, that are now in school full time. I had been part of a gaming group where we played every sunday night, so Sunday nights are a given free for me (eastern time) and I understand there will be training and practice days during the week which I can commit to.


I also have strong map editing skills, as I was part of the team that built the Ops for the 1ID. We used to host massive coop Ops, with joint efforts from other clans. My handle in the 1ID was G.I.DAVE if anyone here remembers.


Teamwork. fun. reliability. Honor of the task force. I take my ARMA seriously, but still want to have fun with like minded players.


Currently using Playwith6 as my mod launcher, familiar with ACE and i44.


Hope to find a large unit to join, and be an asset for a team.


Thanks for your consideration



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