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    User Mission Request Thread

    Hey all, I have no idea if this is the right place, because its not so much a request, (unless it doesn't exist!), but as a point in the right direction... before I start though, I've googled as much as I could, and I asked on armaholic, and they just deleted my post... nice of them! Anyway, does anyone remember the dynamic campaign from the Enemy Engaged series? well if you do, you know what i'm gonna ask! If not, I shall explain... sort of. I'm looking for either a SP campaign, and/or Co-op MP mission/map, similar to EE's campaign, obvious, not just helicopters, but a full scale invasion (or defence!), where you need to finish your given objectives, to advance and capture places, as well as side missions based on mission failures, recon, CAP, CAS, ect ect. I've played Invade and Annex online, and that's a lot of fun, but you're not really achieving anything, and you can only fail side missions, and after a while you end up going back to the same towns and places, over and over. Nothing wrong with that, its a brilliant game, but I was looking for a bit more. Story isn't required at all... Blue vs Red is all you need really! It would be good to get dynamic objectives, like if a friendly chopper goes down, the game creates and SAR mission in the area. If large groups of heavy armour are spotted, it will create CAS missions. CAP if enemy air is reported incoming. If you fail at CAP or CAS, and that force is heading to your base, you could lose it. and have to fall back. Convoys, suppression of AA, destroy artillery... ect ect. all dynamically created. Because of how arma works, i'm guessing you could only have maybe 2 main, and 2 side objectives active at one time, mostly to keep the AI count down, and partly to stop everyone spreading out. Defence missions would be based on if you take out enough of the enemy, if you don't, and they occupy your zone, then you lose it. but then you'd get given a mission to take it back. so on and so forth.... As you advance, (or fall back), you gain, or lose spawn points, and vehicles, ect. and the game should advance in a frontline sort of way, so you cant skip ahead and take a spot deep in enemy territory or anything. anyway, I've rambled enough. does anything like that exist? if not... can it be done, and be playable? thanks in advance... unless you ruthlessly delete my post! lol Also, I know about soaks dynamic whole mission map, and I've played it in arma 2, but I found it slightly aimless, and stupidly hard... lol fly a chopper, shot down...drive a tank, blown up... walk, shot... that and the AI being so useless that my wing of apaches just buzzed around crashing into each other while I tried to take out all the AA by myself (and fail). and/or I usually ended up running out of ammo by the time I got to an objective. lol
  2. Hey all, my names Rich, I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to arma II, but I did used to enjoy the operation flashpoint games. I'm looking for a squad, or clan who will accept my noobish ways, so I can enjoy a good online fight, but not crazy like Battlefield 3/4. I've tried playing solo online and to be honest it was a waste of time. No communication, team killing. It was horrible. But I've read that a good clan brings the game to life! So here I am. I have zero experience in online arma ii, so I have no idea of a role I could fill. But I do enjoy (from other games) doing overwatch, sniping, and sneaky tactics, primarily. I don't own a joystick anymore, but I do have an Xbox 360 controller, and in my many years of sim gaming, I've picked up flight of both jet and chopper very well. So I could do piloting too, with somewhere to practice, and get used to the game mechanics. I'm looking for a good organised team to have fun with, but nothing too serious or full on 'yes, sir' stuff cos that's not me. I have a headset and mic. I play mostly Mondays and Fridays between 0900-1600, GMT, and sometimes a bit Wednesday morning too. I'm 32, and I live in England. So PM me if anyone's interested!