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  1. Im looking for a UK based group. That uses a radio mod, a3mp, and maybe some present day equipment. I have played arma 2 since release, I am looking for a mature, well established group that had at least 20 very regular players. I have been with havoc company for 4 years but their gameplay has deteriorated so much I now fell I need to find a new group.
  2. Looking for UK/EU based established group I have been with Havoc-Company for 4 years playing Arma 2 and then Arma 3. After giving Arma 3 a try I really cannot get into the futuristic scenario and there isn't the quality of mods in Arma 3 yet to meet the present day needs. I am therefore looking for an Arma 2 group. I am only looking for a group where people are aged 20+, preferably older. I am looking for an established group in Arma 2 with at least 20 regular players. Your group must use ACE, ACRE2, ideally some custom islands and offer some form of training, I am not looking for a rigid "yes sir" group. I do want to play well but still would like to keep perspective on reality. I like making the odd mission and am prepared to follow any templates the group uses.
  3. craptakular

    FHQ TaskTracker

    OK i will take a look, thank you very much
  4. craptakular

    FHQ TaskTracker

    How would one end a mission when task_1, task_2 & task_3 are completed?
  5. Hello good people of BIS, How can I do a local trigger to a player when they exit a crate? I want to do the same hint message only triggered for each player as they exit a crate. So say there are 4 of us playing a mission in MP, I pick a gun from a crate then press "I" to exit, I am the only one to have the trigger activated on me. My 3 other mates will see no hint message from the trigger until they leave a crate themselves. Is this possible?
  6. In not sure tbh. I probably have matched it too view distance. I will have to check.
  7. Hi, I have been playing Arma series for a few years now, it is almost the only game I play nowadays. I play for a group and only play on our locked dedibox so server fps is usually 30-50fps. I currently have the following setup: 2500k @ 4.5Ghz 8Gb 1600Mhz ram GTX680 2GB SSD 1080p monitor Now I usually have my view distance set to 3000 - 4000 and get between 30-60fps depending on urban/rural setting and the intensity of the AI firefights. Is view distance dependant on CPU grunt or GPU? I ask as I am thinking of getting a GTX780TI, but if it won't improve view distance then it is a pointless upgrade as my 2500k is awesome value and doesn't warrant replacing for Haswell for 5% performance and around £400-£500 cost to replace CPU, RAM, MB and cooler. Any help?
  8. craptakular

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Thanks it worked.
  9. craptakular

    FHQ TaskTracker

    What do I have to do to get tasks and briefings for guerilla/independant side. It has a script error if I use "guer" as my side in the array, it does work. Should I just ignore this? I am on Arma 3
  10. Could you post an example? I am new to this :p
  11. Briefing.sqf: //Task1 task_1 = player createSimpleTask ["Destroy Radar Position"]; task_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Destroy Radar Position","Destroy Radar Position","Objective 1"]; task_1 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "task_1"); task_1 setTaskState "Assigned"; player setCurrentTask task_1; //Task2 task_2 = player createSimpleTask ["Destroy Training Camp"]; task_2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Destroy Training Camp","Destroy Training Camp","Objective 2"]; task_2 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "task_2"); Trigger when Task 1 Completed: ON ACTIVATION task_1 setTaskState "Succeeded"; ["TaskSucceeded",["Task1 Completed"]] call bis_fnc_showNotification; task_2 setTaskState "Assigned"; ["TaskAssigned",["Now do Task 2"]] call bis_fnc_showNotification; The above code works perfectly for everyone who is connected to the server but as soon as new people connect to the server they cannot see that Objective 1 is complete as it it still stuck on Assigned, but for the people who have been connected 100% of the time it correctly is marked as "completed". How can I fix this? I don't want to use the modules and marker thing in the editor as it is a very cumbersome system and is hard to read when you have AI down, waypoints and triggers all over the map. I did find a suggestion from an ARMA developer, he suggested using BIS_fnc_MP but I cannot work out how to incorporate my trigger code into the function, can someone help me? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_MP
  12. craptakular

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Does A3MP 1.4 require cba beta5?
  13. The only line I have related to tickets is the line you mentioned in the init.sqf, I think the function is broken. I'm going to change it to 3 tickets for west and see what happens.
  14. Thanks for posting, I have tried that line and it makes no difference, we have way more than 3 lives, it only seems to work if a single person is on the server. I wonder if it is another function that BIS has introduced that is totally broken?