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  1. Hey guys, im an old school Arma 2 player Looking for a nice and chill bunch of guys who are still actively playing Arma 2 and doing operations, im only interested in having a good time and relaxing, i dont want a stressful group of people with all that Yes sir , No Sir stuff that take the game to seriously ( not having a go at u guys, i understand why u do it, its just not me ) I Just want a good bunch of mates to do ops with and have a good time Age: 28 teamspeak: Yes Role: Rifleman Chuck me a pm if your interested or have a group i can join
  2. nankura

    AUG Weapon pack

    it would be perfect if i could use this via the Loadout Editor aka LEA
  3. Hey guys I wasnt sure were to ask this, ive tried armaholic but every thread i make gets closed with "search for it", i have searched, ive been searching for ages and maybe im missing it, but every SP mission ive downloaded and tried puts you in the leader spot of an AI unit doing objectives and sometimes i dont want to have to control and order around a squad, sometimes i just want to play And im frankly not yet skilled enough to loadup a domination map or insurgency and take it by myself. So im wondering, if there is any SP Missions out there or campaigns, preferably that use ACE 2, that dont require you to be a leader. were i can follow an AI squad, or fight with the AI army in taking a town or completing objectives.