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HALO, how to add it ?

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in HALO_getout.sqs there is :

;// wait that the player drive the normal parachute

@ (typeOf (vehicle _HALOunit)) in ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteEast","ParachuteG","ParachuteC","Parachute","BIS_Steerable_Parachute"]

if i put ;// wait that the player drive the normal parachute

@ hintsilent format [localize "STR_HALO_ALTITUDE_SPEED", getDir _HALOunit, direction _HALOunit];(typeOf (vehicle _HALOunit)) in ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteEast","ParachuteG","ParachuteC","Parachute","BIS_Steerable_Parachute"]

I see that when i get in the MH60S which have a direction like 360, I print on the screen 86.......

I don't understand !!!

the line

[player] exec "HALO_Scripts\HALO_getout.sqs";

is in the respawn of the player

So the hintsilent format [localize "STR_HALO_ALTITUDE_SPEED", getDir _HALOunit, direction _HALOunit]; show me the direction of the player and when i get in the helo the update of the value is stoped at 86.024 .....

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How can i do this

@ (

(good_dir = direction (vehicle _HALOunit))


((typeOf (vehicle _HALOunit)) in ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteEast","ParachuteG","ParachuteC","Parachute","BIS_Steerable_Parachute"])



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OK that is the solution for the HALO_getout.sqs file :

_HALOunit = _this select 0

;// wait that the player drive the normal parachute


good_dir = direction (vehicle _HALOunit)


? ((typeOf (vehicle _HALOunit)) in ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteEast","ParachuteG","ParachuteC","Parachute"]) : goto "Suite"

goto "LOOP";


;// Delete the default parachute

_defaultparachute = vehicle _HALOunit

deleteVehicle _defaultparachute

;_HALOunit switchmove ""

;// Smooth transition

titleText ["", "BLACK FADED", 100];


titleText ["", "BLACK IN", 2];

;// Do the effects

? (_HALOunit == player) : playsound "BIS_HALO_Flapping"

[_HALOunit,good_dir] exec "HALO_Scripts\HALO.sqs"


And for HALO.sqs

_HALOunit = _this select 0

BIS_HALO_unit_dir = _this select 1

BIS_HALO_unit_speed = 50

BIS_HALO_turnR = 0

_HALOunit_pitch = -90

_i1 = 50

_i2 = 0

playsound "BIS_HALO_Flapping"

_HALOunit switchMove "HaloFreeFall_non"

keyspressed = compile preprocessFile "HALO_Scripts\f\keyspressed.sqf"

(findDisplay 46) displaySetEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this call keyspressed"]

_open_chute_action = _HALOunit addAction [localize "STR_HALO_OPEN_CHUTE", "HALO_Scripts\HALO_Parachute.sqs"]

_HALOunit switchMove "HaloFreeFall_non"



_i1 = _i1 + 1

_i2 = _i2 + 1

_HALOunit setdir BIS_HALO_unit_dir

_vel = velocity _HALOunit

_dir = direction _HALOunit

_HALOunit setVelocity [(sin _dir*BIS_HALO_unit_speed),(cos _dir*BIS_HALO_unit_speed),(_vel select 2)]

;// Anims system

? (BIS_HALO_unit_speed > 50) && (_i2 > 80) : _HALOunit playMove "HaloFreeFall_F"; _i2 = 0

? (BIS_HALO_unit_speed < 50) && (_i2 > 250) : _HALOunit playMove "HaloFreeFall_non"; _i2 = 0

? (BIS_HALO_unit_speed > 80) : BIS_HALO_unit_speed = 80

? (BIS_HALO_unit_speed < 1) : BIS_HALO_unit_speed = 0

? (_i1 > 50) : playsound "BIS_HALO_Flapping"; _i1 = 0

hintsilent format [localize "STR_HALO_ALTITUDE_SPEED", (round (getpos _HALOunit select 2)), 999]


? (position _HALOunit select 2 < 2) : _HALOunit playmove ""; _HALOunit switchmove ""; _HALOunit setvelocity [0,0,0]; _HALOunit setdammage 1; exit

? (alive _HALOunit) && (vehicle _HALOunit == _HALOunit) && (position player select 2 >= 2) : goto "loop"

? (vehicle _HALOunit != _HALOunit) : exit


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How would I have units perform the jump only after the aircraft enters a trigger? That is, unknown, respawned, multi-player units. I do have the aircraft varName if it helps.

'Player' affects all units (players already on the ground suddenly fall to their death), but everything I've tried to make it only the units in the triggerlist or aircraft returns "error undefined variable in expression: _halounit", or 'typed array, expected [anything else]', or breaks in some way or other...

Ed: Nevermind - I was able to get it through yet another dirty script. I suppose it doesn't really matter how it comes about in the end...

_unit = assignedCargo c130;

{[_x,1000] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs";}
foreach _unit;

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Actually, this would only work when I respawned as host. It just drops me out without a parachute on a dedi server. Anyone know what the problem is?

ARGH! It was an error in the BIS script! So much wasted time thinking it was something I'd done.

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Hey all hate to go back to square 1 but I have a few problems... I can't get the code to work. This is what I've done:

I copy and pasted this code into the initialization for the unit:

[this] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_getout.sqs

After this didn't work then I stuck the unit in a plane and made that plane go across a waypoint with the following act script: (unit is called guy)

guy setpos [getpos guy select 0, getpos guy select 
1,(getpos guy select 2) +1000]; guy flyinheight 1000; guy 
setvelocity [0,0,0]; [guy] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts
\Halo_init.sqs "

This didn't work becuase the game couldn't find the script (and I have no idea how to install scripts with the STEAM version of the game :confused:)

Lastly, I changed the trigger act script to this:

daplane lock false;
daguy action [ "eject", daplane];
daguy setvelocity [0,0,0];
[daguy] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_getout.sqs";

Like the first try this just didn't work at all.

This way of coding is really new to me (I'm a java guy). If someone could help me out with this I'd really appreciate it. All I want to do is to get myself and a squad of AI to HALO jump out of a plane...

Also, I know this is a really old post. So if no one posts back after a few days I'll create a new topic. (although I know that the mods here go insane when that happens :p)

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but where can i get that lol

C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\AddOns

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Thank you I shall credit you on my forum for your assistance with this.

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Bumping the old thread...

I'm currently using a simple script to start the squad in the air, already in progress of a HALO jump. I've read that most of us still have the camera flicker problem. Has this been corrected yet? If so, is it something I can add to this script?

this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1,(getpos this select 2) 
+2000]; this flyinheight 2000; this setvelocity [0,0,0]; [this] exec 
"ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs ";

Appreciate any replies.

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One of our members tested this out with me last night and his barely had the flicker after opening the chute where mine is unplayable at times. He suggested that it may be a problem wholly unrelated to the game but rather with our aspect ratios or something along those lines.

We tested it a little more and what made mine playable is as soon as I see us falling, go into 3rd person. The flicker still existed, but it stayed put long enough at key times to see where I was going. It almost makes me think of the smoke and how it affects third person mode. In smoke, we all "lose" our third person view because the smoke acts as a solid object to the 3rd person camera and pushes it up on you. So, I tried jumping out again, immediately going third person, then pressing the "-" key to pan even further back. It "seemed" to make it even better at first, but later tests showed little to no improvement.

I'm kind of stumped at the moment. If I have this problem, then others in my group are going to have this problem to a greater or lesser degree, which means that HALO drops are out for modes of insertion.

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A simple mission for squads to train HALO drops:


1. C/o can pick two targets: FOB Brown (ATVs present) or Shipyard (no vehicles)

2. Team takes off from Boryana Airfield (2x C130 or blackhawks)

3. C/O can walk to a nearby UH60 to turn on "night conditions".

4. No enemies.

Required addons: Panthera 2.6 or higher, ACE2.

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Hello everybody,

Sorry if it has been asked and answered many times, but I have a problem i can't resolve by myself concerning Halo :

- I want to make it for a single player mission, where AIs are jumping HALO. But i have many flashes of blackscreen each time a paratrooper is jumping. Is there a way to avoid this big inconvenience?

I looked after a solution in this thread, but i didn't find any answer about this particular case (or I didn't understand it, maybe). Could someone help? :)

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Hey whats up guys. I have a quick question Ive read forum after forum with no success and googled hundreds of things but no answer. Can H.A.L.O. or even standard free fall without an aircraft be Performed in the Arma 2 OA Demo?

A group of friends and I all downloaded the Demo and Ive been making Missions for us to toy with till we all get the game. I have been punching myself in the face with a stapler trying to figure this out. none of the HALO ways Ive looked up work as the HALO path of folders doesn't exist . Ive DLed some SQS ans SQF files but I just cant get it to work.

I just want a simple circle of friends to fall and open their chute when they please

even if its not steerable or I don't do belly toward the earth. Or the chute auto opens at certain altitude after a short free fall. I will also try set position but I dont think I get a parachute :D lol maybe I can add one who knows.

Any help would be appreciated thanks guys.

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Your problem way actually be because you have the demo. Like you said, the HALO folder doesn't exist.

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i went with the standard eject.sqf no problems with that at all Now I'm trying to figure out the BUg Im having with Our Loadouts in the mission I scripted all the players to have satchels 4 a piece but went into the multiplayer and WE got tot he target to discover noone had any charges What gives STUPID DEMO! LOL

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I'm trying to add the HALO ability to aircraft on a DEDICATED server, via an AddAction and script. I've used

[player,1500] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs";

and that works on a NON-DEDICATED server, but gets weird on a dedicated one. So I tried this:

[this,1500] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs";

And that just doesn't work. By the way, I was calling those lines from an action on the helo that called a script with them.

What's a simple way to deal with the locality issues of a dedicated server for this simple action? This must be easier than it seems at the moment!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Well, in almost two weeks, no one replied here. But I found the answer at Kylania's site: http://www.kylania.com/ex/?p=94#comment-279

Edited by Lucky44
found answer

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Hey guys,

I was playing with a mixture of NightTrian & Matt Rochelle's scripts to make a hybrid group HALO script that uses steerable parachutes.

I have ended up with this:

;-------By Matt Rochelle----------
?!(isServer) : exit
; usage
; [nameofgroup,nameofplane] exec "nameofscript.sqs"
_grp = _this select 0
_veh = _this select 1
_par = units _grp
_i = 0
_j = count _par
~(random 3)
unassignvehicle (_par select _i)
[_par select _i] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs"
?_j>_i:goto "loo"

Matt's original script (which is awesome) uses

(_par select _i) action ["EJECT",_veh]

insead of my exec halo_init.sqs line.

Now there are several problems with this which I have nooo idea how to fix.I am hoping someone might shed light on this?

1. Stagger disembarking. At the moment everyone jumps out at the exact same time. I am not sure how i create a staggered disembarkment. I thought just using the ~ to wait between checking would work but i see to have made certain aspects of the script redundant by changing that line. I am not much of a scripter at all (but i know basics so I knew how to change one line with another, etc)

2. Spreading out. Is there yn way to stop them from spreading out?

3. The pilot jumps out too. God knows why. He didn't before I changed the script! I could probably fix this a bit messily by giving the pilot a name and havng a trigger check whether he's in the vehicle or not and if he's not then re-assign him as the pilot, but i'd rather not have him jump out and back in again.

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I have noticed in a MP game with a HALO jump that a player will see the other players "jittering up and down" as they fall, anyone have a solution for this?

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