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  1. Guys hello again Im back with a new Machine to run A3 and ofc make new missions and now I find myself right back where I left off in Arma 2 struggling again with the stupid helicopter insert extract. I just want one to work in multiplayer not a dedicated just on my own lan or internet server. For the love of god I had so many failed attempts in Arma2 where I would make missions and use scripts and the heli would show up to just hover or fly away... Now I am faced with the same dilemma in Arma3 so here is the situation after hours of youtube video watching of videos that clearly are out of date since some update NONE of them are working. So I went to Armaholic checked their forums out no option to download their example and again 2014... Its 2018 now alot has been updated in those 4 years. So I used the search function and found another really great script with a beautiful option of pop smoke or IR strobe for Pickup. Downloaded... It was greyed out, imported , BROKE. loads intro but no option to use the Radio Alpha... No option to 0-0-1 since it just swaps weapon tilda key brings up menu with support greyed out and Supports in white but empty when chosen.... Found this thread in the search... Now here I am I flipped through the forum pages to this number 30 since the past pages were from older problems, hoping to see an updated script to grab of demo mission I end here. Can one of you help me out with an up to date as 2018 working script for heli insert/extract? I went to you Zenophons library and saw that the post was from 2014 So im just asking for some help that we all know is working. I tried also the built in support modules that should work yet don't. I know you can use Zues but I dont like the idea of using Zues for that I like the old way of building missions so that you can stay immersed and have the heli show up and boom mission ends. Yet nothing is working. So can anyone help me out here? Thanks. I am aiming to do an up to date How to video on Insert/Extract if at all possible because the ones on youtube are all out of date and do not work in MP.
  2. eaglezero6205

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to apologize I never got the mission out to you all for I44. I was looking for my old images of the B-17 crew I made here on the forums today and found this old thread. Alot of things happened. One I lost my job and was out of work along time, two I lost everything and had to move, 3 I moved and started working full time and going to school full time. I still had the hard drive but it bit the dust not long after I moved and I lost everything. All a few tidbits that Im going to look for later. I ended getting very ill and was forced to stop school forced to stop making videos for Armaholic and forced to basically change my life completely. So I wanted to apologize to Gnat and Pac and everyone else who was waiting on me to drop the video and release what I had been asking so many questions over. I loved the mod it doesn't work anymore with six updater I guess now the last couple times I checked it didn't. Last I saw it was play with Six now and wont launch with mods. I don't know if I have Arma installed on this pc or not I think on steam I do but my buddies all quit Arma2 when it moved to steam since we never could figure out how to get mods to work with steam and sixupdater. Everyone has moved onto Arma3 now and my PC is not gonna run that and I really don't play games much these days anymore. I have a few but don't really do much anymore. The remaining image that I have is my 303rd group sitting on the plane and my youtube video of the airfield I made, next to that I think thats it and the image I do have is only a thumbnail I had to blow up. Since ImageShack decided to delete everyone's images on their accounts and not bother telling them they were going to. Then they had my images still but wanted me to purchase a subscription so I did, Well my images werent reinstated and they sent me an email saying they lost them after I had seen they still had them...Then deleted my accout with them and refunded my money. So I had to file a BBB claim on them and never got my images back still. It had its good times, you guys did mountains of work. Thanks for all that effort you guys put in and the good times Good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. eaglezero6205

    MINIDAYZ Feedback Tracker

    I had the above problem with the infinite loop so much i just used another Email and made a new account since every time I tried to login it said I must create a store account and then told me after I typed in my password there was in error. So after ump teen times I created a new Account with different Email. And I was in. I clicked claim your minidayz and then -_-... Chaos ensued I didnt actually get to test it out till the following day After trying 3 browsers heres what happened. 1.)I tried Firefox as thats my Go to usually. Got loaded to the end of the Redline under the Game title and stopped after waiting several minutes. I refreshed logged out logged back in and still the same stop loading point. 2.)I tried Internet Explorer next. Because theres more then one way to skin a fish right? -_- Well that fish wouldnt skin... It loaded. but with a Blue loading bar this time I was like huh?? Then it went to let me choose my character difficulty and something popped up saying I my browser didnt support WebGL. It gave the option to play anyways , and I was like OHhh yeah play without it :) FINALLY! Well the screen loads I hear the game and theres a plane int he middle and the rest is all glitched out looking with bits and pieces of lines in red and Missing most the screen what wasnt showing up was all in black. 3.)THIRD Times A charm right? I went and tried my Opera Browser as a last resort. It let me load the game only to have a solid black screen... Then I tried again the following day with a browser update for Opera and BOOM IT WORKED!! Now however hours later...Its just a black screen everytime I go to the main minidayz login and enter where it says play as ______ and Password________ I logged in and black screen again... I tried a refresh...and NOPE So I restarted. Thought it might just need to see a reboot to set off the new browser update...WRONG. It wont load still black -_- Logged out and back in refreshed and still black so thats how I found this page. On the Upside. The gameplay was semifun. After 3 attempts at gameplay when I could get it to work I immediately noted this is a fast pace game,you have to move and keep moving no time for sitting in a house or finding/making camp. Your water runs out super fast. Temperature never was an issue So I think hes got that right. I found a flare and Carried it around for a while but saw little use for it as I needed the space for food and water. However I was trying to setup a screen record and in 3 minutes I was dead. So as stated the gameplay is a bit fast. As for the weapons though scarce even as a novice I still made due. My bat broke rather quickly. Suggestions from me,would be you should be able to find things by or get things from deerstands, A pause button would be nice since it is singleplayer. a bit slower pace gameplay with the water and food not dwindling so fast. the way the zombies die or the way you fight them is odd. I noticed you can have a bat and run a little faster then a zombie and still hit it which didnt make alot of sense. You couldnt tell if you were hitting the zombie. I love Zombie FlashGames so I enjoyed this one. Good Job on the houses they literally look identical in 2d it was a nice touch. :) Looking forward to an Update on this one could be a great flash game with a few fixes and Save ability :) Good Start.
  4. eaglezero6205

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Hey Dudes. Sad to hear that there's not been a developer reply as of late however. That doesn't necessarily mean there is no ongoing development. If anyone knows a PR rep for them though Id like to speak with one regarding permission to show their mod on Armaholics Youtube channel. Since the video will be monetized by Armaholic and its profit goes to the site to keep it running, I need permission from the team of Developers to showcase it. I use an older Version of I44 back before it became Play with six. I make Videos for Armaholics channel to help keep the site running in my spare time and I had a mission I built long before play with six of which I was going to post on the forums but as you stated above life happens. It never came to light so this will just be a video made using the mission but not just me playing the mission. I would speak with Gnat since he usually was the man with the plan on the Aircraft for I44 however his Youtube Channel has not been active in a year. As well as after seeing the above statements about their Activity I am just seeking anyone who is part of their team to grant permission to me. If you guys see this and are cool with it you can Contact Foxhound on Armaholic and let him know its ok. Hes been trying to reach one of the I44 team. We have to ask permission for every mod depicted in any video we upload to show proper credit and respect to those modders. I wish I could depict the newer I44 Version, however I fear if I get it ,my mission will break and Ill need to rebuild it from scratch. Anyhow we have a list of modders who allow their content to be shown in Armaholics videos for their Youtube channel. I hope we can add I44 to that list if not the list then maybe just for my video alone. Hope to hear back from some one soon. Thanks in Advance. Miss you guys on the forums its been too long man. Everyone seems to have gone on to Arma3 now lol.
  5. eaglezero6205

    Craig's Normal Hat Madness

    Not to dig up bones on this thread, But Ive a request or maybe a question. Will this work with Arma2 CO? Have you tested it? If not there's a project Ive been working on that has been haulted many months but I could reallly use this mod for it In Arma2 CO As it seems there is only one hat mod I could find for Arma and its a St.Pattys Day mod. Im leaning more towards the old west. Get back to me on this if you would please. Thanks.
  6. Hey Guys, Thank you for a beautiful mod and great games. Love the mod! So far Ive played a few single player missions as well as campaigns, but I have to ask this... It seems as though I cant throw my grenades. Now mind you I play with ACE on. I remember it being an issue with I44, where if you had ACE on you couldn't use them. Im wondering is that a known issue ? I did skim through most the 60+ pages however I didn't see a mention of it perhaps I missed it. In Six Updater, which is the way I launch, due to being a mission maker. ( I need it for other mods to be on Obviously.) Here is are the modsI have on, In order. Maybe it will help. Preset -Unsung Mod Vietnam War @ACE @ACEX @BRG Africa or African Foliage @CBA @CBA2 @CBA_OA @JDG Carrier @MBG vietnam @Tigeria @UNS We tried to play with just UNS ace compact and removed all the above ACE from the list. However it says I needed UNS_weap. So I turned on UNS and UNS_ace compact. Anyways MBG Vietnam is in there for mission building purposes, as well as tigeria and JDG. Although mainly I have them on as Xtra for a Nam campaign I was playing. When I have grenades on my person, I can press F and all it does is switch between Semi and Full auto. I can place satchels Via the ACE action menu, but I cant throw Grenades. So anyone know if its a known problem? The handbook doesn't explain about any of this nor the what to launch with if you use the individual Exes such as UNS+ACE or the regular. Lastly you can play upto 80 tracks. Does that pertain only to the RTO or can it be made to come from the base radios? EX: Pleitrap Valley Base camp some of the buildings have little radios by the bed. Just thought Id ask. BTW Guys. You did an Awesome Job designing those buildings! I mean Awesome! looks like you took them right out of a nam movie. Thanks for a BA Mod (UNSUNG TEAM) Great job. Great efforts. Nothing but love.
  7. I would just like to say thank you I'm glad you went through the effort to downsize and remove stuff. I love PMC51km I use it not a lot but one thing I did use it for is Aircraft missions Its excellent for those. So Im downloading this now to see if having a lot removed will give me more options for Aircraft and even some ground missions. I was using jade grove for a Western type feel of idea...But Now now...I have this! hehe. and at 35mb how could anyone complain, Most already have PMC51km anyway. I agree 100% with Chris and I feel as though there aren't many maps left wide open for mission creation that uses its own mission created Scenery. Thanks again.
  8. eaglezero6205

    Wiki's Creations

    Wiki sorry to hear your leaving. Ive been gone a long time and came back just to comment on this campaign after having downloaded Unsung Mod 2.5. I did get stuck in the village on I believe mission 5 the Chinooks did come and land however they wouldn't let me aboard and the mission stays at a stand still, so I used endmission cheat as asked to. Also I noticed you have the search the villagers and search the village Tasks kinda Odd. It tells you that search the villagers is complete twice and the f4s Napalm run comes in either too late or way too early, as the entrance firefight to the village is over before they ever get there and the fight for the lz is long after they pass over. I also had an issue with the mission at night from the patrol boat to blow up the Sams. I couldn't use grenades think its an ace issue maybe but I did fine without them being used. One other thing was on the mission as the cobra pilot to stop the convoy. When I blow up the two vehicles I see one a truck the other a tank and the Orange arrow stays there,or objective marker. Also it never updates and I don't see the Extract chopper So I endmission that one as well. Great Campaign though man. Anyways thank you wiki for a Great Nam campaign and Great missions for the time I played arma. I'm a mission maker myself so I can understand the time you took. the Hours spent testing and the enormous pressure you feel to get it right before you release it. As well as the frustration of having to fix all the nicks here and there that come about from the playing of your mission/campaign by the community. I am still making missions and hope to learn from you and other mission designers missions I play in what little free time I do get. In any case when you go you will be missed. Cheers man
  9. eaglezero6205

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Hey I just wanted to report I made a teaser vid of my I44 Bomber mission but Windows movie maker did something where it Fluffed it all up. So after 20gigs of footage and 67 clips later, I deleted my video and all content of it from some kind of corruption that occurred during my piecing the movie together. It would have been a 45 minute flight , turned into a 12 minute video but nope. Ive been jumping back and forth from project to project getting everything Ive had on computer just laying around finished polished and uploaded. I'll try to get another Video built and post it,I think you guys will love it especially if you love the vintage bombers. I am trying to get a really decent Multi player test but every time I get a group, the cards don't fall right and people have to take care of other things, life first. I have ran a few tests with 2 others however each time I do I find something that I want to fine tune or change/add. When I finally do get it MP tested though I'll get it out to you guys. Also Still looking forward to the 2.7 release,take it easy guys.
  10. eaglezero6205

    Crusades/Medieval Mod

    You are great at making these sort of things. I wish some of the Arma1 projects could be brought over with more ease. I love the idea of the Catapults. Just a suggestion I see you have the ground warfare down. I was toying around with DBO Horse by Deanos Beanos the other day and it just hit me. I wonder if you guys could use DBO horse Of course with Permission perhaps as a later add, but Modify it to have battle Tack so that you could have an armored horse to ride in on. However I know the battle from a horse/Vehicle is near impossible in this game. I don't know how they managed to make the mod that allows shooting from the skids of the little bird. Maybe that holds the key. Anyway just a thought. The animations look awesome and that woman powned those dudes.I hope to see this mod continue to progress.
  11. eaglezero6205

    Ghost (Ghost Recon WIP Character)

    Awesome,love the graw series not too into the new future soldier though. I was wondering if anyone would attempt this great job man.
  12. eaglezero6205

    Crusades/Medieval Mod

    YEAHH!!!!!! Awesome man I got so hyped watching this. Monty Python anyone? I'll be the first to make the mission "the Search for the Holy Grail just let me know when its done. oh and YEAH!!!
  13. Closing Topic already released thanks to anyone who viewed.