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  1. Where is the option betatesting? Spending days and days on it.... That makes most of my maps mostly moving to the file tomb or trashcan once. Local and global issues killing most motivation at some point for me...,as i am just too stupid i guess.... Bullseye! Nice 1!!:D
  2. Thx for your approach! Gonna check it out tonight!:)
  3. Hi folks, i would like to update my map with dynamic misison targets. My plan is to create a pool of maybe 6 targets. By chance 3 of that pool are valid for the mission to accomplish. Could you plz help me to get into it? The problem is not to choose a variable by chance but to adopt it ionto the briefing......so maybe you have an approach?!
  4. Nephris1

    New Army

    I dont think some of you guys understand what ArmA is... It is a Military simulator and for the people who have put serious replys i think that they would be good, i mainly want the Lego Special Forces and some fully kitted kittehs. ( i know that there are mods for the kittehs but the Special Forces are incorrect). Lock that topic....
  5. Nephris1

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I guess you are so wrong m8.Bi used similar kinds of promotions for their last DLCs. Neverthless i like that kind of promotion and am interested in the attack tomorrow.:cool:
  6. Nephris1

    New Army

    Hey, I think that in the next DLC the Lego Defence should be put in.. i think most Lego Players who play ArmA II will agree with me.
  7. Unbelievable another DLC Suggestion thread....:D Just above another one.. How many of those will there be?
  8. Nephris1

    New Army

    Hey, i would like to see the Hobbit Army in the next DLC. Most of the Hobbit players would agree with me. Seriously...just another thread about DLC and "my personal wish". We already had 100 of those. Each player from another country wants his own Army to see in ArmA2. There is a great ADF mod with capable devs, so why spending money or Bis time to develop a clone? When i am correct the topic of a new DLC is already known to the public,and there wont be an ADF this time.Maybe next time.
  9. Thx a lot guys! Thumbs UP!:)
  10. Is there a way to check if the map got opened? I know we had a command already in OFP. But is there a proper one in ArmA2 now?
  11. Well you already gave the answer yourself! So yes CursorTarget is the right choice. As i suppose u dont need to take care for distances < 200m, it will work .
  12. Well i presume you configured DAC not correct. It depends on (waypoints and units)x zones. Of course the more wp,units and zones the more time it will use to generate. Never had probs on my dedi system (D2C E6300;4gig Ram). Further more do not compare ZeusAI with DAC. This are 2 completely different shoes, as DAC offers much more and much different features than ZeusAI...as u can already get off the ReadMe. DAC is imho since OFP top of the pops in AI scripting sources. Of course we do not need to talk about favour here.
  13. Nephris1

    special forces expansion pack

    Oh by the toes of me dead grandma´ ...not again.....these kind of threads. I am sure we had each suggestion already posted in the past months. Plz not another one.Besides that, we already have special forces,we already have brits,we already have a desert terrain...:rolleyes: Old stew in new cans...no thx.
  14. LOL...good old Penny!Fantastic. Each Penny looks same everywhere. Great stuff buddy!
  15. Why dont you do/try/learn it yourself? A proffesional would cost ya around 100€ /hour, maybe 35€ if he would do it non-official....you know what i mean :) Before you want to pay me or someone different, you maybe like to check the following sources: http://www.kellys-heroes.eu/files/tutorials/dedicated http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74957&highlight=howto The last thread is the thread,to post your questions, if you didnt understand everything. I personally use the TA2DST tool for administrate my server. ArmA2 is a very time consuming game, when u start doing it yourself.:)