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  1. ADuke

    Vehicle Sound

    I am currently stumped on this as well. I added the same sound config entries from a new vehicle and plugged them into an old vehicle's config. The vehicle has no engine sounds though, just sounds of the tires passing over various terrain types. Wish I could get this working, love those A2 vehicles but it is distracting to have no sound. -AD
  2. Hi, I have been using the AllinArma mod with A3 so I can use A2 content. One thing that was bothering me was the A2 ammo does not have the correct tracer model associated with it. So I wrote a small replacement config, but it is not working, here is my config...... If anyone has any clue as to why this isn't working I would appreciate some tips. Thanks, -AD
  3. ADuke

    Anywhere I can get a Stanag p3d?

    How about this one?........ http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2804&highlight=SAMPLE%2BMODELS
  4. ADuke

    Anywhere I can get a Stanag p3d?

    Here ya go. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Sample_Models -AD
  5. I have not tried to add items to the legs yet, but I have made some chest rigs I can say with almost 90% certainty that it IS possible to add the leg stuff. Just as long as all of the selections are applied to them for the leg area that they occupy. -AD
  6. Thank you PuFu, I will try that with my next attempt. I also found a very informative set of videos here........
  7. I made the model via a video tutorial.......... It is a very simple model, but when I started it I hadn't realized the arms were at that slightly different angle. Thanks for your reply but I think I am going to have to just start over. -AD
  8. Hi, So, I am all set to rig my model with selections for use in A3, when I noticed.... My model is in the full "Jesus Christ pose" and not in the "relaxed Jesus Christ pose" that all of the ArmA series models are in (hands lowered to waist). My question is...... Is there an easy way to lower the arms at exactly the right spot? Or do I need to meticulously move each vertex to the right spot? :( Thanks, -AD
  9. Hi, So as my title states, I am trying to randomize the class of headgear that gets added to my unit. I am doing this in the config of the unit. I came to realize, after much trial and error, that headgear config entries can not take eventhandlers, otherwise I would have randomized hiddentextures, as is done so very well in the config of the Takistani Militia from Operation Arrowhead. So, what I am trying to do is take the following pieces of headgear.... and randomize which is given to the following soldier... Which is being done by the following script..... random_shemagh1.sqf But it is not working right, I have worked over both the config and script numerous times, but still no joy. If anyone more knowledgable than myself can shed some light on this I would appreciate it. -AD
  10. Different people will tell you different things.. Personally, I convert all of my TGA files to PAA myself (with TexView2) and just path all of the faces to my paa file, that way I can edit and view in buldozer without the interruption of conversion. -AD
  11. ADuke

    Happy Thanksgiving

    A happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans!! ;) A happy Thanksgiving as well to all Canadians, Liberians, Puerto Ricans, and Norfolk Islanders. :) Enjoy the holiday!! -AD
  12. Congratulations on your release! A quality helo addon indeed! Look forward to using this in many a MP session! -AD
  13. Thank you for the info MadDogX!! -AD
  14. Hi, I am in the process of creating and releasing a multitude of addons for ArmA2 and even more when ArmA3 comes out. I had a few questions about hosting of addons and other things.. Is it legal for an addon maker to choose who gets to host the creator's works and then not allow it to be hosted elsewhere? I ask because the host would get google adsense profits form visits to the downloads page, so can the author choose who profits from it? My other question... If a modeler creates a model...purely from scratch, is it legal for the creator to sell the model in .p3d format, if it was created with the Oxygen modeling software? I would like to know the legal protocol here before I move forward. Thanks, -AD
  15. Thanks for your replies guys.. It seems as though I was looking in the wrong place for the problem here, I was passing variables just fine it seems. The problem exists in the positioning for the bomb spawn positions... _bomb1 = "Bo_Mk82" createVehicle [(getMarkerPos "mk_mandoairsupport" select 0)-100,(getMarkerPos "mk_mandoairsupport" select 1)-100,(getMarkerPos "mk_mandoairsupport" select 2)+5]; You see, I was using Mando's CAS console to run this script through, that Marker only exists when the console is open... If I call the strike... then exit the console.. the script does not know where that marker is, so no bombs. The variable "_targetpos" however is being sent to this script from outside "_this select 1;" So, I just had to change to this... _bomb1 = "Bo_Mk82" createVehicle [(_targetpos select 0)-100,(_targetpos select 1)-100,(_targetpos select 2)+5]; By setting it up that way, I can have the console open or closed and the script is still able to find "_targetpos". So.. thanks -AD P.S. My reasoning for posting in "configs and scripting" and not "mission editing and scripting" was because most scripts that I write, I execute them from within the config of a unit via an EH. This saves me from having to edit thousands of missions in order to have this ability in every mission. Gets me into trouble sometimes when posting.