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Hey folks,


after posting teasing pictures in the ArmA 3 Photography thread for a while now, I decided that my first add-on is good enough to have a public beta test.


This little add-on depicts the Afghan National Army and Police, including the ANA Commandos and Special Forces. It is based heavily on other mods/add-ons done by the community and has a lot of requirements, but quite frankly: I was kind of bored by all the reskinned vanilla content add-ons out there.




More pictures:










Since I have only done the config and (most of) the textures, there is a long list of people I have to give credit and thank for their generous permission to use their work:

- First of all, the outstanding Team of the Red Hammer Studios for most of the gear and weapon models and textures

- the Serbian Armed Forces Mod for the uniform model (included in RHS GreF)

- road runner for the MICH2001 models

- Adacas (and the other authors who contributed to his work) for the Military Gear Pack

- Adacas again for help with the config

- Robert Hammer for his M16s and nice weapon accessories

- toadie2k for the SAW add-on

- evrik and 3CB for beta testing


Please note that this is a beta release that was only tested by a small circle of people. There will most probably quite a few bugs!



Known issues:

- "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope'." error caused by RH's M4/M16 add-on

- "Cannot load terxture 'milgp_facewar\textures\f_half_face_cover_rgr_co.paa'." error caused by Adacas' Military Gear Pack

- The ANA vests still have the handgun proxy, but no holster. Nothing can be done about it, since I can't change the models.

- many requirements, I will try to reduce them (for example I can drop the M4/M16 pack once RHS adds their own M16 to their mod).



The requirements:






Military Gear Pack



MICH2001 add-on



NI SAW add-on (requires NI Core and use it with RHS compatibility)



RH's M4/M16 add-on



RH's Accessories



If you only want to use the gear, not the units, the first three add-ons will be sufficient. But you will definitely get some error messages.


Download link for beta 0.4.2:



ArmA3.de: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=4698

ArmaHolic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31668




For personal entertainment purposes only. Not for commercial use!

Do not edit and redistribute without permission of the author.

Creator claims no responsibility for any damages this add-on or mod may cause, use at your own risk.

Edited by fingolfin
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Congrats on the release! Been waiting a long time for high quality ANA and ANP units and have been excited about these ever since you started showing them off in the combat photography thread. Now all we need is RHS' m16a2s  :D

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Took a look at these before work this morning.

These look really, really, REALLY good.

I'll have to add these into an ALiVE afghan insurgency campaign. Great stuff.

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Since the Military Gear Pack is a work in progress and changes constantly, not at the moment. Sorry, but I'll try to work something out with Adacas.

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Since the MGP seems to be at a stable, non changing status now, have you considered updating this? It seems to have flown under the radar, but I was making use of them in a few missions!

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Well Adacas is a bit busy with RL atm, but he should be back at it shortly. Perhaps it's better to wait for a truly stable release. That said, I do miss having high quality Afghan units available.

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