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  1. infrareddimming

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Congrats on the release guys and gals! I've only been able to take a brief look at the update, but from what Ive seen so far myself (not to mention the stuff in the changelogs) it's fantastic. One of my favorite new features is the interior lighting. It adds so much atmosphere to the game.
  2. infrareddimming

    Survey on modding, looking for modders

    Yeah I'll share the findings when the research is finished. Getting some great responses so far, really appreciating it. One more thing I would ask you modders (and especially those part of a team) is to share the survey within your modteams/communities. It would help me out a lot!
  3. Hi Arma modders, I am a master student with the University of Groningen currently writing my thesis on PC modding. My goal is to investigate the effects of modding tools in mod making. In order to collect the necessary data, I have designed a survey that is being distributed among a variety of modders who were active for games that were released with a set of official modding tools. The Arma series thus qualifies I believe. Some of you might have already been notified of the study through a fellow modder. If you've already filled in the survey you have my thanks. This thread was created with permission from the forum staff. Who am I looking for? I'm looking for anyone who has used the official mod tools at least once to create a mod. The actual game and content of the mod is not important. In other words, if you modded for a game other than the Arma series your input is still welcome (so long as that game had an official set of mod tools which you used). Filling out the survey will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes of your time, depending on your answers. As a token of my gratitude I will randomly award a number of steam credit gift certificates among the respondents. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please feel free message me. I would really appreciate your help! -link to survey- (survey was created with google forms). Happy holidays!
  4. infrareddimming

    Fifty Shades of MP7 - Release

    If you do integrate it into RHS, perhaps reyhard (I think) could be persuaded to make it compatible with the peq15/wmx 200 combo?
  5. infrareddimming

    Fifty Shades of MP7 - Release

    I see. I'm not well versed in the technical aspects of modding so when I spotted this beauty at your artstation account I assumed it wasn't for arma due to the 4k textures (especially since I vaguely remember RHS not wanting to use 4k textures).
  6. infrareddimming

    Fifty Shades of MP7 - Release

    Well that was a fast release :P One question though, I thought 4k textures were troublesome for arma to handle, causing all kinds of issues regardless of the user's hardware. Gorgeous model and textures though. As for camos, have you considered snakeskin?
  7. infrareddimming

    [WIP] Jetman Wingsuit

    Amazing, I always like to see more novel addons like this. OFP was full of them, but unfortunately as the franchise progressed we got to see fewer and fewer of them.
  8. infrareddimming

    Zee Identity Pack

    Hey zee, I was snooping around your artstation and found a sexy mp7a1 in aor1. Will it see a release in Arma 3 one day? I'm assuming it's not specifically meant for arma due to the 4k textures (or atleast in its current form).
  9. infrareddimming

    Fingolfin's Retextures

    Nice! These also work well for peshmerga inspired units.
  10. infrareddimming

    Afghan National Army Add-on

    Quality release, thank you for making this available!
  11. infrareddimming

    OPX - American Building Pack

    Any chance you're willing to enlist other members in the community for help in developing assets (i.e. more complex vegetation) or do you wish to keep the project inhouse?
  12. infrareddimming

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    aesthetic is all wrong for thunderbirds :P
  13. infrareddimming

    OPX - American Building Pack

    Santa Chila will probably set a benchmark for custom islands, all of your assets look great. Have you considered doing custom vegetation or will you make use of the default (and apex) flora? Most of the custom vegetaton released so far either looks a bit off or suffers from performance issues, so it might not be worth the time.
  14. infrareddimming

    War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    Probably because it's airsoft.