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[Terrain] Chernarus Winter A3

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On 25/1/2016 at 7:23 PM, Chairborne said:

CUP guys would love integrating your terrain.

If you have no issue with APL-SA license and can provide source files we can start thinking about how to proceed.



Personally im really enjoing playing on your terrain. I think others would be happy to have it too.


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I love how people feel that its ok to just upload to steam workshop someone else's content and state they did it for ease of use,

that they are not the original author and that full credits go to the author, how noble and true :h:


I do get the ease of use point, and yes it does help and make the installation process simpler, and faster, however it still does not allow

you to go ahead and take the content and just upload it unless the license if there is one says you can do that.

          There is no license for this map, as kinda hearted, and respectful as he thinks he is this uploader did not ask permissions to upload:


Is there some book somewhere i dont know about that says if its free to download you can ignore the author and upload it to your desired host?

   If there was any respect for the creators in this community there would be an id check of some sort stating that you created a certain content, if your not the creator then workshop

would deny you the ability to upload, unless permission was granted.


I get the point that people move on and authors are hard to find or are not available, then in that case, i suggest that all authors have a license, or state

their wishes and whats allowed. I personally dont like the idea of just giving credits to someone, it depends on the content, in this case big fucking deal his name is listed.

      What i have done, is acknowledge the author ask them for their permission, compliment them on their work, a pat on the back goes along way then

some fucking text on a site, its the interaction that makes the community not some posted horseshit making you feel better because you think giving credits made the author

feel special, its a start.


Sorry, homey dont play that, i take offense to this sort of nonsense and report knuckleheads like this.


Why i take offense because back in the day when i was working on my WarMods alot, i spent alot of time contacting authors sometimes up to a month waiting for a response, i got to know them to a degree,

and i only contacted them because i wanted their mod in mine, i loved the mod, so out of my due diligence and respect i sought them out, if they were not to be found, i would contact Foxhound and ask

him if there was an email, if one then go through that, i would ask for suggestions, if all fails then its a no go.

Do it right or dont do it!

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Hasn't been an update in a while and wonder if the original Author is tracking this as he was last on June 22, 2016. At that point he mentioned that it was too difficult for many reasons, yet many have hosted it just fine (think he made it an excuse after moving on to other things like most of us have at some point like yours truly).


This is probably a dead project and hopefully the CUP team can help provide us one. I say this because it's very difficult for the average layman out there that only rely on A3Launcher and Steam Workshop to get their mods. Play with Six is pretty much gone, and a lot of the new people to ArmA don't even want to futz around with manual mod mapping /folder extraction as some of us Veterans have since ArmA1. 


From a server owner/administrator's perspective we don't even use mods if there's no way to get it via Workshop and let alone A3Launcher as it misses a larger part of our base. 


All due respect, the original Mod maker for this has moved on and this is dead. As stated earlier lets hope CUP does some integration on a winter version in near future as they would be the next closest people to make a proper version. Anyone for some snow in Sahrani while you're at it?

 :) ;) @Chairborne

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Thanks Mate! Appreciate all your team's work.


I know you can't touch on everything as you fellas have a wide scope, but appreciate all that you do. 


(Some of us do notice those little things you do wedge in BTW)

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There is a problem with Winter Chernarus:  The control tower in the northwestern airport blows up for no reason.


Thought you might like to know.

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