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  1. Thx for the information. Anyway, I'll rework the logo, I'm going change that. For the terrain, I don't respect exactly the reality for two things: I'm French and my wallet isn't agree with a trip. And the gameplay constraints. But thank you for your proposition ;).
  2. Not possible... it's too complicated for many raisons. Sorry :/ I'll fix this issue asap (maybe tomorrow) Oh, I'll check that and i'll try to fix that for the next version.
  3. Arthyc

    Map Kholm

    Good job bro ;)
  4. Flag of Iran Sikh symbol: Emblem of Iran:
  5. By Arthyc Map size: 14,3km x 14,3km Description: Hengam Island (Persian: جزیره هنگام‎‎), is an Iranian island located south of Qeshm Island, Iran, in the Persian Gulf. It is 36.6 km wide and shaped like a truncated cone. The island is generally calcareous and generally low-lying. The highest point on the island is Nakas Mountain. The distance between Hengam Island and Qeshm Island is about 2 km. The primary economic activity is fishing, as well as some tourism and sightseeing. The main sights of Hengam are the English harbor buildings along with the coal storage, the Portuguese shipwrecks, and aquatic animals such as turtles, dolphins, corals, and sharks. source Requirements: Cup_Terrains JBAD Buildings Informations: Release date unknown WIP Screenshots: Satellite map WIP map (green = done, orange = wip, red = empty) Ingame screenshots
  6. They can included Chernarus Winter in CUP_terrains if they want, of course. Some issues gives me difficulties, and i don't have time and i don't know yet how to fix them. CUP guys have better skills and they can fix this issues faster as me.
  7. v1.11 - fixed: missing server key files First page
  8. I fixed this issue today That depend of the creator of the CUP_Terrains
  9. I have added the file with crunchy snow sound Oh, i didn't saw ! Of course, it's really good :lol:
  10. Updated Version v1.1 - fixed: Objects altitudes issues - fixed: missing sound files First page
  11. Thank you for this informations ;) Mmmh, I don't know, I'll check asap.