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heh, our press do not lie or cover muslim crimes , we had some Chechens in Poland and they were trying to force sharia law on others, they later emigrated to Germany , but yes, we had muslim imigrants and they were beating others telling "people must respect them, it is against islam to wear short trousers" etc.  

they killed someone with knife , and if you defend them i would like to remind you for example that in Pakistan christian woman was sentenced to death for drinking water from well that belongs to muslim family, in Brunei wearing christmass Santa-Claus hat is punished by 5 years prison and one immam said before Christmass that wishing Marry Christmass is crime worse than murder , opposite to BBC and German press, our media do not hide it 


and emigration for work from my country is due to western corporations, banks and also bribery of previous "so modern, so european, so tollerant" governments which were acting like supermarkets and banks servants, all those "we must be tollerant" governments were bribed to the bone, selling all to corporations for penny and almost turned by country to colony , not almost, we were like colony, obeying what Merkel wants and cheap-labor camp painted in rainbow lgbt colors , all was done to please giving bribes western banks and corporations (and now EU defends previous government because they made us colony ), those people who love to use words "Europe, tollerance, multiculturalism, modern behaviour, gender" - are bribed, they are simply taking bribes to change laws the way so legal regulation fits what one or another German/French/British/American/Israeli bank or supermarket wants , they sold national energy sector to several German companies, they sold almost all , now in my city i have French/German/Portuguese shops, hard to find Polish shop in capital of Poland , hard to find bank which is Polish,  energy is Enea/Innogy/RWE etc. 

yes we can blame our previous governments - those who are now so beloved by Shultz, Merkel , Verhofstadt, Timmermans - they all say that "democracy ended" in Poland like in Hungary , lol, we have now more democracy than we had in past, we have freedom of speech and noone tries to sue anyone for "hate speech" etc. 


politicians are corrupted, they do not follow will of voters, they break promisses (main promiss of currently leading party was "not even single imigrant" "harsh punishments for criminals" etc. ) and they broke it and also say about "being European" but people protest and they resign from this new leftist bullshit , the problem with politicians is that they do not follow what voters want, they follow bribes, EU comission, UN etc. instead of following what voters want , this is real problem, they brought 3 milions Ukrainians here to work , they made 7% of minority in few years - this is problem - government which in 2015 won promising "Poland for Poles" brought us 3 milions of Ukrainians and according to EU stats (Eurostat) Poland took biggest number of immigrants in EU - opposing to what you believe, because we took 3 milions Ukrainians, 7% minority in 2 years suddenly appeared and this will be big problem because suddenly we have 7% of people who do not integrate (they marry with each other, their girls do not date with us, they work cheaper than us and we cannot find jobs because Ukrainian takes 70% of what we want , they are cheaper competition which we cannot hold on market because simply we start loosing jobs  - western supermarkets are happy, when you go to supermarket than majority of people putting goods on shelves are Ukrainians , when our young people look for first job during studying on universities they hear "but you want 3000 and Ukrainian will do it for 2000" ) so do not tell me about Poland homoetnicity because i live and i know that since 2 years it ended and hell knows how it will end  , when i go to shop asking "were is sugar" "where is tomato" i hear "не понымау" , 

when i travel by tram i often hear ukrainian/russian language , so your believe in ethically clean Poland is maybe from 2014 but now we have suddenly 7% of foreigners that appeared suddenly and it may lead to some kind of conflict (especially when they have now rights to welfare benefits, they say something about creating political party and right to vote, and they take our jobs, it is madness, someone came here year ago and demands right to vote and establish laws for me - born here and in Ukraine they praise Stephan Bandera - nazi criminal who was murdering Poles together with Waffen SS  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacres_of_Poles_in_Volhynia_and_Eastern_Galicia ) 




so politicians break promisses and this is main problem


"brave progressive EU police"  arrest woman which goes with stroller :


really "very dangerous criminal" for progressive tollerant Europe , lol , lonely woman with small kid is danger for EU , really "so progressive"  , really so "tollerant" EU-rope 


and meme for yellow vests:


"if your salary is spent only on your housing, commuting to work, and food - you ale slave - owner of slaves in past had to deliver those things (to their slaves in the past)"


you said you all have credit - when i checked volkswagen de website there is information that you have 1.9 % per year - so after 5 years you pay to bank 110% of price


we have 12%, after 5 years we pay 160% of price - it is difference,

now Poles go to Germany to buy fuel , cause in Germany fuel is cheaper than in Poland, while German earns 2000 euro , Pole earns 700 euro - difference too

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