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Playing with friends?

Clear communication is your friend.

"Over there by the tree" does not help your team as much as "50 meters West of my position"

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Never,, and I mean NEVER,, ever,, run out of Beer.... 


Oh yeah, always imagine things from your enemies perspective, helps to fashion a successful one for your own side. 

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the best pro tip i could give is to use the 3rd person camera angle to peek around corners and check buildings, its quite overpowered.

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When sneaking up on enemy ai in buildings or a compound .  walk or crawl hella slow.  Coz they hear everything. 


Practice this. When engaging from from cover don't use lean,  use the adjustable stance left or right. It exposes less of you.  



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- Distance is your friend in relation to the enemy, the closer you are the quicker your response time needs to be (CQB),

so take note of your ability to fight in closer, or shorter distance combat scenarios.

Distance increases your response time allowing you to plan and or change your approach, with this concept be considerate

of the type of enemy your up against, for them some distance is no issue.


- If you are approaching an enemy position, or see an enemy ahead of you and they see you, if there is any buildings, objects, stones or anything that can block their view of you

then when you are running towards them, position yourself so that those buildings, object, ect,. are blocking their view of you, this is what i call mobile cover.

If they see you and start shooting, you can position yourself as you approach so that the object, wall, what have you is in front of the enemy in relation to your position, so if hes on the right and theres

a large stone between you and him yet he can still see you, move to your left as you approach so that the stone is in front of him as he has to change his angle to shoot at you.

    Remember mobile cover - instead of you moving to cover and hiding behind it, position yourself so that the cover is blocking his view of you.


- If an enemy already has a bead on you, be it an mg or a sniper and has already fired at you, then change your position, flank, and or move

to another location to kill him, he has the advantage over you, his response time is tiny because hes already set and ready all he needs is for you to show yourself.

Your not going to win that engagement, unless you can grenade him from behind cover, or hes far away as the AI and a player have to compensate for bullet drop too, at closer

distances your in his kill zone, best move and approach.


- Enemy limits - an enemy that is reloading cant kill you, so if he has you pinned wait til hes done shooting then hit him on the reload.

Also note an  enemy that has a limited arc on their gun if they are emplaced can be easily killed by moving outside their kill zone

which is in their arcing capacity, aka field of fire.


- Its not necessary to always shoot the enemy to kll them although it does depend what the enemy is (infantry, car, truck, tank ect,.)

use your other assets if you have them while on foot, you have grenades, mines, ect,.


- Arc your doors and openings, this will allow you to maintain cover while peering into either side of a room or an area you are about to enter.


- When looking for cover, look for the shortest distance between you and it, look for solid cover that a bullet cannot penetrate, so wooden fences, boxes, ect,.

also make note of what type of weapon the enemy has, a higher caliber weapon can penetrate some walls of houses so pay attention to what you consider as cover.

See the video below for more info on Ballistics and their penetration values.


- Always allow for space to move, be it in a room, enclosed area (inside, or outside), if a would be attacker were to throw a grenade in the room your in

you need to either have some solid cover to move too, or relocate to another room.


- I see to many people like to run around crouched especially in an open field which i find pointless, yes you "may" not be a big

target or silhouette, but your still a silhouette and the worst of all moving, movement attracts attention, and your slower.

       Speed is the key imo when it comes to open terrain, or an area where there is less cover, get up on your toes and move, determine

where your going for cover and make note of who, what and where the enemy is and plan your approach.

   Keep in mind larger distances will effect your fatigue levels depending on what your carrying so take that into consideration, the longer you

run the more fatigue you may have, hills, and mountains will destroy your ability to move quickly.


- When moving up hills/mountains, move, or run on an angle, or parallel to the level or incline of the hill, this will allow you to maintain your speed, going straight up will

slow you down to a walk, or a slower pace. If you need to move, treat the hill as if it has winding stairs all the way up.


- Crouching is best suited for low walls, fences, bushes ect,. that you can hide most of your body behind, crouching while running around

just makes you a slower target, and raise your fatigue, theres a time and place to crouch running is just that running, theres a difference between

moving at a pace, running, and sprinting, so crouching should be used indiscriminately among them when its best suited for changing

your status of cover, this comes in when your in that situation where you may be silhouetted because of your background.


- Camouflage, pay attention to what gear you are wearing, the colors, and take note of the type of terrain you will be on, black on sand dont mix, it makes you stand out.

- Blend in with your surroundings this is another form of cover next to being physically behind something, learning to blend in is next to not being seen, or hard to be seen.

Dark clothes, gear,weapon are best suited for dark backgrounds, consider a building as a background as well, if your all green and your up against a green wall 😉


- Breakup your outline, in other words if you look like a soldier, most likely you can be identified and seen (take note of your enemy - player or AI),

to blend in you want to move to a position where your outline (soldier shape, silhouette) is changed, bushes, trees, even the terrain itself can change

your shape, take note of your color vs the terrain and background, also take note of the shapes of your background, if your background is more square,

and solid as in a building then you may stand out more then if you were in a forest.


- If it looks like your shape, silhouette your color (gear, camou choice, size of weapon) dont belong there then that means your not blending in,

this would allow the enemy (player or Ai) to better identify you.

Forest, bushes and certain terrains can allow you to conceal your position for recon or whatever reason, so remember if it looks like you dont

belong there as in standout, dark on light ect,. you will be seen!


- When being fired at be it from the front rear or whatever angle do not run in a straight line, zig zag, and change to different heights, granted

a higher position may and will make you more susceptible to fire then moving to a lower out of site or lower stature (body size) target.


- Grenades - use Fragmentation, RGO grenades if you want to clear rooms, however rgn grenades are like small bombs that still can kill but

also can be thrown further, they are best suited for bouncing them off walls, ceilings, or even tight corners. Take more Rgn's then fragmentation

grenades when moving around and in buildings, not only can you carry alot more, but they are deadly in small places.


- Grenade tactics, dont just lob a grenade at the enemy and hope to kill him,  raise the bar on how you kill the enemy, the direct

approach isn't always viable or the best option, consider his location first, then take note of what you can bounce a grenade off of,

a tree, ceiling, wall, a car behind the enemy ect,.


- CQB, learn to use a pistol effectively in close quarters, your assault rifle is good for those 100m+ ranges, pistols are good for 75m and under ranges.

Choose the proper weapons for the right terrain, if your going to be in a field then an MP5 is not going to help

you unless your engagement ranges are 100-150m.


- Learn to not always run, set your controls up so you can walk, pace, run and sprint if need too (toggle those controls together), walking allows

you to stay relatively quiet in small CQB type areas

without making your presence known, also allows you to peak into rooms better without clumsily hurdling yourself.


- When moving about in and out and among buildings,  your awareness should not only be directed to whats in front of you,

but whats beyond, for example, lets say your about to walk

outside through a door, in your surrounding area are buildings, front, side, ect,. not only do you want to look in front, but in the distance,

rooftops, windows, doorways, balconies ect,. So look before you move then when you move know where your moving too, and be sure it has cover.

My mission here is great for learning this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1772647581


- Shooting your weapon will draw the enemies attention, so shoot and scoot, draw them in for an ambush, or create a decoy

from it and move and hit them from the flank!


- Use your support Assets if you have them, they can maximize your efforts if used at the right time.


- Playing Coop means working together, communication, covering the other guy, reviving/giving aid/ammo.


- Use the terrain to your advantage, as a long range fighter many threats can be eliminated from afar.


- When in doubt throw a grenade.


- Close your flanks - after moving into a house with doors, close the door behind you, this goes for gates, or anything that you can close,

the door, gate, ect,. can act as an alarm for you if your holding, it also allows you to focus on one kill zone and not be in one, open flanks

are essentially enemy kill zones unless you see him first. Open doors are like more pathways for the enemy to come in and kill you, if you only need to focus

on one open door then you have no open flanks for the enemy to come in on you.


- More openings you have to cover increases your response time and shortens the enemies, so position yourself so that

you only have one field of fire, this tip specially applies to mg gunners who need or like to emplace themselves, and have to deploy in order to shoot

and have a limited arc or field of fire, distance in this is your friend, as it comes down to a 50/50 chance you'll survive an encounter if

the enemy walks "in" on you from a short distance, so distance, range is your friend, it reduces your response time as you can see them before you, or at least

give you more time to ready yourself and engage.


- Use natural, and other light sources to illuminate the enemy surroundings.


- Dont crest hills and become a silhouette, always crawl and use rocks or bushes to conceal your shape, or use the flanks.


- When searching for enemy, look for silhouettes, or shapes that dont belong, dark on sand stands out.

- Learn to listen to your surroundings, learn to identify footsteps, sounds of cars, trucks, vehicles, ect,. not everything needs to be seen to identify a threat.


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Tips (001):

Already mentioned but VERY IMPORTANT; Rebind the throw key.
"Double G" works well for most.

Alt+G will cycle through your grenades.
You can select a smoke grenade / chemlight (if you have one) this way.

Contact: Enemy aware, likely shooting at you.
Sighting: Enemy unaware of you.
Call both out over the radio/chat.

Listen to the guy in charge.

Learn how to guesstimate ranges. Fire and adjust.
Not firing because you haven't got a range within a bawhair of the target will get you and your team killed.

When moving out on patrol, ensure you have a tracer magazine loaded.
This will save valuable time when initial contact with the enemy is made.
"Contact LEFT. On my TRACER!".

If the mission maker hasn't given you any tracer magazines, give them shit... AFTER the mission.

Fight through an objective; Move away from an objective once achieved because enemy artillery will (SHOULD) have that position zeroed in.

The enemy can attack at any time. Always be alert!
You are not safe when {time > 0}.

Play your role. If you're in a grunt role you should never be dictating what should be done and how it is done.
This can be confusing to everyone and it takes time from everyone to explain this to you.
If you want to impress others, listen and follow.

Platoon Commanders;
Order what to do, not how to do.
Give your subordinate the general plan, never the entire plan.
"No plan survives contact with the enemy" - Erwin Rommel.
After an objective has been achieved, get an ACE report (Ammunition, Casualty, Equipment)...
This makes you aware if everyone has enough kit, and bodies to continue. Resupply will likely be needed.

Never move without your oppo (buddy).
Always be afraid to die. Always be afraid your oppo will die.
If your oppo is AFK, guard him and let your commander know.
Give your oppo shit when he comes back for going AFK!

Always communicate;
"I'm moving on your left, HickoryDickoryDock69".
"On you, HickoryDickoryDock69".
* Apologies if that is a real username.

Always scan your arc/sector.
If you receive contact not in your arc, continue to scan your arc. You will be relocated if necessary.

You can move and scan by aiming down sights and holding Alt key.

Cease fire means CEASE FIRE.

If your about to say "One grenade and...", Alt+F4.

Maintain spacings.
10 metres is good, 5 at night (depending on environment).
Don't be afraid to call "Holding" if the formation gets too bunched up.

Always follow the direction of the pointman.
This will always keep the formation right.

Be alert! If you feel yourself becoming less alert, let your commander know.
Don't be afraid to navigate the ground.
Call out contact/sighting over the radio/chat.

Don't go fucking power mad!
Pretend you don't know where the players are all the time.
You are the enemy commander, you don't have unlimited resources.













Don't get captured.




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