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  1. Hows Vidda coming along? Just downloaded it but cant find any servers 😞 Im from Norway btw, Map looks very authentic. Map is only out on test servers or something?
  2. I have mentioned this in another post couple years back. Writing again since im not really sure where to lay forward this suggestion. So KOTH mod if fun and all that, but the spawnpoints are just way to close to the AO. I dont understand why they would make it so u can stand in the spawnpoint and shot all the way into the AO with a tigris or whatever...why?? If the spawnpoints where twice as far away from the AO alot of gameplay would make sense in KOTH. Transporting players with a chopper would make more sense. Using tanks, AA etc would make more sense. As it is now the mod is just to cramped on the ground. Players care less about dying since its just a 30 second chopper ride to the AO anyway. And no, the solution is not to play infantry only. I want to play with tanks, airplanes etc. Its just to cramped for tanks and airplanes when the spawnpoints are that close.
  3. svisketyggeren

    KOTH Player bases/spawnpoints need to be farther away from AO

    I know how to deal with tanks and air etc, im lvl 46. The point is that the battle becomes to dense for jets and tanks. The way back to the safe zone may not be 100 m, but its too short anyways. Only takes me about 15-30 seconds to get back to the safe zone. And then ur just using the safe zone as a tactic....which is totally unrealistic. If it was twice as far away, u would be at much greater risk. There would be no camping right outside the safe zone and blasting into the AO with a Tigris. Transporting player to the AO would be more challeging and meaningfull.
  4. svisketyggeren

    KOTH Player bases/spawnpoints need to be farther away from AO

    I was talking more about ppl positioning themself just outside their own spawnpoint and shoting into the AO. I dont get banned for that, atleast ive not seen anyone react to that. Ive seen ppl reported for spawnkilling the enemys spawnpoint, but thats different. With the spawnpoint so close to the AO its too easy to bring a tank and pick off infantery from 2000 m away, and them make a turn, drive 100 m and ur in the safezone and rearming.
  5. svisketyggeren

    KOTH Player bases/spawnpoints need to be farther away from AO

    As long as its not created by facebook I couldnt care less if its a mod or official bohemia creation. But thanks for the replys and useful information
  6. Has anyone suggested this before? If not, im kinda surprised. As it is now it easy to bring a tigris just outside the spawnpoint perimeter and blast right into the AO. Thats silly gameplay. And I know servers have their specific ruleset, but its gonna happend. Not all players will read the ruleset, I dont think half the players read the ruleset. If u ask me, the spawnpoints should be twice as far away from the AO. I would also make sense to use a chopper to fly players in.
  7. svisketyggeren

    Tigris/cheetah tactics

    Been playing KOTH with the Tigris AA tank lately. So im wondering about some practical stuff. When im using the autocannons against fast moving aircrafts, im pressing T to lock onto target....I get this straight changing line with a circular target at the end. I suppose its calculating where I should aim since the aircraft is moving. But....I never manage to hit a jet with the autocannons, not unless the jet is comming straight towards me. Is there some trick to this, or is it just damn hard to take down a jet 1000-2000 m away with autocannons? Is there a button(s) I can press to change between driver and gunner positions? Not scrolling with mousewheel. In some videos on you tube I see the zeroing set to auto. How do I toggle that? On the radar, is there any way to judge how high up a object is? If I lock onto a target, shot a AA missile, do I need to unlock and lock again to shot another missile? If I spam all the missiles ive noticed only the first one goes after the aircraft. Anyone got a tips and trick they wanna share? Thinking mainly about tactics aginst jets. Sometimes I see nothing on the radar...and suddenly BAM! some jet blows me up. I almost get the feeling they see me long before I see them :(
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    okay thats fine
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    Happy Birthday Arma

    happy b day arma