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  1. Hello and how do you do? So me and buddy are playing a quick op on Lythium and buddy is new. He asks if there are different types of maps when you hit 'M' (standard bind) like climate, topographical, road maps, etc etc. That all got me thinking. Is there a way you could implement something like this? Like a little drop down that displays "Climate map" and you can hit your default action key and it switches to a climate map (obviously would have to be done the the creator and could be stored in the mod folder). Or would it be possible to do something like traces? Have multiple layers with different markings and the sort on them. So maybe Alpha 1-1 are on layer 1 and Alpha 2-1 are on layer 2 but command has access to all of them and can plan out different marks for different squads. This would be an excellent thing to have in large scale milsim communities and could even be applicable in things such as life servers. Anyways if you have any insight leave a reply. -Uncle
  2. Zeus and Mines

    Kind of seems like a pretty big over site that zeus mines will always be displayed. Oh well thankfully there are people who create work arounds like Austin.
  3. Zeus Player Slot Issues

    You can't create the thread due to the fact you are a new user and it requires that you have 5 or more posts prior with the first 5 posts being monitored for spam and the sort.
  4. RHS and Zeus

    Thanks for the heads up. Have started to utilise Ares and it seem to do the trick.
  5. Suicide Bomber (or just make him explode when I want)

    7/11 was a part time job. Nice script though!
  6. #Arma3Tips

    'If you see headlights, just go prone.'