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[SP] Pilgrimage

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The beauty of Pilgrimage is its effective combination of soldiering sim, orienteering adventure and detective mystery.
PCGamer's "Mod of the Week"

Alex, freelance PMC, is looking for the body of his brother, recently died on Altis during search of something very dangerous hid by their father. Island is in chaos after civil war, is terrorised by numerous bands of unleashed mercs and other marauders. Even worse, Alex knows only, that his brother fell at one of so numerous chapels or churches. It may be long, risky journey...

Pilgrimage is free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis.

I basically combined several well or not so well known ideas, few scripts etc into kind of semi-procedural mission adjusted for my personal taste and use. Should be liked in the first place by "lone wolves" who appreciate freedom of choice, yet want to be motivated by some certain goal and act for a reason.

This mission is highly customizable.

Gameplay dynamics is, depending on settings not very high, there are long intervals of calm journey across whole island separated by fights of various density if player choose to fight or is surprized by enemy. One gameplay may took many hours. It is designed as mod-friendly and should work fine with most FX, AI and immersion enhancers.






Cool showcase by HazBo - Thanks!









Mission Guides etc


Leadminer21 aka alky_lee, an experienced pilgrim, prepared great compilation of useful informations, observations and advices about Pilgrimage gameplay. This invaluable source of knowledge is a must read for all new on the pilgrims' pathway:


Excellent playthrough by BeachAV8R:

Pilgrimage - AAR vol. 1
Pilgrimage - AAR vol. 2

Great youtube playthroughs for various mission versions (links to the first parts, follow the links provided there to continue watching):

by Scott of Royal Gamers UK, first run
by Scott of Royal Gamers UK, second run
by leadminer21
by leadminer21, with mods
by Starfish
by llegostackr
by Titus Groan, 1st (RIP)
by Titus Groan, 2nd (RIP)
by Carl Meyer

Thanks to all! 🙂

My own playthrough with some features and specifics explained







Altis, Bornholm, Chernarus, Lingor:


Dropbox via Orangedox (1.951)

Dropbox via Orangedox (1.951 open Altis) - open folder



MANW contest edition
Big thanks to all, who voted and supported my work! 🙂




To Do



- refuel Mad Stomper at each waypoint;








It is my own "dev branch". Here I'll try to update the file on an ongoing basis each time, I find and fix any bug, so impatient may use it instead wait for the fix in the next official version. Please, play without -noLogs startup parameter, and provide me RPT file (path to the folder like: C:\Users\Rydygier\AppData\Local\Arma 3), if any issue encountered.

latest fixes:


- content from DLC, player doesn't own, shouldn't be spawned as loot, vehicles or AI units;

- redone inspecting vehicle (each part treated separatelly insted of damage/setDamage approach, no FF taken, if inspecting not possible, for example no toolkit and difficulty at least Very Hard and fuel 100%);

- updated credits;

- significantly more doctors and mechanics, better chance for a doctor, than mechanic;

- body has to be actually spotted before loading action available;

- "NW" tooltip correction;

- main settings track for Chernarus port a bit louder;

- no more error message about lacking windMedium sound at the intro begin;

- added green exclamation mark 3D icon to indicate recruitable POWs positions;

- improved setting initial direction of the boat;

- blue-3D marked civilians offering special services will not loose their icons after asking them for the intel;

- Stuff sellers.

Unofficial editions


Download links to Pilgrimage custom versions/ports made by other people will be put/updated there if requested. In matters of these editions, please, contact their authors. 


a2012v's edition (v2016-08-05):







Newest known additional features list here.




Vafana's editions (v2016-08-22):




Pilgrimage Tanoa
Pilgrimage Chernarus RHS (require RHS Escalation)
Pilgrimage Altis RHS (require RHS Escalation)


Newest known features description here.



rsoftokz's Tanoa edition thread


Pilgrimage - Ported -  ports compilation thread







  • content from not owned DLC shouldn't be spawned as loot, vehicles or AI units (some mods altering vanilla content may break that filter);
  • redone inspecting vehicle (each part treated separatelly insted of damage/setDamage approach, no FF taken, if inspecting not possible);
  • updated credits;
  • doctors, mechanics, and traders may be encountered as sub-type of "blue exclamation" civilian depending on reputation;
  • 5 new starting locations for Altis (thanks to major-stiffy);
  • redone visuals of ADM messages;
  • added green exclamation mark 3D icon to indicate recruitable POWs positions at strongholds;
  • various fixes and improvements.



  • Chernarus, Bornholm and Lingor ports;
  • FF Decoy: ability to attract some near foot mobile enemy groups by sacrificing FF and broadcasting the coords. The more - the bigger range and chance. May also bring the chase after Alex instead. Groups equipped with any vehicle or static weaponry not affected; 
  • smoke for hidden camp's bonefire if Blastcore is not used for easier spotting; 
  • new ringtones for ADM/phone;
  • fatigue switch works with new Stamina system (thus mission including ports requires A3 1.54 or newer);
  • loot evaluation works with new vest and headgear protection config;
  • various behind the scenes code fixes and improvements.


  • (likely) fixed a possibility of loot sell failure, some players experienced;
  • small code optimisation.


  • weather should be a bit less rainy again;
  • few more feedback providers/helpful people to the credits;
  • bipods handled by selling loot code;
  • restricted part of Marksmen DLC content should not appear as loot in boxes, if player doesn't own Marksmen or Bundle DLC;
  • for easy and normal difficulty Intel bought on ADM now will show the closest empty vehicle, not random;
  • few other code changes.


  • blocked radio chatter from just killed TL/group;
  • civilians pointing nearest empty vehicle;
  • more frequent civilian pointing a stronghold;
  • FIA present in AC basing on reputation, when closest stronghold was cleared;
  • enhanced ranges for some radios: 15000 for the choppers, 10000 for artillery, 4500 for motorized patrols;
  • prevented a risk of motorized patrol/chopper calling himself;
  • FO will not call for arty, if distance to the target is anyway too small (preventing call arty/negative spam);
  • correction in the enemy spotted comm;
  • enqueued communication;
  • prevented comm during outro;
  • added "ransom" money chance from interrogating captured hostiles;
  • fixed some issues with support communication, especially for hunting support;
  • fixed: with enabled AC east could call resistance mortars and vice versa;
  • added 2 minutes interval between arty support calls, if last one was refused;
  • amount of armored empty vehicles on map depending on difficulty;
  • for VERY HARD randomized handgun instead of SMG;
  • small improvement in artillery code;
  • added POW marker for stronghold intel from civilians/captives for difficulty easy and normal.


  • tweaks, fixes and balancing for reputation mechanics;
  • more interesting radio comm when player is hunted;
  • fixed a mistake with doubled stronghold coordinates (at Frini);
  • enhanced tracking/hunting - more groups may be allocated depending on Alex's fame;
  • new statistics for debriefing;
  • civilians may report player's position or trail to the hostiles depending on reputation;
  • fixed church mark in Chalkeia.


  • minor tweak in the intro;
  • few language and comm fixes;
  • fixed no selling action for some of crewmen's bodies.


  • code optimization;
  • selling content directly on the bodies;
  • sell prices calculated more accurately including attachements, loaded magazines etc;
  • toolbox can affect/allow repairing;
  • for ABUNDANT loot distribution removed loot origining from Karts DLC;
  • Arming civilians to make them local ally/hostile depending on extreme reputation values;
  • rare quests with valuable item as a reward;
  • added 12 boats randomly across the shore at piers etc;
  • soldiers without NVG have flashlights;
  • better chance for "civilian" loot in civilian buildings on NORMAL loot distribution - weapons rare in such houses. Old NORMAL now named ABUNDANT;
  • hostile radio traffic messages when possessed frequencies (from TLs body at intel search or from POW interrogation);
  • additional statistics for debriefing screen;
  • more AI commentaries on actions;
  • body crosses in "all" setting only, when player came close enough to spot the body. "All" renamed to "Spotted";
  • for EASY and NORMAL chapel/church markers will stay on map no matter scaling for easier planning till checked;
  • "checked" markers smaller per 15%;
  • having an armed vehicle affecting surrender chance;
  • intro and outro;
  • language corrections (thanks to Law-Giver);
  • various tweaks.


  • Hitch-hiking and return to hideout actions now disabled when body is loaded into the vehicle, not when body is found.


  • added action to move the body from one vehicle to another (new vehicle must be player's current assigned, close to the present carrier of the body);
  • fixes in the artillery code;
  • now all team members have access to the all Alex' action menu features;
  • small corrections in diary instructions.


  • fatigue effects switch added to supports menu (0-8);
  • there should be no intel about body location after body is found;
  • fixed code checking, if there is enough space to unpack the hideout;
  • removed some object collision risk for additional vehicles fast travelling to the hideout;
  • events affecting reputation now are loosing significance slower and are never forgotten completely;
  • civilians may now sometimes observe also near dead bodies;
  • added "RANDOM" option to the each initial setting except "Caching mode" and "Landing area";
  • "RANDOM" option for "Landing area" setting renamed to "UNKNOWN";
  • rearranged settings order in the initial GUI;
  • added Diary entry with "Setting review" log;
  • added mission guide pdf;
  • various code fixes and changes.


  • Added binoculars for EASY difficulty level;
  • added graphical logo and improved initial GUI aesthetics;
  • fixed small error in the code for obtaining direction intel (for higher reputation there was slightly higher risk of misleading direction instead of smaller);
  • small code fixes.


  • "Loot value" setting replaced with "Loot distribution" setting;
  • reorganized "Difficulty" setting, added "underwear" mode (no any gear at start);
  • Expected reactions of the locals on player walking in the underwear only;
  • fixed annoying config error showing up at init from time to time;
  • now empty vehicles may be also of civilian side (Karts excluded);
  • various fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed weird civilian outfits due to latest A3 update (Karts DLC);
  • third "hacking UGV" option - disabling AI control;
  • now also groups around controlled by player UAV/UGV are un-cached;
  • new option for 3D icons setting to show only civilian sentences;
  • possible intel about a stronghold location from the civilians;
  • HVT map marker now also shows kind of target/target's vehicle for better recognition - useful if 3D icons are disabled.


  • new "initial daytime" option - RANDOM;
  • added 6 hours wait to the supports menu;
  • "preparing a box" action enabled also for normal loot distribution mode;
  • seriously increased chance to find an AT soldier at checkpoint (50%);
  • additional option for 3D icons setting to disable all 3D marks of any kind;
  • reduced to 10% efficiency of vehicle repairing in the hardcore mode;
  • AC intensity now altered by local population/urbanization density;
  • three new options for AC setting introducing limited mode (amount of AC groups spawned per area become limited, so each area may be cleared permanently. Limit depends on in intensity setting);
  • ADM car markers easier to spot now;
  • removed items (watch, compass,GPS, map) from civilians;
  • new action visible, when player has assigned armed vehicle close enough, to search for any suitable magazines inside near empty vehicles and transfer into currently used vehicle;
  • if Alex will obtain UAV terminal, can "hack UGV" (added explanation in "to do" entry of Alex' Notebook);
  • locals now may sometimes comment the player by 3D text;
  • reputation system noticeable affecting chance for useful intel from asked people and altering kind of comments and reaction of locals on the Alex presence;
  • Alex' companions may now rarely comment currently visited town depending on reputation;
  • reduced amount of the tanks in the tank groups, in most cases to only 1 machine. Only vanilla tank groups affected;
  • increased average distance of AC activities from the player (a bit lower chance to be involved into AC);
  • rare, additional "big battles in towns" for AC, with flare signals if at night;
  • "mad" UGV now more active - should patrol surrounding area if no targets in range;
  • added NVGoggles for "Better Gear" difficulty mode;
  • actions added by the mission code now have different color than default;
  • excluded from the populating pool groups with UGV;
  • AC code improvements;
  • various code improvements.


  • Now also dead team leaders of groups generated as Ambient Combat may be searched for Intel;
  • seriously reduced amount of fuel added during Inspecting of the vehicle (gas stations and fuel trucks should be important again);
  • additional option for asking civilians - paid information with increased chance of something useful;
  • modernized fast travelling functions to handle properly "exotic" situations, like player in one vehicle, companion in another etc;
  • added to the "realistic loot distribution" mode ability for player to spawn an empty loot box, that may be used for selling the loot. That box, via another action, may be removed also without selling from any place;
  • fixed: AI companion does not fast travel to he hideout with player if baot is assigned vehicle;
  • small fixes in hitchhiking code;
  • other code fixes.


  • camping lamps replaced with gas cookers;
  • better performance at init (reduced initial lags);
  • redone and expanded diary;
  • Realistic loot distribution and better gear options for the "Hardcore" setting, which is renamed to "Difficulty" (see in-game "Pilgrimage Guide" for details);
  • changed color of circle Intel for better visible on map;
  • added to the supports (0-8) periodic autosave (every 20 minutes) switch (disabled initially);
  • various tweaks and changes.


  • fixed some problems with assassinate side missions;
  • fixed some problems with artillery code;
  • additional init setting for arty - multiplied x4 ammo (for mortars it is 32 HE by default and 128 HE when multiplied);
  • additional six starting positions;
  • "selling in hideout" setting replaced with "Landing area", where player can choose, if starting point should be fully randomized, or within pointed part of the coast (by compass directions: NESW);
  • waiting 1 hour and manual bodies removing moved from radio channel to the supports (0-8-1,0-8-2), thus both no longer dependent on radio item;
  • changed "phone calls" init setting - now user can set there presence of both: phone calls and/or ADM Intel offers (loot selling not affected);
  • radio item is now required for phone calls, radio AND map items are required for ADM Intel offers;
  • addtional modes for both caching systems, that will remove bodies and wrecks only for Ambient Combat (other bodies still may be removed via manual removal - 0-0-1). Gear of fallen AIs is still deleted for all;
  • increased LONG range for aerial SAD patrols to 7500 and added VERY LONG - 12000;
  • enhanced some tooltips of init settings for better explanation.



  • changed colour of surrendered hostiles 3D marker;
  • added autosave at getting Intel excluding churches or adding the circle;
  • fixed civilian ambience: reaction of player's gunfire is working now as intended;
  • fixed Z-position of "civilian with Intel" 3D mark for units above the ground (eg. on the 2nd floor of building);
  • fixed risk of rare issue with "any" ff;
  • intensity of Ambient Combat feature for each setting reduced slightly;
  • adjusted default settings;
  • minor code tweaks.


  • visible parts of gear now are removed at unit spawn, not at death, so no more suddenly disappearing helmets or NVGs;
  • improved spawning and caching of motorized groups;
  • init settings to customize ambient civilians and "green circle" intel occurence;
  • brother's body marked in 3D when noticed by Alex;
  • own code for ambient civilians on foot;
  • second recruitable character is now an engineer;
  • player can now take direct control over any subordinate;
  • AIs, that surrendered, are now 3D-marked - useful for finding individuals to interrogate and gather their loot, when defeated group was scattered;
  • improved clean up function for ambient combat: now weaponholders near each body are removed as well;
  • old and far bodies apart from ambient combat, along with their weaponholders, will be now deleted too;
  • on Alpha radio channel (0-0-1) now forced clean up: manual immediate removal of all dead bodies with near weaponholders, wrecks and empty groups;
  • various code tweaks.


  • initial settings are now permanently saved in player's profile and will be restored automatically each restart;
  • when init settings GUI is visible, player can restore default values by pressing ESC button;
  • names and surnames of all possible subordinates are randomized from custom lists. All names are covered by sound recordings, so player will hear names, not numbers, when issuing orders.
  • several randomized shouts at team mate KIA with appriopriate names;
  • if ambient combat is enabled, opfor minefields are dangerous for independent units;
  • additional code to allow a bit more groups for highest AI density settings without violating the group limit;
  • new kind of intel exclusively for civilians: rough azimuth/direction pointing. Small chance for false azimuth (civilian presence not included - may be added by an addon);
  • sometimes civilian may offer better intel in exchange for assassination of pointed enemy group leader. Bonus payment possible depending on kill quality (distance, headshot, surprise...);
  • voice set for player shouldn't be used by possible subordinates;
  • minor tweaks and fixes.


  • language corrections (thanks to Law-Giver);
  • hitchhiking disabled in hardcore mode;
  • added shift+click waypoint(s) placing (custom replacer for lost vanilla feature, disabled in hardcore mode);
  • various code tweaks and fixes.


  • optional ambient war (opfor vs resistance, seriously affects shape of gameplay, making it more chaotic, less predictable, more intense and difficult);
  • option to have weapons from loot always with some proper magazine or two;
  • choosable initial daytime;
  • added secondary goal to the diary entries - to free two captives from strongholds;
  • added list of all ten possible coords of the both strongholds to the one of the phone calls;
  • stronghold and airfield commanders now hold intel about exact locations of each such places on map;
  • if player has any subordinate, from time to time some group chit-chat sentences will be displayed;
  • code tweaks and fixes.


  • moveable hideouts using vehicles;
  • action for direct loading body into the boat, if not farther than 300 meters;
  • air patrol range/choppers presence now adjustable;
  • some code tweaks.
  • additional box at each camp, that may serve as secondary storage and place for selling loot (optional). First box now only for storage;


  • two additional heavily guarded "strongholds", each placed randomly at one of 10 predefined locations, where better intel and someone to hire can be found;
  • two of present on map airfields will be randomly picked and populated with heavy guards and a chopper. Good intel may be found there;
  • enemy group may sometimes call air support from one of such airfields. The closer to airfield, the bigger chance;
  • disabled automatic church mark in "Hardcore" mode;
  • additional A3's music for the jukebox;
  • there is small chance, so enemy group that sustained heavy losses will surrender leaving armament on the ground;
  • additional sources of possible intel may be found: special items (10% percent of loot), captives, some civilians (rare, and by default there is no civilians, only may occur, if is used mod like TPW's, that will add civilians);
  • small chance (but 100% at body of stronghold or airfield commander) for better intel - pointing wide area, within which body is located instead of exclusion of single places;
  • additional intel possible - revealed some enemy presence areas on map;
  • various code changes and improvements.


  • boat marker should be removed in hardcore mode;
  • adjusted some descriptions of init options;
  • improved arty script functioning and reliability;
  • changed player's position before init (cosmetic change);
  • various tweaks and fixes.


  • new caching system (up to 10-15 FPS more);
  • added option to choose new (D-R) or old (H-S) caching system;
  • optional hostile artillery presence and activity (2-4 mortars controlled by FFE script);
  • improved loot positioning;
  • at init Alex' (and his companion's) weapon is now randomized from 3 available SMGs. Randomized is also uniform from 10 chosen;
  • added removing of boat marker, hideout, and firing artillery markers when chosen "no items" feature, which now is renamed to "hardcore";
  • added distance check between player and his current vehicle during both fat travel actions. If vehicle is farther than 250 m, player will be moved without his vehicle;
  • code optimized;
  • various code fixes and tweaks.


  • fixed issue with AI not attacking player.


  • Init Options GUI with dozen parameters and optional rules to customize:

- loot prices,
- loot density,
- checkpoints density,
- garrisons density,
- hidden caps density,
- phone calls switch,
- selling loot from hideout box switch,
- multiple hideouts switch,
- AI companion switch,
- starting without map, compass, watch and GPS switch,
- kill markers mode switch,
- loot 3D icons mode switch (moved from radio channel).

  • Alex is now demolition expert, so can effectively use mines and such;
  • language corrections and new phrases;
  • improved calculation, what should be taken from enemy's inventory at death;
  • various fixes and tweaks.


  • improved camp placement (less steepness acceptable);
  • fixed problem with too rare "item" kind of loot;
  • minor code tweaks.


  • added more hostiles (checkpoints, hidden camps, chance for more guards at military compounds);
  • added ability to establish a hideout at cleared hidden camp that allows to rest, heal kep some cargo and fast travel there for free. Details in mission's in-game Diary;
  • now player begins by random at one of ten pre-definedstarting points;
  • immersive and narrative on-screen hints about noted by Alex near hostile presence or camps;
  • player now can via radio channel set three-state loot markers switch (show all, show some, show none);
  • phone calls logged under "Phone calls" in map view;
  • hitchhiking disabled if player obtained brother's body;
  • chance for better loot in military buildings;
  • near motorized patrols will investigate area, where player was spotted;
  • autosave at each holy place and at broter's body;
  • adjusted music volume;
  • ffu changed for ff;
  • adjusted ammo auction prices;
  • fixed issues with some loot items (like caps, vests, helmets and such);
  • adjusted weather;
  • numerous code and other fixes and adjustments.


  • added rare short-term opportunities to buy on ADM approx. locations of randomly chosen empty vehicles or enemy presence;
  • 3000 ffu at start;
  • chance for additional enemy garrisons at marked hills;
  • fixed lately introduced issue: chance for blufor groups as "enemy" population;
  • various improvements, tweaks and fixes.


  • added ability to use as part of random hostile population groups from user-made addons (experimental);
  • fixed fatal issue: failing mission at entering any vehicle;
  • adjustments in hitch-hiking code.


  • added semi-dynamic "phone calls", that during gameplay will gradually reveal some aspects of the plot/background and may give some useful info;
  • fixed issue with failing mission, when UGV is destroyed;
  • various code fixes and adjustments.


  • fixed problem with jukebox, that tends to stop playing music if game was saved during playing music track and then loaded.


  • added fast travel system based on ffu (fuel fund units) that can be spent for "hitchhiking ride" or for refueling/repairing player's vehicle (see in-game notes for details);
  • minor code fixes.





- Arma 3






- whole map reasonably yet dynamically each play initially populated with enemy garrisons and patrols with few possible behavioral patterns. Nothing is spawned later, every kill counts and has meaning;
- dynamical adding of random loot to some buildings. Such buildings are, until checked, marked by 3D icon if player close enough;
- cameral plot with some small, nasty surprise;
- across whole island may be found few dozens of empty vehicles ready to use. If known to player, for easier spotting, also marked by 3D icons if close enough;
- context-sensitive jukebox playing with reasonable intervals A3's tracks depending on situation (safe/enemy spotted by player/player spotted by enemy);
- simple caching system to keep performance on decent level despite many groups on map;
- fuel fund used for fast travelling and repairing or refueling player's vehicle;
- kept as high as possible compatibility with mods.




Recommended addons


- Bigger Trunk addon (experimental);
INCOGNITO addon (alpha7: experimental) - Description;
- some custom factions/weaponry addons for bigger variety of opposition and loot (African Conflict, CAF Aggressors...);
- unlocked uniforms;
- Dynamic weather (with init delayed by 30 minutes - In tort_DynamicWeather_config.hpp set "delaySeconds" to -1800 before starting Pilgrimage.);
- any preferred low level AI enhancers (bCombat, ASR AI...);
- any preferred sound and graphical FX enhancers (JSRS, Blastcore...).




Credits & Thanks


- zapat for code, that inspired some improvements of my garrisoning functions;
- torskee and Law-Giver for language corrections and some new phrases for Alex;
- Leadminer21 aka alky_lee for mission guide pdf.




Known issues


- some mods may cause "no sound at init" issue, often with on screen config errors. In such case troublemaking mod should be found and disabled, then mission restarted without it. Alternatively issue may be "wait out" (should disappear after some time);
- since A3 v1.32 was observed sometimes minor issue with not visible "yellow actions" like "sell content" action for the boxes. Usually is enough to approach the box/other object again, otherwise save/load may be suggested. In some cases, if you play with AI companion, may be worthy of checking, if he could perform unavailable action for you via 0-6 order menu;
- due to interaction of fast travel and caching system in rare situations may occur enemy units appearance "out of thin air" before player's eyes if hostiles was cached near target position.




Tricks and advices


- If you got green mark and message about finding the body, it is most likely not farther than 50 meters from you and you had not obstructed LOS towards the body position. If finding brother's body seems too difficult, you may temporary set Terrain Details in video settings to "LOW" to remove grass etc. To load the body bring your vehicle not farther than 10 meters from it and use load action at body. Then guard this vehicle well until reach the boat.
- to enable unlimited saves: CONFIGURE -> GAME -> DIFFICULTY and enable "unlimited saves";
- to get a few more FPS, if you not loaded any saved game yet, try to save then load this save. For me it gives noticeable improvement;
- game crashes (CTDs) during the mission may have various causes, but some of them, especially those happening at init, eg during loading screen, also probably some weird errors with vanilla config breaking loading screen may be fixed by allowing more RAM for Arma 3 (seems, Pilgrimage needs lots of it during initialization due to lots of things to set). This may be done via -maxmem startup parameter, eg -maxmem=6144 if you have at least 8 GB of RAM or even -maxMem=8192 for 16 GB of RAM. Lower value may be sufficient though, not tested. Should be higher, than 2047. In the Arma's own game launcher this parameter may be set in parameters -> advanced. Same trick may help to reduce greatly initial lag, making initialization much smoother;


- You can add items to the box before selling content on ADM;
- own vehicle gives many advantages, but there is also a price - vehicle is spottable from far greater distancies, that man on foot;
- if you want to spot hidden camps easier, try Blastcore mod, it ads smoke visible from greater distancies to the fireplace;
- one way for defeating UGV may be bringing some AT-equipped enemy group close enough, so UGV may attack them and vice versa. It is difficult though, and still preferrable stays powerful, long-range weaponry;
- listen for distant shots. If you are few clicks from place, you are looking, and there is town with garrison nearby, you'll be most probably able to hear gunfire between UGV and soldiers. In such case helpful are also small crosses marking on the map each killed enemy.







I'm with pleasure and satisfaction making scripts for free. This way it was, this way it remains. However fact is, I already spent many hundreds of work hours on scripting for Arma 2 and Arma 3 so far and this number is growing third year constantly. So, if you want financially appreciate my efforts, or simply have no idea, what to do with money - here is the place. I do not expect anything, but any, even symbolic donation would be very helpful and appreciated. Will be also a sign for me, so my work is appreciated and needed. So, if you want...



I'm always open to good ideas, feedback is appreciated and mission is easy to enhance with new features. Anybody can depack this mission and change it for own needs, even release such changed version, as long proper credits are given: it is released under APL-SA license. Enjoy 🙂


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Nice -albeit pretty sadistic idea - trying it out now. I guess some kind of fast travel should be added. I don't think about click and teleport, rather something that fits the mood.

And now I can rename my mission. :)

Edited by zapat

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Hilarious coincidence. Probably I should check existing/planned mission names. Still, names are different. I hope at least mission itself isn't too similar...

pretty sadistic idea

Hm. That makes me masochist. :)

I guess some kind of fast travel should be added. I don't think about click and teleport, rather something that fits the mood.

Noted for consideration. Could be nice indeed, eg fast returning to places already visited. Walking whole Altis can bore to death anybody, I think, even, if just simple watching the island is so enjoyable cause its beauty. From the other hand I want keep as important event for player finding first vehicle, with fast travel it loses importance and is no more so valuable asset, still useful because of the trunk and necessary for the plot. For now best makeshift to speed up travel would be time compression.

Edited by Rydygier

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Believe it or not, it started from the same idea. :) Those calvaries inspired me too.

(But it has come a long way since, it has nothing to do with the original idea anymore, and I have plan B)

I agree fast travel should be limited. Eg. just a very quick idea: you can find map fragments and each one gives you one opportunity to fast travel, or such. Something between "frustrating absence of" and "non-inspiring plenty of".

I am curious as hell to see it unfold, but already bored after 2.3 kms of 4x (immersion killer) running, and foruming while non-paused arma character gets his rest. :)

This is the hard fine spot: a player is comfortable with 500m walking max. On one hand I hate missions which keep this in mind for this, because it kills the free island feeling, on the other hand I hate the free-island mood, because I have to run or drive kms.

Edited by zapat

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I think that paticular idea is somehow imposing for certain kind of missions. Good reason to make player travel across whole island - that's why I used it. Well, good to hear, I did not spoil seriously your plans. I'm interested, what you are planning though. Oh well, I can wait to Q3. :)

---------- Post added at 23:41 ---------- Previous post was at 23:28 ----------

I agree fast travel should be limited. Eg. just a very quick idea: you can find map fragments and each one gives you one opportunity to fast travel, or such.

Hmmm. I'm using TPW mod also for ambient car traffic. I must ask him for some hitch-hiking option. :) I'll think about this.

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Upgraded mission to 1.1. Changelog:

- added fast travel system based on ffu (fuel fund units) that can be spent for "hitchhiking ride" or for refueling/repairing player's vehicle (see in-game notes for details);

- minor code fixes.

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Good evening, I tried - great - but hard for me

please can you make unlimited backups

thank you

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For some reason I have no sound in this mission. I have sounds on the map and the ESC menu, but no weapon sounds. Tried it without mods, v1.1 and still didn't work.

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@ Kriswar87

Good evening. You mean unlimited save game? I can make, but isn't simplier go to the CONFIGURE -> GAME -> DIFFICULTY and enable "unlimited saves" there? For example I'm playing on customized difficulty level with unlimited saves (thus never thought about adding such feature in-mission).

@ CrabbiestCoyote

Do not know. I have sounds without any issues... Tried with vanilla and with JSRS. No problems. You have sound everywhere else, in other missions etc. except this mission? This mission does nothing particular with any weapon sounds.

Edited by Rydygier

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I did not know the setting.

CONFIGURE -> GAME -> DIFFICULTY and enable "unlimited saves.

thank you

super your mission - congratulations

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Upgraded to 1.11. Changelog:

- fixed problem with jukebox, that tends to stop playing music if game was saved during playing music track and then loaded.

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Thanks for your mission. It´s very very good. I loved the concept

I just wanted to ask if it is normal to find a "gun" without ammo and after that, wanting to get back to my original "gun" (which I had before and was left on the floor) and you do not get it back...

Sorry my english is bad...

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I wouldn't name it normal, but I encountered this issue too. Seems like something wrong with spawned weaponholders. If there will be more such issues, I can replace all weaponholders with regular boxes. Noted also another strange thing. When I took sidearm from the body and tried to move its magazine to the inventory, it fails. I must drop weapon and take again to make it working. Bah. Once I just used right mouse button on such magazine to drop it directly from pistol to the ground, and then magazine appeared on the ground, but didn't disappear from pistol. This way I could produce infinite ammo. :) Well, there are probably more oddities like that, I guess devs must take care of them. For weaponholder problem currently the only solution I see, is to drop weapon separately somewhere else before you try to get weapon from a holder and do not try to add anything to the weaponholder. With boxes apparently there isn't such problems. BTW weapons without ammo could be find, yes, it is normal and expected.

Edited by Rydygier

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Idea for the future implementation: the plot is really simple and not big, and still outlined very sparingly, it is intentional that way, so player can use own imagination and read behind the lines, or can easily ignore whole fabula if he want, still could be nice to have gradually revealed some things, maybe by "unblocking"... Some things may be given (eg in form of narrative, on screen text, memories or current "phone conversations" aka sidechats with someone) just after certain amount of gameplay time, some after killing enough enemies, at certain place or moment etc...

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Mission upgraded to 1.2. Changelog:

- added semi-dynamic "phone calls", that during gameplay will gradually reveal some aspects of the plot/background and may give some useful info;

- fixed issue with failing mission, when UGV is destroyed;

- various code fixes and adjustements eg:

Selling loot should be now more believable and immersive; all loot holders replaced with boxes due to some odd issues with invisible weaponholders.

Edited by Rydygier

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I'll give this a go I think, sounds like a pretty interesting concept... well done..! :D

As soon as I saw the title and read the description I thought it'd be exactly the kind of SP mission set up I'd like for my Terrain WIP- just wandering around with objectives to take if you want, free roaming and taking in the ambience.

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Well, porting procedural part of the mission (populating code, caching, loot...) should be relatively painless.

Teoretically also loot system should use any weapons/magazines content added by mods. Enemy groups, at least for now, are rather hardcoded though. If there will be need, later this may be reworked perhaps to allow autonomous use also custom groups of custom units from active addons, but even if possible, effect may be questionable.

Edited by Rydygier

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Just had a little go at Pilgrimage Ryd and it looks good indeed. I did find one strange thing (playing on DEV version here btw cos of Zeus !) in that the OPFOR winged UAV (Kabadil ?) was hovering instead of flying around. It looked very wierd it flying backwards.

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OPFOR winged UAV (Kabadil ?) was hovering instead of flying around. It looked very wierd it flying backwards.

Like a chopper? Weird indeed. So far I encountered only one UAV crashed, so suspected, that something is wrong with them. Code uses default BIS' spawn group function and there is included also recon groups with UAV. That's the only source of them. Why it is behaving like that after spawn? Because of added later waypoints? No idea at all. Hmm. Perhaps I just should exclude UAV groups from spawning pool? Unless this is because of dev branch. Someone must confirm that issue on stable first. Thanks for feedback. :)

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Yes it was acting as a chopper. I don't know if it was because of DEV branch. I would hold fire off changing just in case!

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Hi Rydygier, loved the concept and being playing your mission (great idea the ambient music and phone calls/flashbacks), but I have two issues on 1.2 version: A-) everytime I get a vehicle, the mission fails (no matter if it is parked or I GTA some civ vehicle passing by due to TPW modules) and B-) I just can´t hitchhike (i sell the loot, have more than 40 mil points, but when I use the hitchhike action, I´m prompted to click on the map, if I single click, nothing happens, and if double click, i just adds a marker... how do I hitchhike? Is there a thumbs up animation in ArmA3... it was recently implemented in DAYZ SA lol... just kidding about this, but I can´t hitchhike... what is the procedure for doing it?)


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I think, this may be also internal issue, not sure. It is about just one group of many possible so I think, I just remove it from the pool; anyway - there should be rather only infantry in that pool.

@ Corporal_Lib[bR]

I'll check your findings ASAP. As for fast travel - if you use action (beeing on road) should appear map with dark circle marking your current range based on ffu (if there is so much ffu, circle will go off the map of course and you see only slightly darkened map). Single click close enough to any road in range should take you there. But even if not, there should be hint explaining why it is not working. I'll check it too.

Thanks, guys. :)

EDIT: Found and fixed failing mission when in vehicle. Stupid I, thought player in thislist will return true also when player is in vehicle. Apparently not. As for autostop - it is working for me, but just in case I limited range marker radius, as for very big values (millions) there may be odd engine issues or something. New version inbound... BTW, just curious, how do you managed to get 40.000.000 ffu?! :) Perhaps something is overpriced?

---------- Post added at 18:51 ---------- Previous post was at 17:30 ----------

Mission upgraded to 1.21. Changelog:

- added ability to use as part of random hostile population groups from user-made addons (experimental);

- fixed fatal issue: failing mission at entering any vehicle;

- adjustments in hitch-hiking code.

(and removed that UAV group...)

Edited by Rydygier

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Gosh! I´m sorry, language misinterpretation, mil=thousand, I have 40000 ffu lol

But when the map opened after using the action hitchhikking there wasn´t a darkened circle... maybe this fast travel script wasn´t working... I´ll check the new version!


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Hi, just a few questions:

1. Where do I get the total of ffu. I don't see it. Each time I sell a box of content, I don't see the amount of ffu.

2. How and where do I fast travel?

3. Some weapons in boxes have no ammo. Is this your intention?

4. I get strange digital sounds. Not sure if this is phone calls. How do I answer phone?

5. Lastly, do you have README with all this information? If so, I'll look up the answers there.

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