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  1. I must agree with the OP. As an example I will take the "Supply Network" mission from Adapt campaign where you have to ambush a convoy. I played this mission in two ways: with the original AI and also using the mod ASRAI3. With the "AI" original, I just couldn't finish the mission because it was impossible to get my team to do what I wanted. With the mod ASRAI3 I managed to finish it. But in both cases was very frustrating and took all the pleasure of playing this mission. I just wanted to have a button to skip this mission. I had to save the game for every move in order to make the members of my team stay positioned where I wanted and do what I needed. This took all the fun out of the game.

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    1 - 3 ....Very good... Mortars..No please. Just if could be an option. In my case Always off.

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Thanks for your mission. It´s very very good. I loved the concept I just wanted to ask if it is normal to find a "gun" without ammo and after that, wanting to get back to my original "gun" (which I had before and was left on the floor) and you do not get it back... Sorry my english is bad...

    [SP] Day of Reckoning

    I finished your mission and i must say is a very good mission. Your Plot is just amazing. Thanks again. The only issue is with the map, markers and waypoints that´s not showing correctly. Usually i only see dynamics missions around here. Yours is very different in a good way.

    [SP] Day of Reckoning

    Thanks a lot. In fact I enjoyed traveling by car and for me the AI engage me all the time, i have to replay many times the "start mission", and because this, would be nice to have a SKIP option to initial cutscene, despite being very well done and fun to watch, but after some times (I forgot to save!) you really want to skip it and start the mission quickly. I ´ll try again the mission later. Congratulations, it´s very different mission and so cool!

    [SP] Day of Reckoning

    So far your mission is just great. Thanks a lot. Your introduction and ongoing mission is simply cinematographic. Loved. One great problem at all. I'm stucked in the part that you have to talk with VLAD. I could find him in Aldera(Or something like that), but can´t Interact with him.He is standing still in the middle of the street and I can not interact with him, and so the mission does not continue. But thanks, your mission looks a small SP campaign.:D P.S. sorry for my poor english.
  7. SaOk, your mission is one of the best there is. I would like to thank you for your time and dedication to this mission.:)
  8. Thank you. So I can assume that the second measurement is the most accurate
  9. Every time i run this benchmark in Altis, for the first time i get low FPS(20-22). From the second run to next i get a proper FPS(31-32). Is something wrong? Is supposed to be so?
  10. MSILVA

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    In my case i have the same performance with ocasional (quick) stuttering,but completely playable as stratis was
  11. MSILVA

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    So far No FPS issue win 7 64 AMD Phenon II X4 965 3.4 ghz 8 GB RAM no SSD here... ARMA and steam are installed in second HD SATA 3TB... HD System SATA 500GB... GTS450 1GB DDR5
  12. ABS a small information in case there are more newbies like me....when i extract your mod file(using winrar), it´s create a two @STA3 directories, one inside the other, you must place over the ARMA3 folder the second directory(which comes inside, the second level), otherwise the editor not show your mod reference in. Sorry about my english it´s very poor. Just in case there are more fool people like me...:o
  13. I don´t kown if it's possible...add a "teletransport effect" just to move your soldiers over the map...i think i heard about a teletransportation mod in ARMA2 or something..í'm not sure about it...but i think it´s a effect for a mission, not for a addon. Just a ideia. I'll try your mod later...thanks again...
  14. Enterprise, one to beam up!!:D Just a great mod!!!!