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  1. sgt-mikey

    KLPQ Music Radio

    I'm having issues as well, I followed the video yet when im in game an turn on the radio the music doesn't play (but the title and artist shows) Edit NVM figured it out!
  2. sgt-mikey

    Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    How do you save it as a Paa texture. when ever I save it as one, its just a black texture?
  3. sgt-mikey


    quick question? is there so way to make ai you place down traders? I thought I saw it somewhere before?
  4. sgt-mikey

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    I too would love to know how to set it up?
  5. Found something a bit interesting, in the second mission when you have to answer the call from the reporter, but you have the option to keep declining the call. if you decline 3 times the driver say "are you ever going to answer it?", If you decline again she stops calling and your stuck on a black-screen. I know you are suppose to answer the call, but I think it should give a mission failed or even better, just give the end credits and bring you back to the campaign select screen as if you beat the campaign.
  6. sgt-mikey

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Really enjoyed this weapon mod! really good quallity stuff. However I was wondering if you plan to release the attachments in a seperate pack. My groups is planning on removing this mod to cut off unneeded weapons, However I would love to keep the attachments. It's fine if its not possible, but thought to ask, anyways keep up the good work.
  7. sgt-mikey

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    First of all, This is amazing and thank you guys for porting to Arma 3! :) I have a question however. Do you have any plans to add the custom factions (including Mutants :D ) into the mod? Just curious? nevertheless, thanks for porting the map, and keep up the good work!
  8. sgt-mikey

    Sparfell's Workshop

    Are you going to put out a fix for the retextured carrier rigs too? (they look like the vanilla AAF and NATO rigs)
  9. My friend is wandering is there a work around at the moment to just play 3rd person sounds in 1st persons sound in the code? Thanks for responding, good job so far! -He thinks 1st person sounds are to quiet
  10. sgt-mikey

    LM Mods OPCAN2.0: OPTRE Reskin pack

    would be nice for Team Vs Team Matches, plus I know in Halo Forward Unto Dawn the cadets used colored Marine Armor for different teams.
  11. sgt-mikey

    Arma 3 Server host's game freezing

    Found The Problem, its involves a conflict between TFR and TS. The way to fix it is to reinstall them both.
  12. My Friends Arma 3 server keeps freezing after playing a bit on it. This is been happening since the past 2 weeks. We run a custom mod pack, but he's ran it fine for 2 weeks before this happened. I can run a server with these mods on and not freezing up. He can only run pure vanilla server without freezing up. If he runs the mods on a server and then tries to run a server vanilla and his game still freezes. I would really like to help him so im creating this post to see if anyone knows what this could be? None of the mods have been updated and Arma 3 hasn't to (this happened before and still is happening after the 1.52 update). Could it be a background program or anti-virus? If you need more info please ask and ill try my best to respond quickly. This is my first Topic Post here so, if there are any mistakes, sorry. :unsure:
  13. sgt-mikey

    Map Bozcaada

    Found a bug at the main airfield, it seems that AI can't use the runway, they just drive through the fence and proceed till it blows up. Great Map tho! :)
  14. I've tried uninstalling ACE3 (Steam Version) but every time I try to load a mission in editor I get this -------> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198115653525/screenshot/430447961034666917 Just thought to post on here. Still a great mod can't wait for more updataes :)