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  1. DusktilDawn

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Haven't been active on arma 3 lately and just got JSRS 4 APEX. It's great! However I noticed that some sounds were missing like the wipeout, neophron and maybe some others. I saw that they were in the files but I still heard vanilla sounds. :( I'm looking into it, but could I have some help with this? By any chance do you know any mods that conflict with JSRS?
  2. DusktilDawn

    List of all hidden texture inits

    I know there's other skins for the new VTOL's in the Apex Test Branch which can be accessed in the garage but I wanna know it in script for zeus as the garage one seems to create a vehicle instead of changing the texture.
  3. DusktilDawn


    Yeah I was thinking how the viper team was too futuristic, but it gives you the feel to fear enemies than ever before. But they aren't taking a cheesy futuristic look but something rather authentic. It's a feeling I have. I suggest for BIS that they add some more internal views like for the Blackfish as there is nothing behind the crew door. Hopefully they'll make an internal view for this maybe make some animations for mod developers to use considering this is not the final version of Apex.
  4. DusktilDawn

    U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone

    Hi, If this mod is still active, will you add VTOL functionality for this vehicle? if not, how do you?
  5. Yeah you can use drones which are helpful but get shot down easily. I recommend Church and Kiory's APEX Drakon although its WIP
  6. DusktilDawn

    APEX Drakon Jet-Powered UAV

    It's quite the killer man! I was gonna ask if you could add some movements to it like orbit around a spot n stuff but I saw in the tutorial that's already in game. Now I can really destroy the CSAT AI base :). Oh yeah, will there be some sort of countermeasures for the drakon?
  7. Hey Church since the HELLAD laser and light loadouts aren't included, when do you think the next update will be for them?
  8. I've probs said before but perhaps there could be a VTOL and STOVL variant. Just to remind you make sure they are zeus compatible :D
  9. nah didnt get them I said its like the reaction of gettin em
  10. YASS RELEASE!!!! kinda like I got crimson daggers on CS:GO thats how im reacting :DD
  11. Yes thank you fuller! :D I hope there is compatibility with your mod and this :DDD
  12. @Randomslap sad to hear that ;-; I hope the mod will go into the right hands and do what you need to do :) as long as the development keeps goin' (which it will well probably 99.99999999999% haha) I am happy and others will be too probably. Have fun with your "racecar" :D
  13. That'd be the nightmare of the skies. Also add a few other weapons like a cannon, ground missiles n flares and, you have the Ho-229 haha