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  1. Thanks Rozek for this post! As I see on Your YT channel exactly this same happens in OFP: BI devs please take a look into it :) Maybe it can be easily solvable :)
  2. doman

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    You can change behavior of this mod by placing modules in mission. With another module You can set up channels and give radios to everyone. But this is optional. All You really need to do is to give short/middle/long range radios to players inventory. Plus, everything can be changed in init.sqf if You have set-up that You need, and then simply copy-paste it to another missions. You can go back to slot choosing screen and then enter mission again, then for You this message will disappear. (I am not talking about #reassign). Try it.
  3. First post: Requirements: Community Base Addons ACE 3 Any questions?
  4. This is really bad and sad news. Sorry to hear that. Thank You torndeco anyway for this great extension, it was (and still is) pleasure to use it.
  5. doman

    Difficulty Overhaul

    Example of server config is here -> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile(bottom of the page Annotation: Since 1.58).
  6. doman

    Difficulty Overhaul

    Thank You very much ! :)
  7. doman

    Difficulty Overhaul

    We are using this same system as described above. This is unacceptable that this change has almost no documentation. Anyone has maybe "quick and dirty" way to overhaul this superb Difficulty Overhaul?
  8. doman

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Dear ACRE developers, testers, can You confirm that ACRE will work with TS 3.0.19 without issues?
  9. Polish translation :) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Project name="R_Unfold"> <Key ID="STR_R_Unfold_UnfoldMap"> <English>Unfold Map</English> <German>Karte ausbreiten</German> <Polish>Rozłóż mapę</Polish> </Key> <Key ID="STR_R_Unfold_PickupMap"> <English>Pickup Map</English> <German>Karte aufheben</German> <Polish>Podnieś mapę</Polish> </Key> <Key ID="STR_R_Unfold_OpenMap"> <English>Look At Map</English> <German>Karte anschauen</German> <Polish>Spójrz na mapę</Polish> </Key> </Project> Great mod for poor partisans gameplay, thank You ;)
  10. Thank You for fast answer. Yes I knew that You are author of mARMA too (btw excellent work), that`s why I asked directly without further explanation :) Next question would be: which tbbmalloc should I use? Shipped with mARMA (168,632 KB) or with extDB2 (86,2 KB)?
  11. Hello, I have a question regarding extdb2 and marma - are these two mods working witch each other?
  12. doman

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Last time he answered in this thread five months ago. This solution was given at this same day (26 August 2015). There was no other authors activity since then in this thread. If this small contribution to community (few kilobytes - one config file) bothers You - feel free to report my post, and admins will (propably?) hide it / delete link (?). A lot of great mods are discontinued because of such thinking that everything is closed. And here is question for experts: if something has no license then what? :)
  13. doman

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Hello all :) Yesterday I had -showscripterrors enabled during our coop mission. This error is very VERY frustrating as it appears to pop up when You are near dead person. So I have done a simple fix to use until Blackpixel will patch it in mod. Download here: tf47_launchers_armacoop_pl_doman.pbo (sign it by Yourself) (this is simple config fix thanks to earlier sugestions, "==" was replaced with "isEqualTo"). Thanks for this great mod and greetings from Poland!
  14. doman

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Thank You Jaynus :) We are using latest stable release in everyday sessions. But small group/s of testers are always interested in new dev builds :)