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  1. From today's dev change log: Fixed: The Thermal Imagery mode would not reflect the shape of the Night Vision Goggles I didn't see that as being "broken". It night vision looks way better full screen, as it would be IRL.
  2. DarthRogue

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I use standard RGB color space. I haven't done any tweaking to the rvmats, either before or after the update.
  3. DarthRogue

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    When I'm working with textures in Photoshop or GIMP and then I import them into Arma I expect them to look the same color and have the same tone and hue as what I see when I'm editing the image. When I have a lush green sat image and get it into game and it turns out piss yellow, there's something wrong. I shouldn't have to make my textures 5 shades darker than the look I'm really going for and then hope for the best that those same textures will render in the same color once they render in world with stock settings. Before this update there was a consistent 1:1 comparison between out of game images and in game images, but not anymore, even after playing with the post process lighting and gamma settings. They helped, but it's still not 1:1 as it should be.
  4. DarthRogue

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Altis looks great if you just adjust the post processing settings. It's a lot of the community made terrains that are suffering right now due to the lack of documentation from BI on the necessary config and rvmat changes.
  5. DarthRogue

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    For those terrain makers experiencing visual issues with lighting and coloring, check your RVMAT files in your layers, specifically the PixelShaderID setting. For the new update the parameter value should be "TerrainSNX". Terrain Builder is currently putting out "TerrainX", which is incorrect as of 1.60. I manually changed the RVMATs on my terrain and the difference was significant. I've filed a bug report on the feedback tracker detailing my findings. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117063
  6. DarthRogue

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I don't necessarily think we need a roll-back. All folks have been asking for is documentation on the proper way to edit the map config to make it look normal instead of looking like one big over-exposed lens flare. The toneMapMethod parameter mentioned earlier helped, but it's still not as it should be, and I worry that parameter may be deprecated at some point to where the old setting is no longer an option, meaning that other config values will need adjusted. But which values and what direction do they need to go in? This is where proper documentation from BI would be very helpful to the community.
  7. DarthRogue

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Ok, but what lighting settings do we need to change to get back to visual parity with what we had before on our terrains? If there's new settings in the RVMATs, then why isn't the current version of TerrainBuilder putting out RVMAT files with the correct values or settings? Where is the documentation that BI said would be forthcoming prior to the 1.60 release? My sole complaint, and it's a consistent one that I've had with BI for a couple years now, is that they make major changes to code or to the engine (renderer in this case) and largely fail to properly update scripters and terrain designers on the technical specifics of what was changed and how to navigate the new changes. More thorough communication could resolve 90% of uproars like this.
  8. DarthRogue

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    That worked beautifully! Colors look WAY better now. Much thanks! For the future, it would be beneficial to everyone (including BI) to make details like this public when major engine changes are made. It would save the modding community tons of headaches.
  9. DarthRogue

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    The visual update looks great on Altis, but that's because of course BI is holding the keys to the kingdom and know what they're doing. We terrain makers and editors are being left in the dark right now with no documentation as to what we need to do to our terrains to get them looking normal again. When BI makes big changes like this they need to do a much better job of having technical documentation available to modders on patch day.
  10. Anyone have a clue how to change the lighting and colors back to "normal"? The stock Altis config settings look like absolute ass on my terrain. Dry grass has gone from light brown to piss yellow and lush grass is now neon green instead of a deep green as it should be. I see the lighting settings but I'd rather know for sure what to change and by how much instead of having to edit, repack a full build, test, rinse and repeat x 1000 until I finally find the right settings.
  11. DarthRogue

    Binarise crashes after 1.58 update

    Tried verifying tool cache. 11 files failed to validate and were replaced. I fired up A3Tools to run starter and accepted the new license. Run pboProject and it crashes on binarize. Run DevP.bat again. Run pboProject and it crashes on binarize. Delete "P:\temp" folder Run pboProject and it still crashes on binarize. I'm gonna completely remove the P drive and all files on it and redo it from scratch. Will let you know how it goes. In the meantime, here's another crash dump. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifzfp97zryefgjy/binarize.zip?dl=0 UPDATE - Ran it again with a clean set of fresh files and re-extracted PBOs with AtoP and it's still crashing. No joy here. :(
  12. DarthRogue

    Binarise crashes after 1.58 update

    For what it's worth, here's another RPT and crash dump from this morning. Hope it's helpful. I can also confirm that the Binarize tool version is showing 1.59. https://www.dropbox.com/s/te4l75yj5ptx7y9/Binarize.7z?dl=0
  13. DarthRogue

    RoadVergePosts.tpp pls help

    Ok I didn't know you could do export multiple layers to one shape file. Good to know! Thanks!
  14. DarthRogue

    RoadVergePosts.tpp pls help

    How is it possible to do multiple layers of roads yet still export to a single roads.shp file? I'd think that every time you export a layer it would overwrite the roads.shp and you'd never have all the roads on the map at the same time, depending on which layer you exported.
  15. The terrain I'm working on has worked flawlessly up until today. I did the 1.58 update, updated the config to the new version, did an Arma3P on all the new files so the most current stuff is on my P drive, and re-saved my project with the new version of TB and exported the WRP again, so all that stuff should be on the same version. But when I go to pack it all up the binarise process crashes when using pboProject. "Binarise crashed with error status -1073741819" is the only error it gives. Anyone else seen this yet and have a fix?