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  1. So I have been wondering for a while now what is the following code in the RPT log? Server: Object 2:6081 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:5985 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:3510 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:4261 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:4668 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:4306 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:6015 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:3038 not found (message Type_92) Server: Object 2:4667 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:1103 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:4663 not found (message Type_92) Server: Object 2:4668 not found (message Type_92) Server: Object 2:4667 not found (message Type_92) Server: Object 2:4664 not found (message Type_92) Server: Object 2:5986 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:4664 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:5589 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:3188 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 6:986 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:1158 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 6:985 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:6986 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:4479 not found (message Type_120) Server: Object 2:2237 not found (message Type_120) I got an rpt of olmost 100Mb from 2 days of running the server... and I can't get my head around what this means.. does anyone know? cheers, KBBW - Kai
  2. Be aware there might be some kind of rant in here, its not like me at all but I have to get it out before I start going beserk... This is an honest review of my Tac-Ops DLC so far spoiler tag will be used in cases where there might be spoilers. The first thing I have to say is that I love all the platform updates, the team dit an outstanding job with the new physix intregration making tanks feel like tanks, I love it! So I was very pleased en then I thought: Lets try the missions then. I am not a pro player but I know I can handle myself quite well in a combat situation in arma knowing that alone I can take on quite a few of AI's and have it easy if I play with my unit together. We also have a shared difficulty preset where there is no 3rd person and ai skills to 0.1 acc and 0.9 skill making them "Smart" but horrible shots for enjoyable firefights and a constant fear of enemies flanking So the first mission I played was the one where you play as the FIA versus the rebels in 2026 Whilst I appreciate the time and effort that went into this mission pack there is a major flaw in that I can't understand didn't show up in initial testing: How the hell does goodlooking military orientet missions work with bloody AI's! I mean basic knowledge and military tactics don't work if you enemie has xray vision and magical homing bullets -.- (the last part I made up its more the have homing hands as the can make 100+ meter deadon 360 headshot...) Whilst military missions might be very doable in an PvP enabled situation as the enemies can't see you through the vegetation either AI's make the poorest choice for it... The only reason why units can make it in military situations agains the AI's is because they have medics who keep crawling from person to person healing them up all the time and its not uncommon for a group of AI's to completly annihalate any group during the combat either but walking through the walls and firing full auto and death aim... So whilst I like the effort the Tac-Ops DLC is the worst DLC in ArmA's history (Yes Karts way way better) purly because common sense about AI's got lost in the lets make it look cool and realistic part (And I do say it give a realistic look and feel the missions until that point of the famous: one shot no scope 360 headshot) *Drops mic again and walks out* P.s.: I know I have the DLC bundle 2 but could I get a refund on only the Tac-Ops part? P.P.S: This doesn't mean I do not look forward to the Tanks DLC
  3. So in order to make the ports work you need to define a seperate config files for each server, we have by example on each server an own range, server one starts for us @ 2400 - 2409, server 2 starts @ 2410 - 2419 etc. In the Battleye files we have the ports BE uses defined by default so server one has be port 2406, server 2 has be port 2416 etc this makes our servers completly working withut a hicup atall
  4. You di read the changelog right? Battleeye now has a new port it connects over so if that port is blocked it will screw everything up for you...
  5. kbbw123

    Tank drivers interior

    Wel.... this: From the recent SITREP does make my heart race and my hope's go up for interior on tanks. Seeing as it is their last big bang we might get more than we hoped for.
  6. Do you sometimes feel like you can take on a world? Do you feel like rescuing a comrade? Surrounded by tanks with small arms? Do you want to jump out of a fast flying chopper into the water and steal the enemy equipment? Well that’s not possible.... but we from Elite Warriors do try it! Elite Warriors is a group of individuals who are awesome, we wreak havoc together! While each member has their own specialty, as a team we complete the most impossible looking tasks! And have fun with it We are currently looking for Scripters to help with our ever-growing needs for more complex missions Feel like joining? Then feel free to join @ www.elite-warriors.co.uk For more information contact our recruitment department over email: recruitment@elite-warriors.co.uk
  7. Hey Firewill, We have noticed that something might have gone wrong with the signing of the following .PBO: fir_f14_acskin.pbo and fir_f14_acskin.pbo.fir.bisign No matter what we trie it will keep kicking people from the servers for it even though the key is in place
  8. kbbw123

    35 years of NATO

    So today is the day that NATO celebrates its 35th years of NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen. to do so they have a "Tag de offene tür" (day of the open door) at their airfield in Geilenkirchen, Germany. Ofcoarse I'll try to get as many pictures of the 70 planes present there for the modding community to use hopefully also allot of inside pictures from the transport and AWACS planes. List of planes to be present here:
  9. kbbw123

    35 years of NATO

    I got to sit in an apache cockpit.... and I huged a Leo2A6M+... I was LOVING it
  10. kbbw123

    35 years of NATO

    There we go as promissed all screensies that mod makers and bis can use, they are taken form my phone so not all of them are perfect but with the amount of them it should be enough. enjoy! http://s502.photobucket.com/user/kbbw1/library/35 years NATO?sort=3&page=1
  11. The Elite Warriors Development Team Proudly presents to you: Elite Warriors PMC Pack V4.2 Description: The Elite Warriors PMC Pack is a project that i started for my clan the Elite Warriors with this modpack I will be developing a COOP-4 Campaing. As this mod might seen unnesesery for most people as its focused on my own clan i do wish to share it for people to learn how to reconfigur units ect. and to play the campaing once released. Note that this modpack will have the vanilla weapons/vehicle's renamed to its most realistic counter part (Not all of the are real life names some are RL names that i have enhanced for future setting) Including in the mod at this point: Weapons: F-2000 (CQC/GL) Black/Woodland/Snow/Desert TAR-21 (CQC/GL) Black/Woodland/Snow/Desert ACR MkII (CQC/GL/Marksman/SW) Black/Woodland/Snow/Desert [Like i said some names have been changed from RL to fit ther Future setting] KH2002 MkII (CQC/GL) (2 burst) Vector .45 ACP Scorpion Evo 3 Kinetics CPW IMI Negev KAC LMG Mk14 Mod 0 FNP-45 MP-443 Vehicles Oshkosh M-ATV (Default black, Desert, Woodland, Snow)(Also GMG and HMG versions) Leopard 2A4 Revolution MBT Air assets A-10 MK3 KA-60 Units: All of these units come in Desert/Urban black/Woodland/Multicam and snow version AA Specialist AT specialist AA assistant AT assistant Field Engineer Field Medic Rifleman Teamleader Sectionleader Support gunner Assistant Support gunner Grenadier Marksman Not included in diffrent camo's Crewman Pilot Helipilot Special experimental unit with custom camo: Maritiem Rifleman Officers: The proud repesentation of our hard working officers in our community tasked with the daily operations and administration, this is a thanks to them. Thumper Dark-Raptor Mr-Pink Hawkster KBBW Eggbeast Badwolf Thesilverzim Hobbes Bubblybill Bill70 Warhound Future Features: Credit: BIS for ArmA 3!!!, he woodland camo that never gotten used ingame Elite-Warriors Dev Team for their time writing configs, retexturing and breaking keyboards! Elite-Warriors clan for their patience and their help testing everything!!!!!! Screeshots Early W.I.P. footage http://s502.photobucket.com/user/kbbw1/slideshow/EW%20PMC Requirements http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164308-F-A-18-Super-Hornet-for-ARMA-3 --> F/A-18 MOD Download:
  12. Finally another update, been to long: Changelog V4.2: ******Added****** (These are all members in our community that managed to get high ranks they get their own character) -Added: Dennenboom -Added: Maarten -Added: Sapien -Added: Duk3 -Added: Darkscuzz -Added: ENTI ******Fixed****** -Fixed: .scope error -Fixed: .weaponslotinfo error -Fixed: .Single error -Fixed: Gunner positions for M-ATV GMG and HMG ******Changed****** -Changed: Bill70 vest (testing for the new way to go with the vests) ******Removed****** -Removed: f/a-18 Dependency (There will be a carrier plane in the Jets DLC so i removed this to get rid of dependency)
  13. Issn't it possible for ground engagements to link it to side units? Say you have a jet on standby to provide CAS, in order for him to engage targets he needs confirmation that it is enemy right? so you have a recon JTAC team on the ground aswel that would confirm targets for you by just seeing them, that way you could even let AI confim them to you because they recognized the target as enemy and has relayed that to all Blufor. For Air to Air situations you would need somewhat as a AWACS to confirm radar sigs as actual enemies or a HQ Flight control tower
  14. kbbw123

    USA strike Syria

    It wouldn't suprise me if this event will trigger the next war :(
  15. kbbw123

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    I think for Nato they will use this baby: The Flacon turret on a Chally 1 hull (although I do hope they use their inmagination a bit and atelast use a Chally 2 hull) Its also a unmanned turret and it might fit perfectly with the theme (Armata vs New Falcon) It currently has the L30 120MM smoothbore but maybe that gets updated to the lovly L/55 Smoothbore As fro Greenfor, as they allready have a MBT Revelution I can not think of them getting an updated tank like the armata or something, they usually get the more outdated stuf for their age... Leo 2A4 MBT revelution, Warrior, The SAAB in the jets DLC, the merlin, etc. I think it might be either an upgraded older tank (Thinking something like this) A M-60 with a Abrams turret as the 120S upgrade package for the M-60 included: M1 turret with 120 Smoothbore and upgraded engine and side protection plates Or... something I can't think of...
  16. kbbw123

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Hm.... instead of running with a gun... running with the mouth... make sure do destroy the economie with words... I like it
  17. kbbw123

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Seeging the logo: And the name, it might (And I hope) that it is the Royal Netherlands Air Force Humanitarion actions. The reason I believe this = Name = "Orange DLC" Logo = 2 hands combined going over into fly wings Logo Luchtmacht =
  18. kbbw123

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    That might have been true if it wheren't for this second picture: That is a second artwork of the T-14 which makes it appearance more possible. That asside I wonder if they will use the 125 mm standard issue gun or the experimental 152 mm gun
  19. kbbw123

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    One picture:
  20. kbbw123

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    My feedback on a tank dlc is just one thing mainly. NO BLOODY HEALTHBARS! At the moment a properly angled front armor or a nice hull down position in a T-100 will let you survive 3 APFSDS rounds. ths should not be the case. Lets take the T-90 MS for example, as build it is quite simulaire to the T-100. the armor of the T-90 MS frontwise is to much for most conventional APFSDS cannons to pierce. yet 3 rounds seems enough to blow it? A tank does not have a healthbar! I can understand why you would do it, make the game more playable for people who don't care for realism or proper tank usage except for taking the tank to run over infantry. But for us tank loving people its just a killer... you should only be able to destroy a tank by killing its crew (Side shots on the thinnest armour on possible crewmember locations), by blowing the ammorack or by putting it on fire by destroying the engine or fuel compartment (remember, a disabled tank is also vaiable as a destroyed tank, only that you could use it more to your own advantage). Ofcoarse I would also love to see interior (The god awefull 1st person driver viewport is a mess... no way to drive a tank properly when you cant even see the side of your tank >.> ).
  21. Heya, So I'm currently trying to implement my own font (for my campaing), I have the font converted as TGA and then i converted the tga files to paa, put the paa files and the fxy files into the mod source folder and wrote the following config class CfgPatches { class EW_PMC_Fonts { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class CfgFontFamilies { class OpsoneBold { fonts[] = { "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold6", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold7", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold8", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold9", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold10", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold11", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold12", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold13", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold14", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold15", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold16", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold17", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold18", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold19", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold20", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold21", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold22", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold23", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold24", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold25", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold26", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold27", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold28", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold29", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold30", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold31", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold34", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold35", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold37", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\Opsone-bold-paa\Opsone-bold46" }; spaceWidth = 0.7; spacing = 0.18; }; class OpsoneItalicBold { fonts[] = { "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold6", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold7", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold8", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold9", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold10", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold11", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold12", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold13", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold14", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold15", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold16", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold17", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold18", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold19", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold20", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold21", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold22", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold23", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold24", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold25", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold26", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold27", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold28", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold29", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold30", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold31", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold34", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold35", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold37", "\EW_PMC_Pack\Textures\Data\opsone-italic-paa\OpsOneItalic-bold46" }; spaceWidth = 0.7; spacing = 0.18; }; }; Now the problem I'm having with it is when I'm trying to make it appear in game [ [ ["5 Minutes later....","align='center'shadow = '1' size = '1' font='OpsoneBold'","#BFC6C6"] ], (safezoneY-0.25),0.85,nil ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; I can hear the sound of it typing but the font is inviseble.... anyone has a clue what I did wrong? cheers, KBBW - Kai
  22. kbbw123

    Automatic backpack refill with Arsenal

    If your playing as a ammobearer or medic or engineer ect, you get a backpack with predefined ammo in it. so since you have that backpack once you close the arsenal it will give you the exact same backpack with the same classname and the predefined ammo. to fix this select no backpack and then the empty version of the backpack that is present in the arsenal
  23. it might be the new LOD blending, they did say it might come at the cost of some fps but it might have taken more than the render optimization has brought
  24. kbbw123

    Old 2D Editor Permanently Gone?

    you can untic a box in the options of eden somewhere to stop it from binarizing allowing you to edit the sqm file
  25. kbbw123

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    I think it depends on the person creating it how the campaing looks, I for example don't wan't people to freerooam in the missions i create, there is an nice order in things setup in a way that you get the most immersion when you follow that path, I don't mind having an friendly AI there that is invinceble, if he is there is a reason for it, i don't mind having to work with selective gear if the creator choose it its needed for the mission. You might think me crazy but I'm a awesome moments kinda campaing guy I love by example the COD SP campaing purly because of its awesome voiceacting, awesome moments (not even cutscenes just points where there is like a chopper hovering above you eradicating the enemie's) for me I need a proper story where people really thought of the story and did their absolute best to give you the feeling that your in the mids of all that awesomeness and that you have to go through it to see the end result if the awesomeness. The again like I said, it depends on the creators choice, all missions are excelent because its how the creator chooses his mission to be, put the time in and gave it to you to play with ;)