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  1. goomer

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Mouse control is primarily for head/view rotation, and only secondarily for body/weapon control. Weapon-sway is the only good design. Even if that means the weapon needs to be moved off the screen and then back in after a while. Weapon collision only works with auto-weapon-lowering/raising (to not restrict head/view rotation), which would rely on objects that are exactly as large as they appear to be (accurate collision). I don't think that's the case with objects in arma. Both of these ideas make me think of trying to run with both legs in casts. :<
  2. Play around a bit with the toadie.updatedtuesdays.com link for the g3 pack and you'll find it. :3
  3. But there's so much you can do technically that negates the need for stereo samples. Surround emulation has done it in the past, while some better than others. I'm not necessarily talking about what's possible with the arma engine currently, rather than what can actually be done through code. If you give me enough time (and money :3), i'm sure i could crank out a mono sample that is psycho-audibly formed (taking the game world into account and not actually mono anymore once i'm done with it), to sound just as good as the stereo sample. SCIENCE!
  4. Yes and Yes. All sample tinkerings and special effects should be handled by the engine alone.
  5. goomer

    Feedback tracker administration

    Still valid: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16863 Now with demonstration video.
  6. goomer

    LOSounds2 Release Thread

    I'm sure that (other) sound mod would profit from it. ;3
  7. There seems to be a problem with the signatures for AIA TP Lite. At least "AiA_BaseConfig_F.pbo" and "Disable_XEH_Logging.pbo" don't work. Re-signing all 152 files myself fixes the first, but not the second error. Tested on a dedicated server with identical files and verifySignatures set to 2. I hope someone can shed light on this :D Edit: Output from DSCheckSignatures.exe:
  8. But the engine isn't made of legos. You can't just put stuff on top of it and expect it to work. What you suggest may take an unforseeable amount of time and man power. If we can get improved performance right now with "minor" tweaks, why not pursue that for now? Nobody said there couldn't be a better solution in the future. The "just do it" attitude doesn't work with complex matter such as this.
  9. That is an excellent idea. I support this.
  10. goomer

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Is that directed towards me? Because that's what i was thinking. I dunno how TS comes into this or how it would conflict with TS. My impression is that it doesn't give a flying duck about TS.
  11. goomer

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    I don't understand the point of this question. Please elaborate.
  12. Dsly is upscaling the recorded material to 1440p, not 1600p. He's still playing at 1200p.
  13. A release candidate for a public beta is not a public beta.