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  1. Jona33


    I'll be honest, most of the parameters aren't really necessary. Some of the are bit odd though in the sense that they can do massively different things which makes it look really complicated. The most important one (IMO) (in addition to what's above) is probably the third one (_this select 2) which allows you to play a bit of a conversation, to use the example above. _sentence=["00_messiah","Mission1",[SENTENCE_1,SENTENCE_1]] spawn Bis_fnc_kbTell;} Will only play sentence 1 Next one sounds like the one you're interested in, I vaguely recall using it in conjunction with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/radioChannelCreate for a custom radio channel. Might have to experiment with that one yourself. I don't know much about it. Honestly never used the code one, but sounds like if you just put something like {variable1=variable1+1} would just run each time Replacement units, helpful when you want a unit to say something, but you don't know what it will be. E.g. if you want the player's group leader to give a command but the original group leader might be dead you can define a replacement so it will still work. Volume multiplier is self-explanatory but you shouldn't need to bother with it Disable radio protocol, think it should be left as true, since it defaults to true I wouldn't bother it again. As a fictional example of what a fully fleshed out command could look like _sentence=["00_messiah","Mission1",[SENTENCE_1,SENTENCE_1],"CUSTOM_RADIO_1",{variable1=variable1+1},[Unit1,unit2....unitN],1,true] spawn Bis_fnc_kbTell;}
  2. Jona33


    On top of the bikb file, you also need CfgSentences. This goes in the description.ext but because it can be very long I would recommend creating a file called cfgSentences.hpp and then in the description.ext writing #include "cfgSentences.hpp" The actual content is very similar to the bikb so it mostly involves copy and pasting stuff. There's the stuff for an example attached To use it, open the editor and place two units (with radios), name one actor_1 and the other actor_2 Copy and paste the attached files into it Then in the debug console write _sentence=["00_messiah","Mission1"] spawn Bis_fnc_kbTell;} and click Execute *I should mention I haven't tested this or used ARMA for a while, but this should be fine. https://www.mediafire.com/?1eqj8br71541yhg
  3. Jona33


    Hides your thermal signature, might have some level of ballistic protection but I'm not sure.
  4. Jona33

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    When you're ordering them to get in use the mount/dismount menu. So select the unit you want in gunner--press "4" (think it's that by default)--select the Coyote--gunner. EDIT: Never mind, that puts them in one of the FFV positions, so maybe just the ordering of the seats needs some tweaks.
  5. Jona33

    unit loadout edit

    Eden Editor-->Right click on a unit-->Edit Loadout (might not be called that exactly but should be pretty obvious). Allows you to use the Virtual Arsenal Interface to edit that units loadout.
  6. Jona33

    UK leaves Europe

    The referendum isn't binding on parliament, but it has already caused the resignation of the PM (and the collapse of the Opposition-10 resignations and a sacking today) and *could* lead to other countries leaving the EU, hence the big deal. Ignoring it would basically be electoral suicide for any politician. Also I wouldn't be so sure that nothing will be done, I suspect we will officially leave the EU (invoking Article 50) but the resultant agreement will look near enough the same. Boris Johnson (potentially the next PM, a terrifying thought) has basically said that the only thing he wants to change is how much the UK follows EU laws. A quick look around the internet makes it appear that we would have to follow most of them in exchange for access to the EEA (using Norway as an example) but there's still at least two years of wrangling to come.
  7. I'd agree with that Lexx said, I don't think that you can really explain Altis sending armed forces to Tanoa in the context of the official ARMA III lore. What you can always do is just come up with an alternative name and story for the AAF, e.g. call them a general Greek Armed Forces who might send a peacekeeping detachment. Or just use the equipment, change the faces and you have a local powerful army (Indonesia maybe, if you weren't fussed about the voices you could even call them Australian (and claim the flag on the uniform is a unit patch or something)).
  8. Jona33

    UK leaves Europe

    So to sum it all up for anyone who's confused. -Both campaigns lied their asses off (the leave side with numerous demonstrably false claims, not least the £350 million, while the French haven't invaded so the remain side was also lying)* -Everyone now hates half the country for reasons they don't fully understand (it's now very unfashionable to believe experts) -The pound is now so weak an email from a Nigerian prince is now worth more than winning Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.** *Insert some joke about them leaving when confronted by an old man with a walking stick, that'll never change. **For the internet economists, I'm aware the pound has recovered somewhat. It's a joke. Just to be clear. Obviously the above is my light hearted take on it. I'm not thrilled about the prospect of leaving the EU but that's the vote so we'll have to deal with it. More worrying is the state of politics at home. When the least objectionable replacement for Cameron (who's actually in the running) is Theresa May it's bad. Even if a general election is called there's the awful choice of the conservatives, I would be massively surprised if the Labour party could be considered electable. I like Corbyn's manner and principles, just not his policies. The lib dems were wiped out last year and I would be surprised if they managed a resurgence. (ask somebody on the street who leads them, I wouldn't bet on many people bringing the name to mind) Then there's UKIP who have now achieved their solitary aim, are a bit redundant and have always performed poorly at General elections. However I always look on the bright side of life. Every time we have a referendum on Europe our cricket team win the next match (it's happened a whole two times now, so we just need to hold a referendum next time we need an Ashes win) EDIT: @Pete, in response to "how could anyone be so naive to vote for leave"-politics is odd in this country. Rationality is routinely hard to come by, for gods sake people were accusing the vote of being rigged because they were given pencils to mark their ballot papers with (presumably Cameron hired an army of dwarves with a thousand rubbers apiece to hide in the ballot boxes and change people's votes). One of the leading figures in the leave campaign said that the public has "had enough of experts"-because the concept of listening to professionals with much less in the way of vested interests than the politicians is now bizarre. The EU just became the target, every problem can apparently be chalked up to the EU (also doesn't have to be a real problem-made up is fine). Both sides have bullshitted their way but the leave camp were more convincing. To be honest, I hope it goes well for us as well because I'd rather be proved wrong and not be living in a sinking ship. I'm gonna be surprised if it happens though.
  9. The Americans often took the radars off in Afghanistan, weaker engines couldn't take the strain for something they weren't using much. Also radar only hellfires aren't much use when it comes to dealing with buildings or when you need to actually look at what you're shooting. If memory serves the initial version of the Apache didn't have a radar at all, certainly wasn't until the D version that the famed longbow radar came into use.
  10. I really like the new thermal stuff. The ARMA 3 thermal goggles are definitely not some sort of god mode, in that holding up a hot (recently fired) weapon in front of them washes them out so they're really not OP, as to use them effectively you really need to lower your weapon. They therefore favour careful movement and sparing use if you're in heavy fighting. On Altis they could be, and every vehicle having thermal optics was a pain given how open it was, but on Tanoa they're brilliantly helpful.
  11. Jona33

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Related to what twistking said, the implementation of the thermal goggles has been really well done. They obviously adjust to the ambient environment, so when holding a rifle that you have just fired (and to a lesser) extent a pistol up in front of them washes the thermal goggles out and makes them much less effective. This adds some really nice gameplay choices, wandering around with your rifle up and unable to see, or risking having your rifle lowered, as well as switching between a handgun and primary to let weapons cool really adds some depth. It also stops the thermal goggles being ridiculously overpowered. Good work BI!
  12. Jona33

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Bloody hell its good. The cities are fantastic, enterable enough for me but what really stands out is the vertical component, lots of ladders and inter-roof bits of wood. The Enhanced Movement mod could also come in handy really quickly. On the other hand. The Jungle is something else, it's really extraordinary. Taking one of the paths that leads out of Georgetown and just following it along you get blown away by the detail. For me I found it was worth dropping view distance significantly (down to about 900) in the Jungle. You won't notice anything different and I get a much improved frame rate like that (it's worth noting I'm using a standard laptop which is not powerful, that probably won't be necessary for people with proper computers). Overall performance seems great and the details are just something else.
  13. The truck leaving Rogain is McKinnon's car (the one that is later blown up). At Maxwell the helicopter is indeed Miller and his team landing, I wouldn't read anything into the truck moving other than for the stated logistical purposes.
  14. Does the mentioned removal of placeholder configs account for things like roads and railway tracks not being placeable anymore? And if so, is it possible for an extra pbo to change that back, I found them really helpful for mission making. On a different note, thanks for the extra space around the maps, Chernarus and Takistan are great with it.