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  1. anrio

    PLP BeachObjects

    does the work finished? How about a mistake? "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/DestructionEffects.scope" (v1.56)
  2. hoverguy, thanks. Ok, I'm a tester :) I added "B_HuntingBackpack" into Items, the shop 'sells' it to me, but I don't see it in my inventory Hmmm.... i have bought a machine-gan, after that - backpack, and the machine gun disappeared :blink: (at the same time - the backpack isn't present)
  3. At the moment I need "100Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag", "200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box", "Titan_AA", "Titan_AP", "RPG32_F", "RPG32_HE_F", "NLAW_F", "SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag", "IEDUrbanBig_Remote_Mag". In fact, I don't know what items can be necessary further. RHS weapons\mags, f.e.
  4. hoverguy, thanks, it works. I hope, the shop will sell IED's, m-gun mags and rockets ("Titan_AA" etc) instead of 'This type of item is not handled at the moment' :)
  5. How can I remove action 'Open shop' after closing the dialog? I has added _player addAction["<img image=HG_SWSS\UI\gun.paa' size='1.5'/><t color='#FF0000'>Open Weapons Shop</t>", {["HG_DefaultShop] call HG_fnc_dialogOnLoadItems; id_shop = _this select 2},"",0,false,false,"",'(alive player) && !dialog']; - into 'initPlayerLocal' and player removeaction id_shop; - into 'fn_dialogOnLoadItems' but the action removes after 2nd dialog's opening\closing only
  6. OK, I can see the right text in all the fields Check your stringtable.xml for the correct text existence in sections. hoverguy, how to increase the window width? some text doesn't hold in a field
  7. hoverguy, the shop window seems so small to me. How can I resize it (at least more width)? And I don't see the price.
  8. Hello TPW! I want to make skirmish in manually mode, between FIA and AAF init.sqf: _am=[] execVM "scripts\tpw_core.sqf"; tpw_skirmish_active = true; 0 = [5,2,5,2,500,2000,1,1,1,30,"Max_police_man","Max_police_hunter","B_G_Soldier_lite_F","B_G_Quadbike_01_F"] execvm "scripts\tpw_skirmish.sqf"; but nothing occurs ("Max_police_man","Max_police_hunter" are from addon)
  9. anrio

    PLP BeachObjects

    scottlee, I have the same 'no entry' (Arma 1.44)
  10. anrio

    PLP BeachObjects

    poolpunk, freezes are small and insignificant but visible:) Radio as object was "taken" from fireplace (with actions like "cancel fire"), wasn't it? There's sound_fire when fire is inflamed and no sound otherwise. Maybe it's an idea? To bind sound_playing_radio with sound_fire somehow... In 'beach.txt'? It will be enough
  11. anrio

    PLP BeachObjects

    Poolpunk, excellent work! I saw more freezes with Beach Bar (Wiki Wiki) than empty Beach Bar.. because of lights? And can you add at this bar more furniture inside (table,chair,crates,icebox etc)? PS I like the Turned on radio:clap: And how can I turn off the radio in script? I found it only with 'enablesimulation false' Can TV in Wiki-bar show anything? Probably it's a mistake with some classnames in 'beach.txt'. So, the vertically standing surf ('Surfboard B (Standing)' - right?) - is called 'plp_bo_SurfboardBStanding', 'plp_bo_SurfboardBFront' actually. Also 'plp_bo_BeachBar' instead of 'plp_bo_BeachBarWikiWiki' It'll be a great idea to make a template with this bar. for example, I placed radio at bar's table with radio's init: this setdir (45 + (getdir bar)); this setpos (bar modelToWorld [-2.8,-5.3,-1.08])
  12. anrio

    Zee Identity Pack

    It will the best!!! zeealex, i hope you'll not forget about lips (till conversations)...:icon_rolleyes:
  13. anrio

    Zee Identity Pack

    There's a mistake on placing object: No entry 'bin\config.bin\CfgFactionClasses\FEm_FIA.icon' Another: Cannot load texture p:\femal3_uniform\data\Iongsleeve\Iongsleeve_nato_co.paa Are lips movement till conversation not present? zeealex, thanks for your great job!
  14. anrio

    AI Sitting on chairs

    I wrote a script for sitting on a chair (plastic chair is creating into script) Unit is sitting with safe animation Parameters are: unitname,coords,angle // _p=[_sol2,[14613.1,16696.6,0],5] execVM "guard_onchair.sqf"; _un=_this select 0; _pos=_this select 1; _deg=_this select 2; _chair1=createVehicle ["Land_ChairPlastic_F", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _chair1 setDir (_deg-90); _un setBehaviour "SAFE"; _un switchmove "InBaseMoves_SittingRifle1"; _un disableAI "anim"; _un attachTo [_chair1, [0, 0, -0.5] ]; _un setVectorDirAndUp [[1,0,0],[0,0,1]];
  15. anrio

    Zee Identity Pack

    Excellent! It seems shoulders look excessively beefy for fragile woman:)