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    Arma 3 Headless Client

    @FschJgBtl323 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183918-Dedicated-Client-Headless-Client-feedback-%28dev-branch%29&p=2833516&viewfull=1#post2833516 and http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149412-Arma-3-Headless-Client&p=2834945&viewfull=1#post2834945
  2. Strange, we use two Debian 7 Rootservers. After first armaserver start with the -name=blabla parameter the profile folders are located there. Maybe a problem with permissions ?
  3. The .local folder is in the user folder of the server (the one where your steam folder is located). In our case the user is called server, the location is home/server/.local/share/ , here you find the arma Profile folders. Use WinSCP to connect to your server for upload, editing... files, maybe easier to find the hidden folder.
  4. Sorry Tankbuster, it´s for KI Player on Bluefor, a doll, a Fake Player, https://translate.google.de/?ie=UTF-8&hl=de&client=tw-ob#auto/en/Attrappe
  5. No Tankbuster, like i wrote: so i opened the mission pbo and placed a dummy soldier in the editor, far away on a isle with no damage, movement or weapons. Now when i start domination and set the dummy soldier to ai player, the enemy always see me and fighting me like it must be. Without headless client the problem is gone too. Maybe there is a better solution for it, but i don´t know much about scripting. The Performance with HC is realy nice and i don´t have crashes with it (160 Enemies, Enemy Vehicles and Helicopters + 7 Players = 46-50 Server fps). Only "bad" thing is, on Domination start i must disable AI Players and only enable dummy player, other players can enable AI too. Better when Ai is disabled in mission, like it is in untouched version, but with a activated Dummy Player which is not visible on the map (or far away) and not visible in playerlist. So this fix is okay but not the best solution. BTW, your Domination XTRA is running every day on one of our Servers and we like it really much.:bounce3:
  6. Yes, dedicated windows server.
  7. Yes, without mods and unmodified mission, only ASM Servermonitor was running. Same Problem happens in Xeno´s Domination 3.08. Tried it today again. After dead i halojumped at maintarged and the enmies not moving, fighting ..., they can´t see me. Only the Civilians running around :).
  8. I had following problem with domination on dedicated server with headless client. when i start domination and was alone on the server, first the enemy at the main target can see me and fight against me, when i die and halojump or teleport to mhq on main target or sidemission, they do nothing, i can stand in front of them, shoot them and they can´t see me. Only when i come back with a helicopter they shoot on it, but when i am on foot again they can´t see me ... With more players on the server the problem does not exist, so i opened the mission pbo and placed a dummy soldier in the editor, far away on a isle with no damage, movement or weapons. Now when i start domination and set the dummy soldier to ai player, the enemy always see me and fighting me like it must be. Without headless client the problem is gone too. Maybe there is a better solution for it, but i don´t know much about scripting.
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    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    The mission isn´t working with headless client connected and activated. there are no tasks, enemyspawn or loacations on map starting. Without or disabled headless client all looks fine.
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    Linux Server Issue

    which startparameters you use. is it loading the server.cfg, arma3.cfg with the connection settings, your profile ? startline must look like this ./arma3server -ip=yourIP -port=2302 -name=yourProfile -cfg=arma3.cfg -config=server.cfg or use a script http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?186496-Arma-3-Dedicated-Linux-Directory-Layout&p=2840342&viewfull=1#post2840342 or look here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server
  11. here is a nice start script for linux which my son wrote for our server. when steam is installed, you can install, update, start and stop your arms Server with it (more parameters at the bottom of the script). create a file called a3start.sh and put the script inside. Edit it to fit your system parameters (red marked areas). you don't´need to put mods inside the script. only create 2 folders in the arma 3 server directory "mods" and "mods_off". All modfolders in the folder "mods" are activated when server starts. The modfolder´s don´t need a @ in front of name. To have a mod loading order, you can use a number in front of mod name like 01_cba 02_asrai 20_wonderfull_island1 21_wonderfull_island2 … 30_weaponmod … to deactivate, copy the modfolder to folder mods_off. (i do it with filezilla ftp client, cause we have a ftp server running with a link to the arma server directory) start parameter ./a3start.sh -update to install or update arma 3 server ./a3start.sh -start for server start ./a3start.sh -stop for server stop For fast start, stop, update … you can create aliase like a3start, a3stop, a3upd. Then you don´t need to go into script directory to start. #!/bin/bash # # armaserver: ArmA 3 Linux Dedicated Server Control Script by EviLSeeD #======================================================================= #======== CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS ======== #======== MUST BE EDITED MANUALLY TO FIT YOUR SYSTEM PARAMETERS ======== #======================================================================= ARMA_DIR=[color="#FF0000"]/home/server/steam/arma3[/color] IP=[color="#FF0000"][/color] PORT=[color="#FF0000"]2302[/color] CONFIG=[color="#FF0000"]server.cfg[/color] CFG=[color="#FF0000"]arma3.cfg[/color] NAME=[color="#FF0000"]yourProfilename[/color] PIDFILE=${ARMA_DIR}/${PORT}.pid RUNFILE=${ARMA_DIR}/${PORT}.run LOGFILE=${ARMA_DIR}/${PORT}.log SERVER=${ARMA_DIR}/arma3server MODDIR="mods" #dirs where to look for mods, seperated by space OTHERPARAMS=[color="#FF0000"]-nologs -nosound -world=empty[/color] #======================================================================= cd ${ARMA_DIR} SCAN=`find $MODDIR -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec echo {} \; | sort | tr -d "." | tr "\n" "\;"` MODS=${SCAN/%;/} #======================================================================= ulimit -c 1000000 case "$1" in start) if [ -f ${RUNFILE} ]; then $0 stop fi echo "Starting ArmA 3 server with following mods:" echo "${SCAN}" echo "go" >${RUNFILE} # launch the background watchdog process to run the server nohup </dev/null >/dev/null $0 watchdog & ;; stop) echo "Stopping ArmA 3 server..." if [ -f ${RUNFILE} ]; then # ask watcher process to exit by deleting its runfile... rm -f ${RUNFILE} fi # and terminate ArmA 3 server process if [ -f ${PIDFILE} ]; then kill -TERM $(< ${PIDFILE}) if [ -f ${PIDFILE} ]; then rm -f ${PIDFILE} fi fi ;; status) if [ -f ${RUNFILE} ]; then echo "ArmA 3 Server should be running..." else echo "ArmA 3 Server should not be running..." fi if [ -f ${PIDFILE} ]; then PID=$(< ${PIDFILE}) echo "PID file exists (PID=${PID})..." if [ -f /proc/${PID}/cmdline ]; then echo "Server process seems to be running..." fi fi ;; check) echo -n "ArmA 3 directory: ${ARMA_DIR} " if [ -d ${ARMA_DIR} ]; then echo "OK" else echo "MISSING!" fi echo -n "Server executable: ${SERVER} " if [ -x ${SERVER} ]; then echo "OK" else echo "ERROR!" fi echo "Port number: ${PORT}" echo -n "Config file: ${CONFIG} " if [ -f ${CONFIG} ]; then echo "OK" else echo "MISSING!" fi echo "PID file: ${PIDFILE}" echo "RUN file: ${RUNFILE}" ;; restart) $0 stop $0 start ;; update) $0 stop cd [color="#FF0000"]/home/server/steam[/color] ./steamcmd.sh +login [color="#FF0000"]YOURSTEAMNAME YOURSTEAMPASS[/color] +force_install_dir ${ARMA_DIR} +app_update 233780 +quit ;; watchdog) # this is a background watchdog process. Do not start directly while [ -f ${RUNFILE} ]; do # launch the server... cd ${ARMA_DIR} echo >>${LOGFILE} "WATCHDOG ($$): [$(date)] Starting server (port ${PORT})..." ${SERVER} >>${LOGFILE} 2>&1 -ip=${IP} -port=${PORT} -config=${CONFIG} -cfg=${CFG} -name=${NAME} -pid=${PIDFILE} -mod=${MODS} ${OTHERPARAMS} if [ -f ${RUNFILE} ]; then echo >>${LOGFILE} "WATCHDOG ($$): [$(date)] Server died, waiting to restart..." sleep 5s else echo >>${LOGFILE} "WATCHDOG ($$): [$(date)] Server shutdown intentional, watchdog terminating" fi done ;; *) echo "$0 (start|stop|restart|update|status|check)" ;; esac We use debian 7 on our root server with a Arma Server Linux installation and a Arma Windows installation under Wine.
  12. and when you set your difficulty, change the file permissions to read only. On my server, everytime it starts, in domination the DCSlot (name of dominations hc client) was always overwritten and had no difficulty inside.
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    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Moon_child, for linux you can find the PERF2 server files but Domination XTRA still not running with it. Why you don´t install a Arma 3 Server under Wine ? The performance is very good.
  14. maybe this site can help http://erictgrubaugh.com/play/games/arma/installation-and-configuration-of-an-arma-3-linux-dedicated-server/
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    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Always good to have a Wine installation too. Performance is very good and a headless client with Domination a must have. :)