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  1. This seems to affect vanilla waypoints (when you select units and click on the map, then use AiO Y/1/Heal Up command) more frequently than AiO waypoints. But it happens to AiO waypoints too, although the units tend to just stop rather then return to formation. When I assign vanilla waypoints and use vanilla healing they seem to always resume moving to the waypoint.
  2. Thanks. I disabled it by unbinding. The problem is even a simple move command isn't resumed. Just tested it again, spawned an assault squad on Stratis, shot the nearest team member in the leg twice, ordered the squad to move 400 m down the airstrip, waited a few seconds to confirm that all of them were moving toward it, then selected the wounded soldier and pressed Y, 1, Heal up. The soldier stopped, the medic run up to him, healed him and the soldier just returned to formation. The medic returned too. Happened three times in a row. Did the same thing using vanilla healing and the soldier resumed moving toward the waypoint.
  3. Hello! I would like to report some bugs. I don't see any difference in the interface when I enable Use Vanilla Menus. If it's supposed to do what I think it's supposed to do something is not working. An unfortunate bug for me, because the vanilla Scan The Horizon command is a nice option to have. So is the Heal That Soldier command that normally appears in Arma on number key 6 when you select the medic and have wounded soldiers in your squad. I can use the AIO Heal Up command instead but.. When I use the AIO Medical system, either auto-medic or by pressing Y -> Infantry Commands -> Heal Up, sometimes the healed units don't resume what they were doing and stay in formation. Tested ordering the medic to heal wounded soldiers with and without AIO, and with vanilla healing they always resume moving to the previously given waypoint. It would be really nice if the vanilla healing option was accessible. And another bug, although it might be just visual, is when units being healed run away from the medic before he finishes healing them. Haven't seen it happen in vanilla as well. I don't know if this affects the quality of healing but it's weird seeing them healing the air.
  4. They probably need the version of Arma, the version of the tpw mod, where you downloaded it from, what you are using to edit the config file, the version of CBA, whether any other mods are enabled, that sort of thing. For the record, you are editing the config file in the userconfig folder in the main Arma folder, right? Did you activate the full function mode in the line tpw_hud_unit[] = {1,1,0.25,0.75}? What happens when you press the Ctrl+Alt+U combination for HUD mode cycling? Does the correct message appear on the left? Do any other functions work like full color night vision? You need to adjust the brightness after you activate it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+B, does it work? One more thing I would suggest is conducting these experiments in the editor. Using random SP missions can lead to unpredictable results. In script heavy missions tpw sometimes takes uncannily long to start in my experience.
  5. Did you try changing the y variable in the hud offset line in the config file? tpw_hud_offset[] = {0.34,0.26}; // HUD offset. [x,y] -0.5 to 0.5
  6. Came back years later and discovered one of my favorite mods is still alive and turned into a real monster. Respect to the author for extraordinary dedication. Have been playing with most of the features enabled and it works very well. One thing stood out in the editor though. @tpwI get the following error message in Eden ARMA 3 version: 2.00.146773 CBA version TPW version 20210214, all other mods disabled. It doesn't break projectile tracing and it doesn't appear in SP proper (simply because "show script errors" can be disabled outside Eden) but it's a little disconcerting. Is it harmless and should be ignored? I also have two suggestions: - if possible I think it would be useful to have an option for the HUD to only track enemy projectiles. In intense firefights bullet trajectories from PC and friendlies often unnecessarily clutter the view. It gets worse and it's only 7 soldiers. Bullet tracing can be turned off of course but the truth is, enemy bullet tracing is really useful. - HUD effectiveness simulation should probably take into account the factor of sophisticated camouflage such as full body stealth gear like the Viper fatigues with close helmets or thermal balaclava as well as ghillie suits. Similar multi-spectral camouflage is produced in real life.
  7. There is no HLC compat pbo in the latest version of ACE. Is it not necessary anymore?
  8. I have to say, this mod is so good I've changed my playstyle to play as a ranger more frequently. There are similar mods bigger in scale, but this one is my favorite because of the quality. New M81 uni looks amazing.
  9. I don't think that would help (the arm would still clip), and extending the arm can introduce one ugly animation bug.
  10. When certain models with stock bipods are deployed in prone position, the bipod's legs hover quite high above the ground. Moreover, your knees, feet and abdomen lift off the ground too. On the other hand when deploying on the vertical grip/ammobox, you sink into the ground quite noticeably (especially if you traverse the barrel). And the DLC bipods attached to the models with grips collide with them. The machinegun itself is held a bit too high and attached scopes don't align with the soldier's eyes.
  11. Have been testing extensively the new bullet/grenade tracking feature today and wanted to report a tracer lifetime issue - as it is, it cannot meaningfully predict 40mm UGs trajectories (200+ metres) at longer ranges due to the tracers being erased too early. The same applies to a lesser extend to hand grenades. 1.5 second added to the delay before tracer erasure would suffice to make them tremendously useful (especially in case of 40mm grenades - they arrive with no warning and often are the causes of sudden unavoidable death, even more so than snipers). And in case of UGLs, if its possible, I think they should certainly be moved to the grenades only option, for the same reason the latter is separated from bullets tracers. PS I've got to say - at times this projectile tracer feature really intensifies gameplay and noticeably increases you survival rate without feeling like you use some kind of cheating. For example, you now have a chance to see a 40mm coming and put some distance between you and the point of impact, simultaneously identify the soldier that keeps lobbing grenades at you (which was next to impossible at 300m ranges) and prioritize him as a target for yourself or a marksman, swiftly eliminating the biggest threat. TPW MODS is a triple must have now, you deserve serious kudos for this, sir.
  12. Yes, please make bullet tracking configurable in the tpw_mods.hpp, so it can be turned off by default. Also, I think it should have a separate strictly hand grenade tracking option. So it won't affect performance nearly as much, but still be very useful. (bCombat makes AI use hand grenades in CQC for terrifying effect. It would come in handy to see them before they land. Maybe we can have a sound warning too? If its not too much to ask..).
  13. hieronymus

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    There is an animation/positioning bug that appears when you hold certain rifles (AUGs with GL) in "weapon lowered" position. The soldier makes small movements with the weapon and there is a point when he is holding it a little too far from the body and the arm that supports the barrel looks broken at the elbow. It does not appear with the vanilla rifles with GL or rifles from the few weapons mods that I use. Since SMA is such a high quality project, I wanted to point out this annoying glitch.
  14. While the native bullet detection is present in the stable build (making it possible for bCombat to use it for FPS boost), the native suppression feature is enabled only in the dev build. These two are separate items. Suppression mechanic (both suppressive fire and seeking cover from, which are also separate items) is bCombat common feature, so you are going to see it no matter what detection method you choose. Unless you disable it.
  15. hieronymus

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Man, your every release is like a free DLC, and its not even a compliment, its a fact. Btw, is SRS going to use .308 or .300 WinMag? (Please let it be .300 WM)