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  1. mwnciboo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    3CB demo-ing our MODS on a live Stream for the next 2 hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BkLFIDRCig
  2. mwnciboo

    3CB BAF Equipment

    3CB Equipment Live stream demo on now!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BkLFIDRCig
  3. mwnciboo

    Faces of War [WW2]

    This has me excited, especially if you get some of the extra details right (Parka's and Rope etc), it will be extra awesome...Age of Heroes anyone? I know our 3CB guys will be up for some WWII Commando action.
  4. The M249, despite an in-service date of 1984, wasn't widely used until 1991, so after the cold war. There were some units with the weapon, but it wasn't common issue to every US unit. So it could be included but would need to be an early mk of the M249. This is from 1988 - looks possibly like he's a Ranger or Airborne based on the tape at the top of his left shoulder. So it's down to Sudden really.
  5. @Sudden....Also if you need any help with Equipment etc, I run a specialist Cold War Website (for Wargaming stuff) I wrote a complete conversion of rules and built a whole set of books so if you want to PM any questions I have access to alot of research material and some expert "Real World" Cold War Warriors who can help explain things (Russians, Yanks, Brits and Germans as well as some Israeli Tankers from the 1973 Yom Kippur War no less!). http://stoppingtheredtide.blogspot.co.uk/ The documents are definitive for timeline due to Balancing but I run a huge database of Vehicle stats, so if you need it let me know. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3E-DVIcsccBNlFVT2JVb0xYR2M/edit?pli=1 Much easier to make in the ARMA3 Editor, than build glue and paint ;). My main army is a Guards Motor-rifle Group....Still more to collect...Alot more. Keep up the great work, this period is really historically interesting to me, so your MOD is a great endeavour. Just PM me, if you need Information/ anything on NATO / WARPAC or even Independent forces (SWEDEN, FINLAND, AUSTRIA, FRANCE etc etc)!
  6. @Mistyronin -I am a former military professional to, but I fail to see how you highlighting this is relevant to your point. Your point whilst valid in the real world, is rendered pointless in ARMA3 because there is no dynamic weathering of uniforms or wear and tear on them added to the default skin. I would argue there is validity to what you say if ARMA3 weathered and distressed uniforms so each rendered infantryman in a squad had a different feel from the base default uniform. This would indeed - be realism as you demonstrate in your pictures, but that is blue skies thinking and isn't where the BIS engine is. As this isn't the case, make the uniform the same throughout - simple. Therefore, you may as well make the whole Uniform....Uniform in nature. @Sudden... Excellent work and thanks for looking at my suggestion. Another vote on Make Arma not War! :)
  7. It does make a difference, if you are going for accuracy and even having hand-cranked turret animations, getting the colours right in a set of uniform is much more immersive than say how the turret gunner cranks his turret, because 99% of the time you won't see that. Whereas you will see infantry alot. Both the greens on the helmet are different shades to the Green on the Uniform. I would say this is a priority fix, because this is a fundamental game asset, integral to EvW ?
  8. Sudden I've looked at the Western Soldier and it's the NATO Steel Helmet cover Green that is off...I've posted up a screen capture. It's almost as if the pallette of colours is different between the Helmet Woodland BDU and the Woodland BDU's. It's just one of those niggly things that is annoying in 3rd person and looks weird when you play with fellow US/NATO Soldiers
  9. mwnciboo

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Excellent work JSRS...I need an e-mail address to send you a link to something on my Google Drive which you will definitely find useful.
  10. mwnciboo

    EricJ Release thread

    Wow nice work EricJ - I really wish BIS had implemented some heavier 40mm Ammunition like the MEI Hellhound, MEI Mercury round etc . Would really make the M32 a world beater! 10m kill radius, out to 650m - 800m, will go through 90mm of Mild Steel? YES PLEASE.
  11. mwnciboo

    Titan MPRL (Multi-purpose?!)

    Taking the wheels off, 90% of the time the crew bail. So it's worth it, especially for the weight saving....Using an AT Round on an IFRIT is a massive waste as it is over kill. The amount of times I see 2x AT rounds wasted on an Ifrit or Strider only to come across Gorgon's or MBT's later and the Squad are like "Er....We are out of AT". That's my opinion and as I'm usually the one dragging around a backpack of re-loads anything that saves a few Kilo's is welcome, hitting a Light armoured vehicle is enough to cripple it and they will normally hop out, if not, no worries it ain't moving, you can avoid it or sneak up and plant a charge or even run up and steal ammo out of it's Inventory! GMG Infrits and Striders rip through Infantry so you need to knock them out quick, and sometimes given the threat I will stick an AT through one. It's situational, but the AP round is useful to carry and lighter.
  12. mwnciboo

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Yeah...1st rule of firing weapons is not to fear them, Respect yes, but ultimately you are it's sentient master and you control it. You need to take firm control of the weapon system. These guys make me cringe with their spray and pray antics, it's like the anti-thesis of a Military Professional.
  13. mate you need to use No-Ip... http://www.noip.com/ Dynamic DNS makes a dynamic IP address act as though it's static (does not change) even though it is not. With No-IP you create an easy to remember hostname. This hostname is the URL that you type into your browser to connect to your remote device. Our Dynamic Update Client takes your hostname that you created (yourname.no-ip.org) and points it to your IP address. I use this for various functions at work, such as Penetration testing etc. Think of it more as an "Auto Re-direct" to the IP you have logged in from, wherever that maybe in the globe essentially acting as an intermediary.
  14. Wow, Sudden you must working your ass off to get all this done. Brilliant work, I think this deserves a "Make ArmA not War" award because you've taken ARMA back to it's roots!
  15. mwnciboo

    Range Tables for Mortars

    @Grumpy - No Problem, as we work on this I can see some pretty significant hurdles coming up, especially given the nature of a Commando Mortar being more like a scaled up 40mm (in terms of operation) than a normal bipod mortar (which needs to be dialed in carefully and have some really precise 3rd party targetting!). Also this was used in Afghanistan - watch this one...1:30 0nwards they set up a 60mm and start punishing them.