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  1. I created with a few friends from other clans we've played in a relaxed laid back community for some fun gaming. Not really looking to be the biggest or best group, but to have some fun servers and a overall community for mature-ish folks! We've got a website with forums, teamspeak3, and 2 gaming servers. Our pride and joy is a ArmA3 Stratis server running wasteland, but we wanted to host a ArmA2 one for all the great people who still love to play it! We need some help with our ArmA2 mission file, mainly the custom scripting and our website has been on the back burner not being worked on as much (hey gaming comes first!). Our TS is & www.arma.rocks is the site if you missed the topic. :cool:
  2. Ok fixed my problem I just uploaded the 12gb of folders from my client game install to the server and merged those with what steamcmd downloaded, the guide I linked before has some old info that was'nt exactly detailed and correct (but thank you to the author who did make an attempt to help). replaced the crappy tolower.c with a custom script and to my suprise the server works pretty darn good!
  3. Ok I did some poking around and tried using the ./server command to launch it, it works! I just did'nt have the keys for the cba mods setup right so it kicks me. So the arma2oaserver script was the problem or how I edited it was...sorry for so many edits. Trying everything to make this work!!! Ok 6am and it gives me this error upon connecting, server has red dot in multiplayer list too ofcourse. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/37475920998488113/85D917AD785E654EB81507FDDF56398908314448/ I don't even see that ACR folder in arma2 or OA on my pc or on the server.... *update* well i started over following the guide above EXACTLY, but it gives me this: app_update 33910 validate ERROR! Failed to install app '33910' (No subscription) I think this app id is wrong. I'm so desperate, if anyone wants to pm me that has a working arma2oa linux server maybe we can work some sort of trade out, I love helping others and would be willing to work out something ;)
  4. I've looked around abit and talked to some people but I'm still confused in some aspects to properly installing this, its not as straightforward as the ArmA3 DS. This is what I've done so far... 1-installed the arma2 and arma2oa DS from steamcmd using my steam account my arma2 purchase resides on. 2-installed the 1.63 version of DS for linux, no errors. 3-ran the 'tolower' script several times after doing changes to cfg files and such. 4-copied over my 'dta' folder from my windows installation to fix the first error I encountered in my log. 5-added cba, cba_oa, and cba_a2 mods which removed ALOT of errors from the logs. 6-made a keys folder in my arma2 root directory and copied the keys to the mods above i used BTW my /home/arma2/arma2/ directory is where everything is installed except steam ofcourse Heres the readout from: ls -Rx1 /home/arma2/ > output.log http://pastebin.com/9gBDJXZG Heres the logs from trying to launch with ./arma2oaserver http://pastebin.com/ScASXMxn Here is my arma2oaserver file http://pastebin.com/gcXVTusT Here is my arma2oa.cfg file http://pastebin.com/gQGec0qh Forgot to mention that my basic.cfg is the same as arma2oa.cfg I do not have the file that set the difficulty, I forgot its name, nor does the server create one it seems. Dunno if this is required or not...Ok created a server.arma2oaprofile file and pasted in the contents from the BIS wiki, still same issue in the logs. Here is my server.cfg file http://pastebin.com/Dq3wVm91 I'm just confused on the file and directory layout, installing both arma2 and arma2oa from steamcmd to the same directory is ok right? I'm not sure if I'm to do a patch? I'm on a fresh install, everything was downloaded within a couple of days ago. I used this guide for the most part http://tactical.nekromantix.com/wiki/doku.php?id=arma2:linux-dedicated-server-steam-install and also cross referenced with the BIS guide in the 1.63 release thread. Cannot connect to the server via IP:port format using remote button in multiplayer, and do not see it on list. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :confused:
  5. Does that disable VON entirely? Seems like a generic setting that might disable all of VON. I'm running Linux DS too.
  6. pyroarchy

    Farooq's Revive

    So normally it ejects you out of vehicle and then you die correct? I saw this on a server I was playing on and did not care for it. I've yet to fully implement this script so have not tested it out yet.
  7. And global text chat is still allowed correct? I've been wanting to kill global VON and keep global text (so all sides can still communicate/insult each other :p ).
  8. You mean this needs to be set client side for them to be able to see some servers? My server has been down for 2 weeks until I found this thread :( Linux DS
  9. Yea I was wondering on how to get mine to green, it works nice so far except for not making any RPT logs in .local/share/Arma 3 or anywhere on the entire system :s
  10. Ditch the VDS and get a fully dedicated, and unmanaged server. You will be paying slightly more but will have loads of more performance for your A3 server, it will be worth it! I use some old 1u dual cpu 2.5ghz quad core xeons with little ram and they run fine with 45 players on a small mission file for stratis wasteland =D
  11. Is this useless for any CPU that does have hyper-threading? I onyl have VT :(
  12. pyroarchy

    Best Hosting Companies for A3

    I'm not sure what BIS rules are about advertising on their forums, but I occasionally rent un-used servers for this or whatever people want to do with them. Let me know if I stepped over the line in saying this. :confused:
  13. We talked on IRC some =] Its not making any RPT log files there or systemwide, is anyone else having this problem? I have -nologs removed from the launch options, and it was never in there to begin with :( Its a hassle to troubleshoot missions without it. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  14. I cannot find any *.rpt files in my linux system, how can I tell my server to create logs? Thanks for any advice.
  15. Thanks for the Linux server!!!!!! Yes it was a beeyootch to get it working, first on Debian...then CentOS, now Ubuntu ughhh..why is steam and ubuntu bestest friends? Hope to help test this and improve for all!! 2x 2.5ghz xeon quad core 16gb ram 120gb ssd 1gbps port :o