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  1. Very impressed with the map so far, the infantryman in me is overjoyed with the amounts of cover that can be found pretty much everywhere. The new military structure assets are amazing! The barricades and bunkers will allow for many cool scenario opportunities. However, it would be super awesome if the bunkers actually had memory points for AI soldiers to take position inside, so they can properly utilise those defensive structures. Also the lid of the bunkers is a tad too high for static weapons to fire from inside. That's about the only thing I'd love to see added in the future!
  2. Fantastic mod! Did you ever think about a version that checks the condition and rappels on a key press instead of using addactions that check every frame? My community is slightly worried about the potential performance impact this mod may have, especially in an environment with many players.
  3. issen


    Would it be possible to add a "careless" waypoint, to force units to move to a certain point, even under fire? Currently it is very hard to move units around when they are engaged in combat, because they just ignore most of the Zeus move orders.
  4. Check your "@3den enhanced" folder name - if you just copy it from the downloaded archive, it has an empty space in it (or at least had for me). Arma can't deal with empty spaces in mod folder names, so just replace it with an underscore.
  5. This is absolutely fantastic! The only unfortunate thing is, that when somebody who doesn't have 3den Enhanced activated opens the mission and saves it again, the mission.sqm entries (for subskills like accuracy, etc.) get lost. But I take it this is just how the system works, right? Anyways, thanks for adding all the functions that frankly already should have been in the game. :P
  6. Is there any chance to add a "careless" option to unit waypoints or set a groups state to it? I'm using ARES extensively in our missions, and this is one of the few things really missing from the current Zeus functions. Also, it seems when unit groups get transferred to the Headless Client, they tend to ignore being garrisoned and try to get back into formation, leaving their posts.
  7. They are in the config viewer. Mass can be found in the "WeaponSlotsInfo" tab, which is 160 for the Mk-I EMR for example. The actual dispersion can likewise be found in the tabs - or rather subclasses - for the fire modes, so the dispersion (and rate of fire, recoil, etc.) for single fire is found under the "Single" tab (for the Mk-I EMR it is 0.00058).
  8. issen

    [Guide] ARMA 3 Optics Visual Guide

    Which, unfortunately seems to be not accurate at all, it's a standing issue in the feedback tracker here.
  9. issen

    Why does zeroing almost never work?

    This guide uses the ingame item descriptions when it comes to magnification, which are unfortunately incorrect most of the time (except for the holosights / ACOs). The DMS for example is 6-12x and not 2-4x like stated in the description AFAIK. You can help by upvoting this ticket.
  10. Ideally through Zeus, similar to this: https://community.bistudio.com/wikidata/images/thumb/1/10/a3_ammobox_infinite.jpg/800px-a3_ammobox_infinite.jpg (137 kB) The point would be to set up vehicle cargo with ammo, medical supplies, static weapons, etc. dynamically at the beginning of the mission, depending on what is needed (for example through a quartermaster zone where there is limited zeus access).
  11. Would it also be possible to edit the vehicle's inventory there with a quick menu, similar to the Zeus virtual ammoboxes does it for weapons and ammo crates?
  12. So how well can you communicate in english on the island? I'll just assume that you didn't learn greek for your trip. ;) Also would you say that the island can be explored just by foot, or are cars / motorcycles / etc. necessary for any real exploration? Cheers for the amazing pictures!
  13. issen

    C-130J Port Release

    When enabling the ejectfromcargo, I didn't encounter any deaths when ejecting from the back of the plane whether the cargo bay doors were open or closed. The same when using a small script to eject (player eject vehicle player). Tested it with about 30 AI and also with other players and no deaths at all. (Version 1.22)
  14. issen

    The AAF Tank is freaking amazing!

    Can you point me to the config entries that support that claim? I'd be really interested in seeing the extent of those differences for myself! :)
  15. Canteen - LandCanteen_F Water bottle - Land_BottlePlastic_V1_F / Land_BottlePlastic_V2_F Baked beans - LandBakedBeans_F Cereal box - Land_CerealsBox_F Powdered milk - Land_PowderedMilk_F Rice - Land_RiceBox_F Antibiotics - Land_Antibiotic_F Bandages - Land_Bandage_F Blood bag - Land_BloodBag_F Defibrillator - Land_Defibrillator_F Disinfectant spray - Land_DisinfectantSpray_F Pain killers - Land_PainKillers_F Vitamin bottle - Land_VitaminBottle_F Water purification tablets - Land_WaterPurificationTablets_F Duct tape - Land_DuctTape_F Batteries - Land_Battery_F Box of matches - Land_Matches_F Butane canister - Land_ButaneCanister_F Butane torch - Land_ButaneTorch_F Heatpack - Land_HeatPack_F Gas cooker - Land_GasCooker_F Gas canister (medium) - Land_GasCanister_F Can opener - Land_CanOpener_F Tin container - Land_TinContainer_F Fire extinguisher - Land_FireExtinguisher_F Shovel - Land_Shovel_F Metal wire - Land_MetalWire_F