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  1. suprememodder

    A3 and DayZ share anything?

    best they share everything. because if not, then wow, we're stuck with this silly copy and paste bullshit. the dayz stuff actually have better quality as well. clearly the best bis artists have been assigned to the priority project leaving arma 3 in the hands of some intern
  2. suprememodder

    Where are the old objects?

    bis has had no experience with perfection on any level. i mean seriously-give these guys 10 years and they might be able to pull off a half assed version of bipod and weapon resting.
  3. no, he just seems like some guy who doesn't care about the add kids or what the "mainstream" would find appealing. i don't like some of his ideas, but they're far more preferable to the self mutilation inflicted by bis in their campaign of making the game "accessible"
  4. suprememodder

    Recoil with and without deadzone

    actually, with deadzone aiming, the control and fluidity is absolutely hideous. the muzzle needs to fall back down after shooting. now it just stays where the reocil last kicked. highly unrealistic representation of weapon handling.
  5. suprememodder

    No women at all

    healthy number? all i see are a vocal minority who think having an entire island without a single female civilian is fine in terms of realism. most people are pro-women in game.
  6. suprememodder

    Do you like humor in mission? Cool or intense?

    if it's well done and realistic. the current campaign humor is forced and unfunny. i guess they were trying to recapture the ofp magic, but it just didn't work. i think in ofp's case, it was chit chat during downtime, whereas in the survive episode, you were always in life and death situations so the humor was just off and annoying.
  7. suprememodder

    dayz asset sharing

    day z uses a lot of stuff from arma 3, most obvious being the new head and bodies. therefore can arma 3 use day z things, like body armor, civilian clothes, and women? also, please release arma 2 oa models to community modders. we need good bases to work off of. i especially desire a rigged interceptor model. thank you.
  8. it's called mainstreaming. basically, the only people who were interested in games used to be nerds and geeks, aka the smart guys. then games became popular and "cool" and companies began finding ways to make games appeal to not just nerds, but normal people as well. but this wasn't enough, so now they've gone "full retard" so to speak, and are targeting the clinically braindead like the call of duty and battlefield types. with all this dumbing down going on, collateral damage was bound to be inflicted upon games like red orchestra 2 and arma 3. afterall, if you aren't able to "broaden your user base" ie dumb your game down to moron levels, you cannot make a decent profit.
  9. suprememodder

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    the bis' textures are even worse in the new episode release. is this some type of hardware controlled rendering? please change it back. we can't have this awesoe system, but at least we don't have to look at blurry mess. ---------- Post added at 06:48 ---------- Previous post was at 06:40 ---------- to that person who shall remain unnamed: it's not really nord's fault that the game is so flawed and lazily put together that he no longer has any desire to waste his time on it. i can sympathize because i planned to do a full set of historical soldiers with right equipment, armor, baked normals from high poly, etc. but then i saw the lazy animations, the shallow "sim" aspects of the game and thought, what's the point. i won't be able to enjoy my units when they're flopping around spinning 180 while hovering on the ground. oh and the optimization is still terrible.
  10. to be fair, 70 devs is A LOT. there exists single digit manned studios that have done amazing things, so the expectations should really be higher when the devs teams are large. my impression of the episode. fairly decent, has coherent narrative structure and a decent storyline so far, why the "greenbacks" have betrayed their nato allies is a gripping sub plot i would like to unravel, though gameplay is a little less impressive. basically, go here, shoot these guys, go back here. some missions have more interesting objectives like calling artillery or setting up a bounding mine field. also, what's with the constant cussing and the americans always displaying a haughty attitude? and the americans dialog seem way too relaxed and jokey considering they're essentially trapped in a seemingly unwinnable situation. the brit characters delivery a much more sane and sensible attitude without the constant sarcasm and interjections. we are adults, we can handle grim and realistic dialog.
  11. hi, just a heads up that your models have been stolen and implemented in some terrible game called world of tanks. http://drongo-lab.ru/mods-world-of-tanks-tanks-skins-t62-a-t-54-type59/
  12. suprememodder

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    arma 3 isn't even close to the best or most realistic in any category. it's old and it's quite sad how entrenched developers are these days they won't upgrade.
  13. suprememodder

    New Revive Animation with DLC?

    we could also just make the game for them for free. wouldn't that be fun?
  14. suprememodder

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    please consult with virtual heroes on how to do proper combat medics(they also have excellent software called zero hour that treats hazmat and first response. i played it before but it's no longer available): http://www.humansim.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Combat_Medic04.jpg http://www.humansim.com/products/humansim-combat-medic
  15. suprememodder

    Scope glare, yes or no?

    shadow maps will solve this. the stencil shadows do not self shade the guns, only the shadow map shows do.